"You could throw a sick party here."
"It's great if your taste is "Hollywood Douchebag.""
Chase Stein and Gert Yorkes[src]

The Gordon Hotel is a hotel located in Los Angeles.


Used by Successful Companies

Both Wizard and Roxxon Corporation installed promotional billboards at the Gordon Hotel.[1]

Assassination of Darius Davis

"Authorities are saying Darius Davis, whose body was found at the Gordon Hotel, is also responsible for the murder of Destiny Gonzalez, a teen runaway."
―TV Reporter[src]

Darius Davis went to the Gordon Hotel after returning Alex Wilder to his father Geoffrey, who had booked a suite for Davis as a gesture of good faith. Davis, who was quickly noticed by the staff and the other customers, made his way to the suite. However, he realized that Catherine Wilder had arrived ahead of him and waited for him. Catherine explained that she could not afford to have Davis still alive as a threat to her family. She then murdered him, causing him to fall in the bathtub, and framed him for the death of Destiny Gonzalez.[2]

Catherine then left the suite and met with Detective Flores in the lobby to make sure he would bury the story.[1] Davis' wife Tamar then arrived at the hotel, expecting to join her husband, and saw all the LAPD officers gathered near the suite. She screamed in horror upon realizing that her husband had been killed, and was escorted out by an officer.[2]

Infiltrated by the Runaways

Molly-Livvie-Alex-Gert-Chase-Nico - R208
"We know that Darius was killed at the Gordon Hotel, so if I can hack into the surveillance system there and prove it, then we can send my dad to jail for good and clear Darius's name once and for all."
Alex Wilder[src]

In an attempt to clear Darius Davis' name, Alex Wilder convinced the Runaways that they had to infiltrate the Gordon Hotel so he could hack into the security footage and evidence that Davis had been murdered. The Runaways thus went to the hotel and, using their knowledge of such places, entered through a backdoor while the guard was distracted. They then made their way up to the penthouse so Alex could work undisturbed.

Nico Minoru and Molly Hernandez left the room shortly thereafter, while Gert Yorkes and Chase Stein argued over the former's decision to plan college studies without telling her boyfriend. When someone from the hotel came into the room, Yorkes and Stein managed to act as if they were the customers expected by the hotel staff, thus sending the woman away. However, the real customers later called the hotel, causing the staff to understand what was going on and to alert the LAPD.

Minoru and Hernandez, who had heard the staff discussing them, immediately returned to the penthouse to alert their friends, who had discovered Catherine Wilder's involvement in Davis' death by reviewing the security footage of the gift shop. The Runaways thus immediately fled from the penthouse, but could not take the elevators because of the staff using them. They ran to the stairs, but Hernandez chose to remain behind to delay their chasers and ended up captured by the LAPD.[1]

The other Runaways were able to exit the hotel and remained next to the building long enough to see Hernandez being forcibly taken out of the hotel and put into a van by AWOL.[3]


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