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"Your company, Atreus Plastics, is up for acquisition by Glenn Industries. I'm about to purchase $20 million worth of stock. Tomorrow, you and the rest of the board will vote in favor of that deal to go through. I need you to ensure that merger."
"Atreus is the biggest black-owned plastics company in the world. You think I'm going to sell my company at pennies on the dollar to some goddamn crackers?"
Mariah Dillard and Mark Higgins[src]

Glenn Industries is an industrial corporation operating in New York City.


Glenn Industries were interested in acquiring Atreus Plastics, the largest black-owned plastics company in the world. CEO of Atreus Mark Higgins refused to sell his company because Atreus designed new tech. Nobody knew about their designs besides Glenn Industries. However, using insider information, Piranha Jones learned about it and advised Mariah Dillard to buy rate Atreus stock before announce.[1]

Dillard arranged for one of her hostesses, Stephanie Miller, to seduce him while he visited Harlem's Paradise. She made a photos and blackmailed Higgins. He confirmed merger and Dillard got $350 million.[2]



  • In the comics, Glenn Industries is a research and development corporation which hired Foggy Nelson to investigate dealing with Atreus Plastics.


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