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"We're at a tipping point, where humanity is going to make some difficult choices about the preservation for our very existence, and these Inhumans... these Inhumans are the key to our survival."
―Gideon Malick to Anton Petrov[src]

Gideon Malick was a powerful businessman, political figure and one of the leaders of HYDRA, while he eventually became the HYDRA head that other heads feared. Having been raised by his father to follow HYDRA's ancient beliefs based around the eventual return of Hive through sacrifices, Malick had later become one of HYDRA's infiltrators within the World Security Council. Malick advised Nick Fury throughout the founding of the Avengers, as well as their Battle of New York, while aiming to manipulate Fury for HYDRA's best interests. Having left the Council just prior to the HYDRA Uprising, Malick had become an advisor for President Matthew Ellis. From there, Malick had personally orchestrated the formation of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit, and manipulated the agency into capturing the Inhumans in order to build an army for Hive to command.

Following the defeat of Baron Strucker, Malick had joined forces with Grant Ward so they could finish Project Distant Star Return to finally accomplish HYDRA's oldest aim of ensuring the return of Hive. Despite all of the efforts of Phil Coulson to stop him, and Ward's demise on Maveth, Malick's plans were fulfilled when Hive possessed Ward's corpse and returned to Earth, while Malick dedicated himself to ensuring Hive's eventual victory, manipulating Glenn Talbot and Anton Petrov to assist him to achieve this. However, Malick became disillusioned with Hive due to a vision of his own demise given to him by Charles Hinton, and following his daughter's murder by Hive, Malick then cooperated with S.H.I.E.L.D., as he then betrayed HYDRA. However, that only resulted in Malick being killed by an enthralled Daisy Johnson under Hive's orders.


Place Within HYDRA

Advised by Wilfred Malick

"You know, my father used to say, never send a boy to do a man's job."
―Gideon Malick to Jemma Simmons[src]

Gideon Malick grew up with his brother and their father, who had been a loyal and a long serving member of HYDRA who had taught them to worship an ancient Inhuman known as Hive who was still trapped on Maveth. Malick and his brother had witnessed their father partaking in HYDRA's ceremonies, which chose their sacrifice to be sent through a Monolith to Hive. Although their father was never selected, Malick and his brother had viewed him as brave for participating.[1] Malick's father would also advise both his sons to never send a boy to do a man's job, which he took into heart.[3] As Malick and his brother reached the age of eighteen, they were advised to find their paths within HYDRA, both believing that they would continue serving Hive, like their father.[1]

Meeting with Daniel Whitehall

Malick attending his own father's funeral

"You don't know anything about us or our beliefs!"
"No? A ceremony where grown men draw stones from a bag and one unlucky participant draws a white stone and is sacrificed to a liquid rock."
―Gideon Malick and Daniel Whitehall[src]

In 1970, Malick's father had passed away from natural causes, while Malick vowed to continue all his work within HYDRA. Following his father's funeral at the Malick Mansion, Malick was then approached by another of HYDRA's followers, who had noted that his father had been a true believer who would be missed, to which Malick promised that he and Nathaniel Malick would continue with his work in service to HYDRA, with the follower then claiming that he would expect nothing less from the Malick family, before he walked away.

Malick begins aruging with Nathaniel Malick

Malick was then approached by his brother, who insisted that it was time for them to go to the meeting, although Malick had continued to refuse to attend, noting that he had already explained his reasons for not attending any meetings with HYDRA's current leadership. When Nathaniel noted that they could not ignore Daniel Whitehall when he demanded a meeting, Malick had insisted that Whitehall was nothing more than an old man, locked in the Rat. However, Nathaniel argued that Whitehall remained powerful within HYDRA, warning what would happen if they ignored him, although Malick claimed to not care.

