"What do you know about the Golden Sands?"
"I don't know. There's a bunch of Chinese restaurants with that name."
"Any of them attached to hatchet-wielding criminals?"
Danny Rand, Colleen Wing and Joy Meachum[src]

Golden Sands was a Chinese-themed restaurant owned and operated by Hai-Qing Yang as the base for Yangsi Gonshi.


Rand's First Visit

Danny Rand took a trip to a Golden Sands restaurant after the attempted kidnapping of Joy Meachum. When asking to speak with the leader of the Yangsi Gonshi, the employees cleared from the room, Hai-Qing Yang and his men emerging from the lower floor.[2]

Rand's Second Visit

Rand and Colleen Wing went to had a talk with Yang and his gang at the Golden Sands, as they tried to convince them that they could fight together and end the Hand's heroin operation. Yang had doubted that they would be able to succeed and questioned why he should attack now, to which Rand had then explained that he had overheard about Madame Gao's intention to wipe the Yangsi Gonshi out.[3]

Ward Meachum's Visit

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