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"You moving into the neighborhood?"
"Depends on the eggs."
― Waitress and Frank Castle[src]

Graniteville Diner is a diner located in New York City.


Paying a visit at Graniteville Diner, Frank Castle ate breakfast and read a newspaper about inciedent at Linello's. Waitress informed him that someone describing his exact features managed to ask for him on their land-line. When he answered, the man acknowledged that he was Frank Castle and informed him that he knew what he did. Though Castle began to threaten him, Micro said that he needed him. Castle soon left the diner, paying his bill as he went. Castle bolted through an alley and into a building, climbing its stairs to find the rooftop empty, a flashlight, cellphone, and mirror placed for him by Micro. Looking back at the diner, he noticed that Micro was atop of Graniteville before leaving.[1]


  • Granitiville Diner is the same diner that is seen in the 1990 movie Goodfellas.