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"On behalf of the Department of Defense and our Commander-in-Chief, it is with great honor that we announce here today that the United States of America has a new hero. Join me in welcoming your new Captain America."
―Government Official[src]

The Government Official is a United States senator and representative of the Global Repatriation Council responsible for announcing John Walker as the new Captain America.


Donating the Shield

"Thanks again for coming foward with the shield, Sam. It was the right decision."
―The Government Official to Sam Wilson[src]

The senator thanking Sam Wilson

In 2024, the Government Official attended the ceremony at the Smithsonian Institution where Sam Wilson handed over Captain America's shield to the U.S. government. Sitting next to James Rhodes, he watched as the shield was placed into the glass case and taken to Captain America's exhibit. Following the ceremony, he approached Wilson and thanked Wilson for giving the shield to the museum.[1]

New Captain America

The senator announces the new Captain America on WHiH World News

"While we love heroes who put their lives on the line to defend the Earth, we also need a hero to defend this country."
―The Government Official[src]

Once the U.S. government decided to hand over the Captain America shield to John Walker, the Government Official was responsible for announcing Walker as the new Captain America in a televised ceremony. In his speech, the Government Official spoke about how the world, specifically the United States, needed a new symbolic hero and noted that Walker had the qualities to be this hero.[1]

Testimony at the Capitol

The senator is confronted by John Walker

"I am Captain America."
"Not anymore."
John Walker and the Government Official[src]

After John Walker witnessed his friend’s death, he murdered a foreign national who was attempting to surrender in public.[2] The resulting international outcry forced the US government to summon Walker to a Senate hearing, where the Government Official informed him that he would be other than honorably discharged and stripped of not only the mantle of Captain America but his military rank, narrowly avoiding a court martial due to his previous spotless record.

Walker, outraged that he was being penalized without being allowed to explain the circumstances when he had dedicated his life to following his training and serving his country, chastised the committee for their decision. The Government Official warned him that he would be prosecuted if he continued to protest and ordered him to return the shield.[3]

Attack on the GRC

The senator realizes that they are under attack

"Do we really need a vote? There are troops in place. I can make a call and have the refugees move now."
―Government Official to the Global Repatriation Council[src]

The Government Official, as the representative of the Senate of the United States, attended the GRC's vote on the Patch Act in New York City. He was very willing to simply move the refugees, who had been displaced after the Blip, to the resettlement camps using the troops and dismissive of the other members hesitation to use force to round them up and consider the lack of sufficient resources of the resettlement camps until the Flag Smashers attacked the GRC building, powering the building down and forcing the Government Official along with others to be evacuated into armored vehicles.

The senator speaks with Sam Wilson

After Sam Wilson, who had now taken on the Captain America mantle, along with Bucky Barnes and John Walker defeated the Flag Smashers, the Government Official watched with shock and relief as Wilson brought Karli Morgenthau’s body down to the street where they were, meaning victory had been achieved over the Flag Smashers. He thanked Wilson for his bravery and action to save the GRC members with sincerity and promised Wilson that now that he had defeated the Flag Smashers, the Government Official and the other GRC members could now do their own part.

However, Wilson was against the Government Official and the other GRC members condemnation of Morgenthau and the Flag Smashers as terrorists and their insistence on continuing with the Patch Act, as he considered the Patch Act immoral and knew the GRC's horrendous treatment of refugee communities was responsible for the Flag Smashers forming in the first place. The Government Official could only watch and listen as Wilson forcefully insisted that the GRC do better and not act by force to better help the people. Wilson warned the GRC officials that, if they did not abandon the Patch Act, a new person could create a new Flag Smashers and continue their terrorist acts, potentially having learned from Morgenthau's mistakes.[4]

Pardoning Sharon Carter

Senator pardons Sharon Carter

"Welcome home, Agent Carter."
―Government Official to Sharon Carter[src]

Later, the Government Official gave Sharon Carter a full pardon in Washington, D.C., mentioning her family’s legacy, and welcomed her back to work for the CIA.[5]


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