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"We trusted you with her."
"Yes, but I don't trust you."
Stacey Yorkes and Graciela Aguirre[src]

Graciela Aguirre was a second cousin of Molly Hernandez. She welcomed Molly into her house when her adoptive parents Dale and Stacey Yorkes attempted to keep her away from Los Angeles, and gave her an envelope left to Hernandez by her birth parents, Gene and Alice Hernandez. Aguirre was trusted with the VHS tape retrieved by Molly thanks to the envelope, which contained a video message warning against PRIDE's activities. However, she destroyed it when visited by PRIDE. As a result, Aguirre was killed by Tina Minoru so she would not stand in PRIDE's path.


Mysterious Letter

"Your parents sent me this just before they died. It's addressed to you. I kept it because, well, they were special people and I wanted to honor them."
―Graciela Aguirre to Molly Hernandez[src]

Shortly before their death, Gene and Alice Hernandez gave Aguirre a letter meant for their daughter Molly. Aguirre was told to keep the letter in case Molly would come one day and reclaim it. As she deeply respected them, Aguirre preciously kept the letter in her home.[6]

Welcoming Molly Hernandez

"You know, Molly, I think you and I are gonna get along just fine."
―Graciela Aguirre to Molly Hernandez[src]

Aguirre was contacted by Dale and Stacey Yorkes, who wanted to send Molly Hernandez away from Los Angeles for her own protection. Aguirre agreed to welcome Hernandez into her house. When Hernandez and the Yorkeses arrived, Aguirre remained silent as they argued over the Yorkeses' decision to leave Hernandez in Montebello. As the Yorkeses left, Aguirre told Hernandez to come with her to enjoy a meal.

Aguirre talking to Molly Hernandez

As Hernandez had calmed down, Aguirre gave her her parents' letter, which only had a key and a single note telling Hernandez to find her elephant plush. As they did not understand what that meant, Aguirre told Hernandez that they would figure it out on the next day. She helped Hernandez to prepare her bed while Hernandez told her about the time she had lost Elian. When asked whether there was a train station nearby, Aguirre answered that there was and that she would take Hernandez there on the next day.[6]

However, on the morning, Aguirre realized that Hernandez had left the house through the window. Aguirre chose not to warn the Yorkeses, who called her in the evening to have some news of Hernandez. Aguirre told the Yorkeses that Hernandez was gone and that she had not informed them because she did not trust them, just like she though Gene and Alice Hernandez did not trust them either since they had never mentioned the letter. Aguirre then abruptly ended the call, ordering the Yorkeses to leave Hernandez alone.[4]


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"As we all come from the goddess... to experience life in death... so shall we return to her to experience peace. By the element of Earth... you were grounded in the physical world. By the element of Air... you were open to knowledge and communication. By the element of Fire, you were inspired with passion. By the element of Water, you could dream your dreams. So now, by Earth, by Air, by Fire, by Water... shall you pass to the next stage of your existence."
Nico Minoru's eulogy[src]

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"I didn't really get a chance to know her that well, but she was kind to me... and she gave me a chance to see my parents again, if only for... a little while."
Molly Hernandez[src]

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  • Marksman: Aguirre accurately shot her high-caliber sidearm to destroy the Hernandez' tape.
  • Bilingualism: Aguirre is fluent in both English and Spanish.



"Look, we did not anticipate her enthusiasm for the owning of large guns."
Dale Yorkes[src]
  • Handgun: Aguirre owned a handgun that she used to destroy the Hernandezes' tape when Dale and Stacey Yorkes went to retrieve it. She kept shooting until Tina Minoru arrived, and despite she threatened to shoot her, Minoru killed her using the Staff of One.


  • Graciela Aguirre's Residence: Aguirre lived in a house in Montebello. She notably welcomed her second cousin Molly Hernandez who had been taken there by her adoptive parents Dale and Stacey Yorkes. Although Aguirre did her best to make Hernandez as comfortable as possible in her house, Hernandez left, leaving Aguirre quite bewildered about what to do.





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