"Once he got out, he tracked me down, asked me how he could serve me again. That boy was the definition of loyal, or was, before Frank Castle murdered him."
Ray Schoonover[src]

Gosnell was a former member of the United States Marine Corps who, after being badly wounded on the front lines, became a drug dealer with his former commanding officer Ray Schoonover. This eventually put Gosnell into conflict with his own former ally Frank Castle who was hunting the Blacksmith and killed Gosnell in an explosion.


Following Schoonover

Serving in the Military

"After a war, some men turn their backs on you, they want to forget, not Gosnell, no. Took the worst part of an IED on a recon, left half his face on a dirt road, spent the better part of a year in hospital. That kid never gave up, never gave in."
Ray Schoonover[src]

Gosnell in hospital with Ray Schoonover

While serving on the United States Marine Corps in Iraq under the leadership of Major Ray Schoonover, Gosnell was hit by an Improvised Explosive Device which tore off a large section of his face, leaving him in the hospital for almost a year. During his recovery, Gosnell was often visited by Schoonover and his fellow soldier Frank Castle. Years later, Gosnell's sense of loyalty led him to track down Schoonover in New York City where he was working as a drug dealer called the Blacksmith. Gosnell proved himself loyal and agreed to help build Schoonover's crime empire.[1]

Hunting the Punisher

Gosnell and his men shoot at Frank Castle

"We got him. Been a long time hasn't it Frank! Kill him!"

While still serving Ray Schoonover, Gosnell was instructed to assassinate his former ally Frank Castle, who had left the United States Marine Corps and was currently hunting the Blacksmith down due to his part in the Massacre at Central Park which had killed his family. Castle's hunt for blood led him to killing Chaney and Speed who, just before they died, revealed that the Blacksmith's drugs could be found on Pier 81 where Gosnell and his team found him.

Gosnell is killed by shrapnel from an explosion

Once Gosnell had contacted Schoonover to update him on their search, he mockingly called out to Castle before ordering himself and his men to begin shooting at him. However Gosnell was unaware that the ship Castle was on was covered in gasoline which quickly ignited. The entire ship exploded in a massive fireball which killed Gosnell and his men when they were hit by the flames and shrapnel.[2] His body was later discovered by the New York City Police Department as well as Karen Page, who saw Gosnell's scarred face.[3]


Gosnell was the embodiment of a loyal soldier, according to Schoonover. Even after he suffered injuries which caused him to spend almost a year in a hospital, he never gave up and eventually tracked Schoonover down and asked him how he could serve him once more.


  • Marksman: As a former Marine, Gosnell was skilled in using firearms, chiefly submachine guns.



  • Uzi: Gosnell took an Uzi when he got word that Frank Castle had attacked the ship they used to smuggle heroin into the country. Upon his arrival, Gosnell taunted Castle and then used his Uzi to open fire against the ship, like the rest of his men. Unbeknownst to them, Castle had filled the ship with gasoline, and their shots caused an explosion that killed them.




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