Malick going to meet with Daniel Whitehall

Malick had insisted that he did not care about what Whitehall wanted from them, while noting that their father never believed in Whitehall's version of HYDRA, as he refused to start following this now that their father was deceased, demanding that he and his brother stay where they were. However, Nathaniel had made it clear that the drivers who had arrived there to collect them, were not actually making a request, but were demanding their attendance. With considerable reluctance, Malick and his brother then got into the car provided to them, as they were then driven towards the Rat for their meeting with Whitehall.

Malick visting Daniel Whitehall's prison cell

Upon arriving into the Rat, Malick and his brother were taken straight into Whitehall's cell, finding him cleaning his glasses, as Malick then demanded to know why Whitehall had called them there, noting that their father's body was barely even cold. Whitehall had then told the Malick brothers that he had felt it was vital that they speak before the upcoming ceremony to find a sacrifice to Hive, as Malick demanded that Whitehall get to the point. Malick watched Whitehall take a seat, as he noted that it was time for the brothers to select their own paths within HYDRA, as Whitehall had suggested that they follow his.

Malick insults Daniel Whitehall's core values

As Malick questioned why they should consider this, Nathaniel also reminded him not to be rude, while Whitehall explained that he was a man of science, not religion, as Whitehall began insulting the Malick family's traditions. When Malick tried to insist that Whitehall did not actually know anything about their beliefs, he soon corrected him by explaining exactly how these ceremonies were conducted, mocking how a participant was sacrificed to the Monolith, although Nathaniel had then insisted that being selected to be the traveler who was sent to Maveth as a sacrificed, should be considered a great honor.

Malick stands-off against Daniel Whitehall

Since Whitehall continued to insult their traditions, which he had just dismissed as being another archaic blood sacrifice Malick called him a coward, insisting that their father was twice the man Whitehall was. In response, Whitehall rose to his feet and looked Malick in the eyes, calling his rituals foolish, only to then claim that their father had not been a fool. Malick had listened while Whitehall questioned how they believed their father had survived so many ceremonies, claiming that he had been skilled with his certain parkour trick, which Whitehall had demonstrated by seemingly making his chess piece disappear.

Malick refutes and leaves Daniel Whitehall

This insult had frustrated Malick as he insisted that their meeting was done. While Malick attempted to walk away, Whitehall called back to him and suggested that he look for the book called Paradise Lost in their father's study back at their Mansion, as Whitehall had claimed that they would find this book to be quite illuminating regarding their father. Although Nathaniel was clearly taken aback by all Whitehall's words about their father, Malick then demanded that they just leave, as he intended to forget about their meeting with Whitehall, believing that this would only damage their image about their late father.[1]

Family Secrets Revealed

Malick being nervous about the ceremony

"Maybe dad wasn't who we thought he was, but our family has upheld this faith for centuries, and that is no gonna end with us. We'll be better men."
―Gideon Malick to Nathaniel Malick[src]

Having returned into the Malick Mansion, Malick had struggled to get any sleep due to his nerves about the upcoming ceremony. While he explored the Mansion, Malick found Nathaniel Malick sitting inside of their father's former study, as he assumed that his brother was also going through the same struggles in regards to the upcoming ceremony. However, Nathaniel revealed that he followed Daniel Whitehall's advice, as he found their father's copy of Paradise Lost, although Malick had tried to dismiss Whitehall as just being a blowhard.

Malick learning about all Wilfred Malick's lies

However, Nathaniel then revealed that he had found the white stone inside of the book, which meant that their father had been swapping it out during the ceremonies as a way to cheat, ensuring that he was never sent to Maveth as a sacrifice to Hive and had just been lying to them for years. While Malick had initially tried to deny that their father would do something like this, Nathaniel accused their father of being afraid of traveling through the Monolith, as he accused him of being a coward and a cheater, while Malick took the copy of Paradise Lost so that he could see for himself that their father betrayed them.

