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"You got a part of a weapons shipment from the Greeks. Where is it?"
"Greeks dicked me."
Frank Castle and Turk Barrett[src]

The Greek Mob is a Greek criminal group based in New York City.


"We are about to be the proud owners of a million dollars' worth of illegal weapons. Right now the guns are on a freighter just off the three-mile line due into Jersey tomorrow. We could, uh, roll up the Greeks and the guns the minute they hit the dock."
Sam Stein to Dinah Madani[src]

Greek Mob obtained million dollars' worth of illegal weapons and offered Turk Barrett to sell some of this on the streets. Barrett had to refuse because it was too hard to sell for him. Greeks found another contact to sell it and organized transporting of weapons to the New Jersey on a freighter.

Homeland Security learned about transporting and organized operation to arrest them. Homeland contacted with Greeks and set up a deal at Red Hook Pier. They prepared an ambush, however, Micro hacked Homeland Security's computers and informed the Punisher about a deal. They arrived at the pier, interrupted a deal and stole truck with weapons.[1]