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"The Global Repatriation Council knows that for many it wasn’t that easy. So much has changed. But we’re here to help you find your way. Helping you back into your homes and jobs. Helping you navigate changes to society, laws, and borders. Helping you get back to the way things were. GRC, the Global Repatriation Council. Reset. Restore. Rebuild."
―Advertisement Narrator[src]

The Global Repatriation Council, abbreviated as the GRC, is an international council that reactivated status and managed resources for refugees displaced by the Blip.


Post-Blip World[]

"Reactivating citizenship, social security, healthcare. Basically just managing resources for the refugees who were displaced by the return."
"The Global Repatriation Council does all that."
Lemar Hoskins and Sam Wilson[src]
GRC (Global Repatriation Council)

Commercial from the GRC

The Global Repatriation Council was founded in 2023, following the Blip. The Blip caused mass hysteria and confusion among the world's population who had grown used to the new status quo. The return of the victims led to the displacement of poor economic migrants that lost their jobs and were evicted from their new homes by either local governments or their original owners before the Blip, and many people lost everything, leading to the creation of overpopulated refugee communities in many parts of Asia, Europe, and North America who were taken care by GRC personnel. However, the poor conditions of the infrastructures where those communities lived led to those communities becoming resentful of the GRC.[1]

Numerous advertisements for GRC were posted in London, England, such as one above a Natural History Museum adverisement,[2] and another one on a bus.[3]

With tensions rising in the refugee communities, the GRC started to plan a way to deport all the displaced to their countries of origin whenever they wanted or not, which ended up just increasing the tensions among the refugees and GRC. This led to the formation of the Flag Smashers; an anti-nationalist movement that wanted to prevent the deportation of the refugees and to force the GRC to give the refugees better living conditions. However, this movement became radical and extreme, prompting the United States to enlist their new Captain America and his companion Battlestar to uphold the GRC's order and hunt down the Flag Smashers.[4]

Patch Act[]

GRC Committee

The GRC Committee

The plan to deport the refugees as fast as possible became very controversial among the member nations of the GRC with some representatives admitting that they didn't have the equipment and infrastructure to return the refugees to their home nations by the timeline established by the architects of the Patch Act, but the representative from the United States insisted the plan go through no matter the moral reservations of the other representatives.[4]

Sam asnd Senators TF&TWS EP6

GRC members with Captain America

However, before a decision could be taken, the Flag Smashers initiated a terrorist attack to prevent the Act from being ratified by attempting to take the representatives hostages, which they managed by using infiltrators in the guard and hijacking their escape transports. Everything was going according to their plan until Captain America arrived with support from Bucky Barnes and John Walker, and thwarted their plans. Many of the members of the Flag Smashers were arrested and their leader; Karli Morgenthau, was killed in the confrontation. Once the situation was stabilized, Wilson convinced the GRC to postpone the vote on the Patch Act and to find a more humane way to fix the refugee crisis.[5]





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