Malick affirms to be better than his father

Despite being convinced that Whitehall had been correct about their father, Malick had then turned to his brother, as he insisted that they should still continue with their ceremonies for Hive, regardless of this revelation about their father not being the man they once thought he was. Malick had also noted that their family had upheld this faith with Hive and the origins of HYDRA for centuries, which he had refused to give up on. When Malick insisted that they could become better men than their father had been, Nathaniel had questioned how they would actually be able to do this, which Malick considered for a moment.

Malick and Nathaniel make their agreement

Deciding to reject their father's actions, with cheating at the sacrifice ceremonies, Malick and Nathaniel traveled into the mansion's garden and threw their father's white stone deep into the lake. Malick and his brother agreed that they would do their upcoming ceremony the right way, and allow fate to decide if they were to be sacrificed to Hive, or if they could continue to live, vowing to stay together until the end, as they shook hands with each other. However, Malick had inherited his father's fear of the unknown land of Maveth as he had used the same sleight of hand trick to keep a stone without his brother knowing.[1]

Sacrificing Nathaniel Malick

Malick and Nathaniel attend the ceremony

"We do the ceremony the right way and let fate decide."
"Together to the end."
―Gideon Malick and Nathaniel Malick[src]

Once it had come time for Malick and Nathaniel Malick to partake in their first ceremony, Malick was the one to hand over the bag of all the stones, as he quietly slipped the notched stone into the bag, so that he would be able to ensure that he would never choose this and would never become their sacrifice, like their father had done. Once Malick selected his stone, he ensured he chose a black stone before handing it to his brother.

Malick allowing his brother to be sacrificed

Once their group of HYDRA followers had opened up their hands to reveal who would be selected to become their next sacrifice, Malick saw that his brother had selected the white stone, meaning he would be sent into Maveth to be sacrificed to Hive. Realizing what had just happened, Nathaniel looked to his brother in horror, noting that they had a deal which Malick had betrayed, while Malick could not even look his brother in the eyes due to his guilt and shame. However, the ceremony was finished and Nathaniel was taken to the Monolith and was sacrificed to Hive, while Malick did nothing to save him.[1]

Continuing the Ceremonies

"I never gave up on you Nate, I carried on the tradition, I gave up everything so you could return."
"You were never willing to give up everything."
―Gideon Malick and "Nathaniel Malick"[src]

The guilt for having his own brother killed stayed with Malick for the rest of his life, but his need to survive made him ensured that he used the same method of surviving all their rituals for decades, ensuring that he was never sacrificed to Hive. When Malick had a daughter years later, he never told her the truth and allowed her to believe that he was a brave man willing to risk being sacrificed to the Hive. As his daughter grew up Malick maintained a strict upbringing for her, not allowing her to mourn the death of her mother and telling her to man up.[1]

Malick had introduced Stephanie to horse riding, where he found that she was exceptionally skilled, being able to ride their Arabian Horses, which were difficult to control. While they were riding their horses together, Malick witnessed Stephanie's horse panic and throw her off, which horrified Malick, since he had feared she would be seriously harmed, only for Stephanie to stand up and calmed her horse. The incident impressed Malick so much, that on that same day he explained the history of HYDRA to his daughter, and brought her into his world.[5]

Hiding in Plain Sight

World Security Council

"This is out of line, Director. You're dealing with forces you can't control."
"You ever been in a war, Councilman? In a firefight? Did you feel an overabundance of control?"
―Gideon Malick and Nick Fury[src]

Later in his life, Malick became an industrialist and a member for their World Security Council, the advisory body who supervised S.H.I.E.L.D. and Nick Fury in times of world-threatening crisis, becoming one of the most highly respected and influential members of the Council.[6] Secretly, Malick had continued to rise up through the ranks of HYDRA, and eventually became one of the heads of HYDRA, through this influence, he ensured that HYDRA's campaign continued for decades, as Malick had influenced the Council for HYDRA's agendas.[7] Malick had also increased his family's fortune, running Gothite Industries, and gaining stakes in the world's economies.[8]

