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"I ain't got time for your shit, Berry."
"Oh, my shit's got all kinds of time for you, Gor."
―Gor and Brianna Gelden[src]

Gor is a pimp from New York City who previously worked with Brianna Gelden.


"If you go back out on the street, you are an easy target."
"I protect my own women."
Malcolm Ducasse and Gor[src]

Gor arrived at the street to meet with the prostitutes he worked with and collect his cut of the revenue. Brianna Gelden gave him the money she earned, but Gor noticed that she kept some money and grabbed her. Gelden reluctantly gave him the rest of the money before Gor left.

Later, Gelden called Gor and asked him to collect her from Malcolm Ducasse's Apartment. However, before Gelden could leave, Gor was confronted by Malcolm Ducasse who insisted that if she goes back on the street, she becomes an easy target, although Gor claimed that he protects the women he works with. Ducasse still was not convinced, so Gor punched him in the face before taking Gelden and leaving his apartment.[1]

Gor is attacked by Malcolm Ducasse

While Gor was at the street with Gelden and other prostitutes, he was suddenly attacked by Ducasse who disarmed and brutally beaten him. Gor allowed Ducasse to take Gelden with him and even Gelden herself tried to stop him, however, Ducasse kept beating Gor. Ducasse then left Gor on the street, while his prostitutes ran away.[2]


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