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"Who's a good kitty, Goose?"
Nick Fury to Goose[src]

Goose is a Flerken and the former pet of Mar-Vell. Following the death of her owner, Goose went with Carol Danvers and Nick Fury into space during their quest to find Mar-Vell's Laboratory. After saving survived Skrull refugees and protecting the Tesseract from Starforce and Kree soldiers, Goose was responsible for permanently blinding Fury's left eye with her claws. Despite what happened, Fury opted to take care of Goose after Danvers left Earth, although Goose was returned to Danvers' care shortly after.


Owned by Mar-Vell[]

Meeting Wendy Lawson[]

Goose met Dr. Wendy Lawson on Earth, and found her to be nice. Lawson fed Goose tuna, and Goose ate it using her tentacles, shocking Lawson. Goose came to like Lawson and lived with her. Lawson took Goose flying on her fighter jet, and Goose enjoyed the view, preferring it to being on the ground. Goose became aware of Lawson's mission to help the Skrulls.[3]

Meeting Carol Danvers[]

Goose (1989)

Goose being petted by Carol Danvers

In 1989, one morning, Goose was brought to Edwards Air Force Base, and approached Carol Danvers, who was admiring the sky, and started purring at her feet. Danvers then pet Goose, while Wendy Lawson stated that Goose liked Danvers and that her pet didn't typically take to people.[4]


Sometime later, Goose was left alone at the Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility, as Wendy Lawson had been killed. She lied tired on the floor, upset that she would no longer be fed tuna by Lawson. She found a rat and began eating rats, unaware that her owner had died.[3]

Kree-Skrull War[]

Reunited with Vers[]

"What's your name, huh? What's your name? Goose? Cool name for a cool cat."
Nick Fury[src]
Captain Marvel (film) 116

Goose meeting Nick Fury

In 1995, Goose was living at the Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility. She was met by Vers and Nick Fury inside one of the hallways. Goose started purring near Vers and went to Fury, who pet her and talked to her. He left after Vers signaled Fury to leave the hallway, promising that he would return. Goose followed the pair and watched them as they searched for information on Wendy Lawson.[4]

Ambush at the Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility[]


Goose hanging out inside the Quadjet

"We got a stowaway."
"Hang on, Goose."
Nick Fury and Vers[src]

When Vers and Nick Fury took off on a Quadjet, Goose hopped aboard and started meowing until they turned to see her. Goose then jumped on Vers' lap, but she placed Goose onto the dashboard, which she laid upon and started purring.[4]

Visit at Rambeau Residence[]


Goose standing next to Talos

"Oh my god! Get that thing away fr- How did they get in here?"
"The cat? This isn't what you're afraid of, is it?"
"That's not a cat, that's a Flerken."
Talos and Vers[src]

Goose traveled with Vers and Nick Fury to the Rambeau Residence in order to meet Maria Rambeau.[4] While there, Goose saw an alligator and ate it using her tentacles. While Vers greeted Rambeau and learned that her name was Carol Danvers, Goose made friends with Rambeau's daughter, Monica, purring as the young girl pet Goose. Monica gave Goose many items, including a chair, radio, shovel, television set, and bowling ball, mailbox, propellor, iron board, table, lamp, sandwich, and rubber duck. Goose then swallowed all of the items, exciting Rambeau.[3] Later, while Talos was arguing with Danvers and Fury, Goose approached Talos because she likes him, but he stepped away from her, claiming that she was a Flerken and was extremely dangerous. However, Danvers and Fury did not understand what that meant and laughed it off, believing Goose was just a cat.[4]

Journey to Space[]


Goose taking a ride inside the Quadjet

"You know, you really shouldn't have that thing on your lap."
Talos to Nick Fury[src]

Believing it would be helpful to have a Flerken accompany them,[3] Goose traveled along with Carol Danvers, Maria Rambeau, Talos, and Nick Fury on their journey to space to find the energy core. As Fury petted Goose, Talos advised him that he shouldn't have Goose on his lap to which Fury jokingly responded that an alliance with Talos is just as dangerous and that as long as Goose freaked the Skrull out, he would keep her by their side. When they exited Earth's atmosphere, Goose floated around inside the ship until Fury reached out to her and she grabbed hold, until artificial gravity was activated.[4]