During this time, Malick would take advantage of his influence over world leaders, as he would shake hands with the Presidents of the United States of America, and be given access to alien technologies, although this did not faze Malick.[2] As he continued HYDRA's mission, Malick often worked with Baron Strucker, as he got to know his son, Werner von Strucker.[7] Malick became aware of the projects that Fury was working on with S.H.I.E.L.D., as he deemed their Avengers Initiative to be a risk, as he shut that down and instead recommended that Fury focus on Phase 2, where they would use the Tesseract's technology to build nuclear weapons.[6]

Project Distant Star Return

"Every generation has sent men through the portal, hoping to save or at least serve our leader on the other side."
―Gideon Malick to Grant Ward[src]

In 2001, Malick launched Project Distant Star Return, the modern-day continuation of HYDRA's thousands of years old efforts to use the Monolith to bring Hive from his exile on Maveth back to Earth so he could conquer it. Using his connections, he orchestrated the passage of the Monolith to NASA, with the hope that their technicians could send people on the other side.

While his company was consulting on a program at NASA, he met Rosalind Price, advising her on many key missions.[2] Since the budgets for space exploration had vanished, Malick and his men convinced everyone at NASA the Monolith was the affordable future of space exploration. Soon, a NASA team led by Will Daniels was sent through the portal, never to return.[9]

Loki's Invasion

Malick and the World Council debating Loki

"You should be focusing on Phase 2. It was designed for exactly this..."
"Phase 2 isn't ready, our enemy is. We need a response team."
"The Avengers Initiative was shut down."
―Gideon Malick and Nick Fury[src]

In 2012, Malick had been informed that Loki invaded Earth, and had successfully stolen away the Tesseract, while also destroying Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S.. With Loki having escaped, this resulted in Malick and the rest of the World Security Council then gathering for an update from Nick Fury about how best to proceed. Malick then accused Fury of stepping out of line and dealing with forces he could not control, to which Fury had argued that wars were rarely controllable.

Malick suggesting not use the Avengers

Malick questioned if Asgard was invading them, to which Fury simply insisted that it was just Loki, while Pamela Hawley questioned whether Loki was working with Thor, which Fury had denied. While Malick insisted that Fury should be focusing his attention onto Phase 2, Fury claimed that this was not ready and they needed his response team, although Malick reminded him that their Avengers Initiative was shut down, as he claimed that Fury was leaving the fate of the Earth to freaks. Fury defended the Avengers, claiming they were what they needed, while Malick had insisted that wars were not won through sentiment.[6]

Battle of New York

Malick aruging his point against Nick Fury

"You're closer than any of our subs, you scramble that jet..."
"That is the island of Manhattan, Councilman. Until I am certain my team can't hold it, I will not order the nuclear strike against a civilian population!"
―Gideon Malick and Nick Fury[src]

Eventually, Malick learnt that Loki had been able to open up a portal above New York City, allowing his armies of Chitauri to invade Earth. While the Avengers had fought back against Loki's army, Malick and the World Security Council then made their decision to launch a nuclear missile at New York City, intending to destroy the Chitauri, while sacrificing millions of innocent lives. Malick and the rest of the Council contacted Nick Fury, ordering him to launch the missile.

Malick orders Nick Fury fire a nuclear bomb

However, Fury had immediately refused to obey the Council's order, despite Malick insisting that the Helicarrier was closer than any of their submarines. Despite this, Fury insisted that he would not order the nuclear strike against a civilian population, putting his faith in the Avengers to hold back Loki's invasion. With Fury not following their orders, Malick and Pamela Hawley then made their decision to strip Fury of his command and launched the missile. However, it was intercepted by Iron Man, who flew it directly into the Wormhole, and managed to destroy the Chitauri Command Center, ending Loki's invasion.[6]

Disbanding the Avengers

Malick learning about the Avengers' victory

"You let him take it and the war criminal, Loki, who should be answering for his crime."
"Oh, I think he will be."
―Gideon Malick and Nick Fury[src]

In the wake of the Avengers' victory against Loki, Malick and the rest of the World Security Council met with Nick Fury, while they watched footage of the people of New York City praising the Avengers for their heroics. When he was asked where the Avengers currently were, Fury admitted that he was no longer tracking any of them, before explaining that the Tesseract had been taken away from the Earth and back to Asgard, with Malick claiming that it should not have been Fury's decision to make.

