The Great Mound is a mine located underneath Mount Bashenga that serves as the world's only known natural source of vibranium.


Wakanda's Prosperity

"Millions of years ago a meteorite made of vibranium, the strongest substance in the universe struck the continent of Africa, affecting the plant life around it, and when the time of men came five tribes settled on it and called it Wakanda."
Millions of years ago, a vibranium meteorite fell on Earth, in a region of Africa which would later be known as Wakanda. The impact caused the formation of a mountain later named Mount Bashenga and sheltering massive stocks of vibranium. In order to extract and exploit this vibranium, the Wakandans opened a thriving mine which became known as the Great Mound. The Wakandan Design Group developed several products to help mining the vibranium, including a number of maglev trains which were used for the ore's transportation.

The vibranium extracted from the Great Mound helped to manufacture an incredibly wide range of products on which Wakanda heavily relied to further its technological advancements. Many of these advanced products came out of Shuri's Lab, which was located right next to the Great Mound beneath Mount Bashenga.[1]

Raid on the Mine

"Ulysses Klaue stole a quarter ton of Vibranium from us and triggered a bomb at the border to escape. Many lives were lost. He knew where we hid the Vibranium and how to strike."
T'Chaka to N'Jobu[src]
Thanks to intel provided by Wakandan spy and Prince N'Jobu, Ulysses Klaue led a raid on the Great Mount, which cost the life of many Wakandans. Klaue successfully stole a quarter ton of vibranium from the Great Mound which he then managed to smuggle out of Wakanda.[1]

Duel in the Great Mound

"Turn on the train on the bottom track."
"The stabilizers will deactivate your suit! You won't have protection!"
"Neither will he."
T'Challa and Shuri[src]
Erik Killmonger, who had seized the throne of Wakanda from his cousin T'Challa, intended to use the vast resources of the Great Mound to send vibranium-made weapons all over the world and trigger a massive rebellion spearheaded by Wakanda. However, he was stopped in this endeavor by T'Challa, who returned to reclaim his throne. While their troops fought on the slopes of Mount Bashenga, both T'Challa and Killmonger fell into the Great Mound where they engaged in a brutal duel.

As both of them were protected by their respective Panther Habits, T'Challa ordered his sister Shuri to activate the mine's maglev train, whose sonic stabilizers would disable their suits. Thanks to this initiative, T'Challa was able to stab Killmonger right before his suit reformed on his body, thus landing a mortal blow. Admitting his defeat, Killmonger requested to see the Wakandan sunset at least once before dying. Therefore, the two cousin left the Great Mound.[1]

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