Battle at Mar-Vell's Laboratory[]

Tesseract (Captain Marvel)

Goose and Captain Marvel discovering the Tesseract

"Damn it, Goose! Pick a side!"
Nick Fury to Goose[src]

As the group arrived on Mar-Vell's Laboratory, they discovered that the Tesseract was the source of the Light-Speed Engine. Goose proceeded to touch the cube with her paw curiously. Subsequently, when Starforce seized the ship, Att-Lass scanned Goose and confirmed that she was indeed a Flerken. Goose was then given a muzzle before being locked in a small cage,[4] annoying her.[3]


Goose swallows the Tesseract

When Carol Danvers subsequently gained full control of her powers and escaped, her powers also disabled many of the ship's electronics, releasing Goose and her other allies. Fury took the muzzle off of Goose,[4] who was thankful.[3] As Danvers instructed Nick Fury to take the Tesseract from the lunchbox and flee, Goose revealed her Flerken powers and swallowed the Tesseract whole, leaving Danvers, Fury, and Maria Rambeau stunned and surprised, realizing that Talos was telling the truth.[4] Goose became worried that the Tesseract would upset her stomach, which rumbled.[3]

Nick Fury and Goose the (Mother)Flerken

Goose after swallowing four Kree soldiers

As Fury and Rambeau were making it for the hangar, they ran into a group of four Kree soldiers, prompting Goose to flail them about using her tentacles, before devouring them all. As they were nearing the hangar, they were confronted by another group of soldiers escorting the Skrull prisoners. Fury held Goose in front of them, urging her to attack but, to his disappointment, she failed to comply. Fury soon realized that Goose recognized that Talos was disguised as the Kree commander, enabling him to kill all the real Kree guards so they could get on the Quadjet.[4]

Blinding Nick Fury[]


Goose before she scratches Nick Fury's eye

"Mother Flerken!"
Nick Fury to Goose[src]

As Maria Rambeau flew the Quadjet back to Earth, they were pursued by Minn-Erva, resulting in a dogfight ending with Rambeau shooting her down. Later on, as Nick Fury playfully celebrated their victory over the Kree, Goose accidentally ended up scratching his left eye, with Talos noting to Fury that Goose's scratch is not "just a scratch". Despite Fury continuing to pretend that the scratch barely bothered him, the injury would eventually become permanent, blinding him.[4]

That night, Fury, Carol Danvers, the Rambeaus, the Skrulls and Goose had a party to their victory over the Kree. During the dinner, Monica fed Goose tuna.[3]

Life with Nick Fury[]

Tesseract 1995

Goose after vomiting up the Tesseract

"I'm sorry to report that we still haven't found the Tesseract."
"I'm sure it'll show up somewhere..."
Phil Coulson and Nick Fury[src]

Nick Fury opted to take care of Goose after Carol Danvers left to help the Skrulls find a home. Goose lived in his office at S.H.I.E.L.D. As Phil Coulson came in, wondering where the Tesseract was, Fury, looking over at Goose, assured him it would turn up.[4] Despite accepting the Flerken as his pet, however, Fury chose to not reveal how exactly he lost his eye.[5] Sometime later, when Fury wasn't in his office, Goose climbed onto his desk and regurgitated the Tesseract,[6] having gotten a stomachache from it.[3] From then on until 2009 at least, Goose lived in Fury's office.[7]

Adopted by Maria Rambeau[]

Afterwards, Maria Rambeau would take ownership of Goose, bringing her to live at her home in Louisiana. Some time after the Snap, with her daughter gone, Rambeau passed ownership of Goose to Carol Danvers, knowing that she would not be alive for much longer. Danvers claimed that she didn't want to take Goose, but upon her friend's death, Danvers honored Rambeau's wish and brought the Flerken along in her travels across space.[1]

