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"All right, everybody, it's Great Central."
Happy Hogan[src]

Grand Central Terminal, also referred to as Grand Central Station, is a subway terminal located in New York City.


Battle of New York

Thor and Hulk in Grand Central Terminal

In 2012, the Avengers battled the aliens known as the Chitauri in New York City. During the battle, Thor and Hulk worked together to take down a Leviathan. Hulk stabbed a piece of sheet metal into the alien’s back and Thor hit it with Mjølnir and an electrical strike caused the alien to crash through the iconic window of Grand Central Terminal. Hulk and Thor went inside the Terminal to see what happened and as Thor was looking, Hulk punched him aside.[1]

Clean Up

Adrian Toomes' Crew cleaning up Grand Central Terminal

"Attention, please! In accordance with Executive Order 396-B, all post-battle clean-up operations are now under our jurisdiction. Thank you for your service; we'll take it from here."
Anne Marie Hoag to Adrian Toomes' Crew[src]

Afterwards, Adrian Toomes and his crew obtained a contract with the City of New York to start a salvaging operation for the alien technology that was left behind. While salvaging the Chitauri Leviathan in Grand Central Terminal, the Department of Damage Control led by Anne Marie Hoag, arrived and took over the operation. Hogg ordered all materials gathered from the clean up to be turned over to the department. However, Toomes and his crew kept a few remaining trucks that had already left the terminal.[2]

Remembering Heroes

A statue of first responders atop Grand Central Terminal

While the Avengers were recognized for their role in saving the United States and the world at large, the City of New York felt they should remember the other heroes who put their lives on the line during the Battle of New York. By 2015, a statue to commemorate the first responders of the New York City Police Department, Fire Department of New York City, and United States Army National Guard was built atop the building, right above the spot where the Avengers first assembled to fight the Chitauri.[3]

Spider-Man's Swing

Spider-Man runs on top of the Grand Central Terminal

In July 2024, Peter Parker swung throughout the city in his new upgraded suit. During his swing, he ran on top of the roof of the Grand Central Terminal.[4]

Christmas Festivities

Grand Central Terminal at Christmas time

In December 2024, the Grand Central Terminal was decorated in Christmas wreaths and lights. Clint Barton and his daughter and two sons walked past the Terminal during their vacation trip in the city.[5]

Alternate Universes

New York Time Heist

In an alternate 2012, the Grand Central Terminal was visible when Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, and Scott Lang arrived in that timeline on their mission.[6]

Zombie Outbreak

The heroes search for a train

In an alternate 2018, the survivors of the Quantum Virus; Hope van Dyne, Hulk, Peter Parker, Bucky Barnes, Okoye, Sharon Carter, Kurt Goreshter, and Happy Hogan went to the Grand Central Station, New York City, to find a train to take them to Camp Lehigh, New Jersey.

Spider-Man is attacked by zombies

While in the Station, the group split up, after not listening to Parker’s warning. Carter and Hogan were ambushed by a zombified Clint Barton, who killed Hogan. Barnes and Okoye were attacked as well by a zombified Sam Wilson, with Okoye killing him. Inside the train tunnel, Parker got the train started and was saved by the Cloak of Levitation from zombies. As the train left the Station, a zombified Steve Rogers jumped on it.[7]


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