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"We make our own elevator with this."
"A belt buckle?"
"It's an anti-gravity device."
Deke Shaw, Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons[src]

The Gravity Puck was an item used to hover in space against the gravity.


Lighthouse Device

"I hate wasting the charge on that thing."
Deke Shaw to Melinda May[src]

As a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents arrived in the Lighthouse and barely escaped from a Vrellnexian, Deke Shaw used his Gravity Puck to go into the room where the creature had attacked.

Deke Shaw is stuck against a wall with his own Gravity Puck

Later, Shaw encountered Melinda May and ended up fighting her. In order to end the fight, Shaw used his Gravity Puck to make her levitate and then pin her to the wall. Shaw then reclaimed his Gravity Puck after tying May up to make sure she would not attack. Later however, May used the same trick on Shaw himself to pin him against a wall so that Phil Coulson could interrogate him and have some answers about where they were.[1]

Shaw used his Gravity Puck to help Coulson and May access the Level 35 of the Lighthouse, using the device to levitate and leave the elevator so he could reach the hidden floor and call the elevator from there.[2]

Tess' corpse is maintained in the air using a Gravity Puck

The Kree Watch activated Tess' Gravity Puck after they murdered her, which caused her body to levitate in the corridors of the Lighthouse with a note demanding Flint to be turned in to the Kree Watch.[3]

When his betrayal against Daisy Johnson was discovered, Shaw was locked in his room by S.H.I.E.L.D.[2] However, he managed to escape by creating a breach into outer space and using his Gravity Puck to safely return to the Lighthouse, where he encountered Johnson, accompanied by Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz. Once the whole team and Shaw were gathered in the Salvage, they used Shaw's Gravity Puck to head to the Trawler's bay so that they could escape from the Lighthouse.[4]

Flint used a Gravity Puck so he could go into outer space and attack the Kree Watch, who had gathered in Kasius' Suites. Flint successfully hovered into space and hurled small asteroids at the Kree guards, causing them to be aspired into space and killed.[5]

Converted into a Containment Device

The Gravity Containment Device created by Leo Fitz out of a Gravity Puck

"I'm not asking you to sacrifice yourself. I just want to borrow your belt buckle."
Leo Fitz to Deke Shaw[src]

In present time, the destruction of the Monoliths caused the opening of a Fear Dimension rift which released dangerous illusions into the Lighthouse. In order to shut it down, Leo Fitz requested Deke Shaw's Gravity Puck to create a Gravity Containment Device relying on the Gravitonium contained in the Puck.[6]

Potential Marketing

"We're having some trouble with gravity-belt technology."
Kaya to Deke Shaw[src]

Having started his own tech company, Deke Shaw had his R&D teams work on a possible way to mass produce Gravity Pucks to be sold to customers, although Kaya informed Shaw that they were experiencing some trouble in the development.[7]

Design and Capabilities

The Gravity Puck appears as a rectangular device which can be carried as a belt buckle. Relying on heavily compressed Gravitonium, it allows its user to manipulate gravity. It can be used for transportation by making the user hover in midair, but can also be used for offensive purposes, such as restraining someone by placing the device onto them and making them cling to a surface. However, if an opponent has the necessary knowledge to use the device, it can be easily used against the user.


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