"The owner of this warehouse is Gideon Shaw. Traffic division picked up a Gideon Shaw last week for a busted tail light and gram of weed. Didn't have papers. Homeland Security flagged him for his links to the Stylers."
Tomas Ciancio to Misty Knight[src]

Gideon Shaw is a childhood friend of John McIver and member of the Stylers.


"We grew up together. Me, John and our bredren, Sheldon. Me like an older broda to John-John."
―Gideon Shaw to Misty Knight[src]
Gideon Shaw grew up with John McIver and Sheldon, and considered himself as an older brother to McIver. Years later, Shaw purchased a warehouse at Brooklyn which was used by Yardies and later by the Stylers. He was arrested by the New York City Police Department for a broken taillight and a gram of weed and held at the ICE facility in Kearney Point, New Jersey and groomed to departation. United States Department of Homeland Security flagged Shaw for his links to the Stylers.

After finding of Nigel Garrison's corpse, Misty Knight visited Shaw at ICE facility to find out information on Bushmaster because he was a possible killer. Shaw told her about their childhood, about Anansi's stories about "the man on top of the hill". Also, Shaw said that McIver's mission is revenge and he will stop at nothing.[1]





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