"I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose."

Glorious Purpose is the first episode of the first season of Loki.


After stealing the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame, Loki lands before the Time Variance Authority.


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The actions of time-displaced Avengers have allowed the Loki of 2012 to acquire the Tesseract and use it to escape from custody, landing in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. As Loki finds himself surrounded by the native villagers there, members of the Time Variance Authority emerge from portals. They intend to arrest the "Variant" God of Mischief for "Crimes Against the Sacred Timeline." Loki attempts to fight his way out, but Hunter B-15 alters his body's flow of time to apprehend him with a chronokinetic collar, the Time Twister. The TVA then plants a charge to reset the timeline before taking Loki in.

The Time-Keepers reorganizing the Multiverse

Loki attempts to run away, but B-15 teleports him back using the Twister. The Tesseract is delivered to Casey at the front desk by B-15, who then throws Loki into screening; his Asgardian armor is burnt off and replaced with a TVA jumpsuit, and he is forced to verify himself as an organic being for a temporal aura sampling. At the waiting room, Loki watches a TVA service announcement by Miss Minutes that explains the agency's origins: In the aftermath of an inter-timeline war, the Time-Keepers emerged and reorganized the Multiverse into a single core timeline, known as the Sacred Timeline. The Time-Keepers then formed the TVA and its Minutemen to ensure the stability of this timeline. Alterations to an entity's intended flow of time will result in it being designated as a "Variant," causing a nexus event and creating branching timelines. This would lead to another multiversal conflict.

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Agent Mobius M. Mobius investigates a nexus event in a 1549 France when a Minuteman notifies him that the variant Loki has been captured. At the TVA courtroom, Loki accuses the Avengers of altering the flow of time, but Judge Ravonna Renslayer dismisses the charge as the intended flow of time. He attempts to employ his magic powers to escape, but finds them useless within the vicinity of the agency; he is ultimately sentenced to be erased from the timeline. However, Mobius intervenes and instead takes him into an interrogation room. Mobius presses Loki on his role as the God of Mischief and his campaign to subjugate Midgard. He plays various clips of Loki's life to undermine his superiority complex and his desire to harm others, including his defeat to the Avengers in New York and a robbery on a plane as a result of a lost bet. Loki questions the authenticity of the Time-Keepers, arguing that it was by choice and not fate that led him to become who he is.

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Mobius then shows Loki what the intended timeline looks like: his detention in an Asgardian prison and his indirect killing of Frigga. An appalled Loki denies this reality, believing that the TVA had taken her hostage. Mobius, however, reveals that these events were always intended to happen due to the Time-Keepers' protection of the Sacred Timeline. Suddenly, B-15 summons Mobius out of the interrogation, informing him of a fallen Minutemen unit. When Mobius returns, he discovers Loki has vanished with his Time Twister. Loki makes his way to the office and threatens Casey to retrieve the Tesseract, but discovers that the TVA has an extensive collection of dormant Infinity Stone variants. This causes him to contemplate recognizing the agency as the most tremendous power in the universe.

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B-15 arrives at the office and tries to erase Loki, but Loki teleports himself back into the interrogation room using the Twister. Observing the TVA file of his core counterpart's life, he surfs further past Frigga's death. He tears up as he witnesses Odin confessing his love to his sons before passing away, his strengthened bond with Thor, and his membership in the Revengers. Upon seeing his own death to Thanos, however, Loki discovers his purpose. B-15 soon arrives and attacks the Asgardian, but he transfers his collar to the TVA soldier, teleporting her out of the room. Loki realizes that, after all this time, he does not enjoy hurting people, he simply wants to hide his weakness. Mobius returns to the room and recruits Loki to respond to a renegade Variant: another Loki, having attacked Minutemen in 1858 Oklahoma before they can reset the timeline there.


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