Malick ponders the Avengers whereabouts

Malick then questioned why Fury really allowed Thor to take both the Tesseract and Loki back to Asgard, noting that Loki should be paying for these crimes, only for Fury to reassure Malick that Loki would pay once he was back on Asgard. Malick listened, as Pamela Hawley questioned if Fury knew the price for allowing the Avengers loose onto the world, claiming that they were dangerous, as Fury had noted that now every other world was also aware of this. Malick had then questioned if this statement had been the point for the Avengers Initiative, as Fury then claimed that it had actually been a promise, before he hung up.[6]

HYDRA Uprising

"You're one of the last heads of HYDRA's old guard."
"Thanks in no small part to you."
―Gideon Malick and Grant Ward[src]

Malick resigned from his position at the World Security Council after the Chitauri Invasion and became an advisor to President Matthew Ellis. During the HYDRA Uprising, Malick rejoined HYDRA's ranks, becoming the only HYDRA leader that all other heads feared.[7] He worked alongside Baron Strucker,[2] Alexander Pierce and John Garrett, moles within S.H.I.E.L.D., hoping they would stand beside him when Hive was brought back, but they proved too narcissistic or bloodthirsty for his vision.[3] Despite the fall of most of HYDRA's cells during the War on HYDRA and the abrupt end of many of HYDRA's operations, Malick remained in his public position undetected, still incredibly powerful.[10]

Raising the Inhuman Army

"We're building an army for it to command when it returns, and you and I will rule beside It."
―Gideon Malick to Grant Ward[src]

As one of Matthew Ellis' advisors, Malick convinced him to form the Advanced Threat Containment Unit as their replacement to S.H.I.E.L.D., who were being lead by Rosalind Price who was tasked with overseeing as well as handling the newly transformed Inhumans. Officially, the ATCU would contain and neutralize all of the perceived Inhuman threat and work on the cure; in reality, Malick's agents inside the ATCU would secretly give their Nature Max Supplements Fish Oil contaminated by the impure Terrigen Crystals to all of the ATCU's employees, in order to create as many new Inhumans as they possibly could, which Malick would then quietly take possession of.

Their targets were also all public witnesses of their Terrigenesis, as these new Inhumans were then conscripted into HYDRA. Malick's true aim was to create an Inhuman Army for Hive to command when the mission of Project Distant Star Return was successfully completed, which had aimed to finally return Hive from those thousands of years he had spent in exile on Maveth. As an overseer for the ATCU's science division, Malick had considerable influence on Price and shared with her the information on Project T.A.H.I.T.I. and Phil Coulson, which Malick had believed Price could use to her advantage in the inevitable conflict between S.H.I.E.L.D. and the ATCU.[2]

Grant Ward Problem

Protecting Werner von Strucker

Malick is reunited with Werner von Strucker

"Your father was a great man, trust me. We would have never put up with such things."
"You don't know this guy, Ward, he's scary."
"I'm aware of Grant Ward. He was once an untested youth, too. Everyone has a history."
―Gideon Malick and Werner von Strucker[src]

Six months following the fall of Baron Strucker's HYDRA cells and Strucker's subsequent death at the hands of Ultron, Malick was contacted by Werner von Strucker, who had recently gotten recruited into Grant Ward's HYDRA cell, but had become fearful that Ward intended to betray him. Strucker told Malick of how Ward intended to kill him for failing an assassination mission, as he begged for Malick's help, noting that he did not know where else he could turn, as he believed that Malick and his father had dealt with men like Ward.

