"What's with the accent, Queen Victoria? I thought I was signing up for the U.S. Army."
―Gilmore Hodge to Peggy Carter[src]

Private Gilmore Hodge was a member of the United States Army during World War II, assigned to the Strategic Scientific Reserve.


Project Rebirth

Tormenting Steve Rogers

"Step forward, Hodge. Put your right foot forward."
"Are we gonna rassle? 'Cause I got a few moves I know you'll like."
Peggy Carter and Gilmore Hodge[src]

While serving within the United States Army, Gilmore Hodge was one of several candidates selected for Project Rebirth. He made a poor first impression on Peggy Carter when he scoffed at the idea of taking orders from a British officer, and a woman, and made a lewd remark at her expense, prompting her to knock him on his backside, in front of Chester Phillips.

Despite this dubious introduction, Hodge excelled at physical training and ability to follow orders, which led to his being Phillips' preferred choice as the first test subject. However, Hodge's cruelty towards Steve Rogers did not endear him to Abraham Erskine who was more interested in a candidate's character, labeling Hodge a bully. Ironically, a test intended by Phillips to prove Hodge's mettle ended up proving Rogers' instead and cementing him as the clear choice. Colonel Phillips tossed a dummy grenade at the recruits, causing Hodge and the others to dive for cover, while Rogers' threw himself on the grenade.

When the SSR was later reassigned to battle HYDRA in the wake of Erskine's death, Hodge accompanied them to Europe. He later witnessed Rogers return to the camp with some four hundred Allied Prisoners of War's who had been liberated during Rogers' unauthorized raid on a HYDRA base in Austria and was seen applauding the soldier he once bullied.[1]


"Hodge passed every test we gave him. He's big, he's fast, he obeys orders. He's a soldier."
"He's a bully."
Chester Phillips and Abraham Erskine[src]
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Gilmore Hodge began his time in the army as a cruel, chauvinist bully. He heckled the physically weaker Steve Rogers, and made lewd comments towards Agent Carter. However, he obeyed orders, and his excellent physicality made him Chester Phillips' top pick for the Super Soldier program.







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