Known on Earth[]

By 2025, Goose was still alive and was known to humans on Earth, due to her affiliation with Carol Danvers. She was most notably referred to as Danvers' pet. Among the people who learned about her was Kamala Khan, who used her artistic abilities to make several depictions of Goose in which she added to her collection of Danvers and Avengers fanfare.[8]

Reunion with Fury[]

In 2026, Goose spent much of her time with Carol Danvers on the Hoopty. When Danvers called Nick Fury, she played with Goose through a laser pointer, which made Goose fall onto a screen. She soon accompanied Danvers to MB-418 and the two flew across the planet. Later on, Goose traveled with Danvers to Tarnax IV where they infiltrated an Accuser Warship.

Suddenly, Goose saw Danvers disappear and she was replaced with Ms. Marvel. Goose then saw many Kree soldiers approach, so she stuck out her tentacles and ate two of them, scaring Khan. Suddenly, Goose and Khan were transported to the Khan Residence. Scared, Goose went around, eating many things like pots, pans and chairs. She also at a pillow.

Suddenly, S.A.B.E.R. arrived. Goose saw Nick Fury and went over to him as Fury pet her. Goose then accompanied everyone to the S.A.B.E.R. Space Station where she started coughing up the items she ate and even started licking herself, much to Fury's annoyance. Whole residing at the station, Goose started planting many of her own eggs, causing a mass population of Flerken, which S.A.B.E.R. used to transfer many personnel to Earth during an emergency.[1]


"Goose likes you. She doesn't typically take to people."
Mar-Vell to Carol Danvers[src]

According to Mar-Vell, Goose does not typically take to other individuals which means that she is not interested and does not like most other individuals who she meets. She does eventually warm up to those that mean no harm to her. Goose can easily differentiate friends from foes, as she sat next to Talos who was disguised as a Kree soldier, while the others believed he was an enemy.

Goose dislikes being touched repeatedly, as she scratched Nick Fury's left eye when he didn't stop tickling her. She permanently blinded Fury, although she didn't have the intention of doing so.


"Come on, do your thing!"
Nick Fury to Goose[src]
  • Flerken Physiology: Like the rest of the Flerken race, Goose has access to the pocket dimension that is inside her body, where she stores tentacles for offensive capabilities. Goose also has a set of retractable claws sharp enough to scratch and permanently blind Nick Fury's left eye.
    • Enhanced Senses: Goose was able to correctly sense that Talos was a disguised Kree Commander, and therefore, she refused to use her Flerken powers to devour the Kree Soldiers nearby, much to Nick Fury's confusion.
    • Longevity: Due to her physiology, Goose has a very long lifespan.
    • Pocket Dimension Manipulation: As a Flerken, Goose is able to manipulate a pocket dimension inside her body, where she stores both a nest of tentacle-like tendrils and the objects she swallows.
      • Tentacle Manifestation:

        Goose attacking four Kree soldiers

        Goose is capable of opening her mouth to immense sizes to consume beings as well as objects that she pleases with help of the massive tentacles within her mouth, as shown when she effortlessly swallowed the Tesseract and four Kree soldiers.


Other Equipment[]





  • Over 30 Children




In chronological order:


Behind the Scenes[]

  • According to Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, the decision to include Goose in Captain Marvel was fun because they could make Goose an important ally of Captain Marvel and moving the plot forward instead of just being a silly gag, indicating that Goose was not initially intended to consume the Tesseract but when the idea was proposed, it made it more fun.[10]
  • Despite the close bond between Goose and Carol Danvers, Brie Larson is allergic to cats and would avoid the cats portraying Goose between takes. Samuel L. Jackson also had a difficult time shooting scenes featuring Goose, as he generally does not interact well with animals.[11] Conversely, Ben Mendelsohn is very fond of cats and enjoyed shooting his scenes with them, despite Talos being terrified of Goose.[12]
  • Kevin Feige has expressed interest in an MCU production focusing on Goose, possibly for Disney+, to explore her story in the last twenty years following Captain Marvel.[13]


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