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"Thomas was the only one Mother didn't torture, and Dad always let her do it."
Christian Ward[src]

Grant Ward's Father was the father of Christian, Grant and Thomas Ward. Grant later kidnapped and killed him along with Christian and his wife.


According to Christian Ward, his mother was abusive towards him and his brother Grant. While their father did not engage in this abuse, he made no attempt to stop it. In an attempt at revenge, Christian plotted to murder their youngest brother Thomas, who was spared from the abuse. Not having the heart to go through with it, Christian ordered Grant to drown Thomas in a well. Thomas was rescued and afterwards Christian claimed that it was all Grant's doing, not his own.[1]

In 1999, Grant was imprisoned for the burning of the Ward home. His mother, father, and Christian decided to press charges since Christian was inside the house.[2]

In 2015, Grant abducted Christian and brought him back to the site of the well, where he forced him to admit his guilt by threatening to throw him in it. Grant accepted his apology and helped him up, suggesting that they go home. Grant brought Christian to their parents' house and murdered all three of them, using a recording of Christian's earlier confession to frame him for the act, making it appear to be a murder-suicide.[1]




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  • According to Thomas Ward he needed a walker to get around.