"What's the catch? Why isn't someone hitting this every week?"
"It's protected by the Gnuccis."
Lance and Paulie[src]

The Gnucci Crime Family is an Italian American criminal society based in New York City.


Robbery at Linello's

Tony Gnucci, Moose, and their associates in the Gnucci family were having a private poker session in the basement of Linello's. As the mobsters were playing their game, Lance, Paulie, and Donny Chavez. Lance ran up to Moose and struck him in the head with his gun. Moose was the many to see Donny’s wallet drop out and to confirm his identity.[1]

Massacre at Linello's

Castle killing Tony Gnucci

Tony Gnucci being executed by the Punisher

Tony Gnucci and Moose along side their accomplices to find and kill the men who robbed them. Before they could head out, the power immediately shut off. Gnucci ordered one of his men to check up on the power breaker, however, before any of them could, Moose was shot in the head by Punisher who then massacred the rest of the members and finishing it off by shooting Gnucci in the head. Moments after Punisher left, the police arrived to find the dead bodies.[1]


  • In the comics, the Gnucci Crime Family was a crime organization led by Ma Gnucci, her sons Eddie, Bobbie, and Carlo and her brother Dino. The crime family was eventually exterminated by Punisher when he resumed his fight against crime in New York City.


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