Malick offers to protect Werner von Strucker

While Strucker noted that since he failed to kill Andrew Garner, Ward would kill him for his failure, regardless of the reasons, as Malick had explained that his father would never allow an untrained agent to be sent on such a major mission. With Malick then offering him a drink, Strucker noted that his father had never allowed him to understand HYDRA's rules, commenting that Malick had been nicer to him, while Malick called Baron Strucker a great man. Malick told Strucker that he knew of Ward, noting that he also been an untested youth himself, as Malick had then promised that he would handle everything.[7]

Introduction with Grant Ward

Malick speaks with Grant Ward on the phone

"You don't know my name, but I think you've been trying to get my attention."
"I've been wondering when I'd hear from you. You're the one all the others were afraid of, before me."
"Not everyone fears you, Mr. Ward."
―Gideon Malick and Grant Ward[src]

To make the situation clear, Malick contacted Kebo and ordered him to let him speak to Grant Ward, as he commented that Ward may not know his name, but appeared to have been attempting to get his attention, to which Ward had noted that he had been wondering when he would actually hear from Malick. When Ward noted that Malick was the HYDRA leader the others were afraid of, before he took over, Malick simply noted that not everybody was afraid of Ward yet.

Malick hands his offering over to Grant Ward

Malick then offered Ward redemption for his many mistakes, such as making Werner von Strucker his pawn during their conflict, before he should have even been considered, leading to Strucker now being a worthless player in the game. Ward arrogantly replied that he did not need redemption, insisting that Malick simply did not understand his full plan, but Malick insisted that he did, before offering to hand over Strucker's current location to him, since S.H.I.E.L.D. was also looking for Strucker. When Ward questioned why he would do all this, Malick told him that he had chosen his side for the rebirth of HYDRA.[7]

Meeting with Grant Ward

Malick has his first meeting with Grant Ward

"I gave you what you asked for. I'm just not sure you're asking for the right things. Revenge only provides a temporary pleasure."
"But a pleasure nonetheless."
"You should think on a grander scale."
―Gideon Malick and Grant Ward[src]

Malick arranged to meet with Matthew Ellis at NORAD to discuss the future of the Inhumans, although he actually intended for his meeting to let him to learn some more about his current enemies. Malick then ordered Rosalind Price to bring Phil Coulson into their meeting, so he could meet him, however, this arrangement failed when S.H.I.E.L.D. went to stop Lash. Instead, Malick then met with Grant Ward to discuss Werner von Strucker, who had survived the assassination attempt and had fallen into a coma as a result from Kebo's torture, with Malick noting that Ward should hope that Strucker never wake up.

Malick and Grant Ward discuss his revenge

However, Ward insisted that he was not worried, while claiming that Strucker was weak, as his father had been, to which Malick had told Ward to be careful, since he had paid a price for Strucker and had to decide if this had been worth it. As Ward noted that Malick had given him Strucker's location, Malick just claimed that he had simply given Ward what he had asked for, but questioned if he was asking for the right things. Malick asked if Ward only wanted his revenge, but Ward had then insisted that his goal would be to kill Coulson, as well as to finally destroy S.H.I.E.L.D., insisting it would be his grand revenge.

Malick talks to Rosalind Price on the phone

While Ward had explained to Malick about how he had believed that by killing Coulson, it would be the key to bringing down S.H.I.E.L.D., comparing it to cutting off the final head of S.H.I.E.L.D., he was then interrupted when Malick had then received his call from Price, as he excused himself to answer it. Price apologized to Malick for failing to bring Coulson to him in NORAD, which she had been ordered to do, promising that she would bring him to Malick soon enough, to which Malick told her that time was of the essence, before Price was forced to leave the call, telling Malick that she would soon be in touch.[11]

Malick and Grant Ward talking about HYDRA

Malick had a dinner of octopus served up for the pair of them, as he explained why the octopus was HYDRA's symbol, describing this as a smart and the ultimate killer, while Ward had noted that it may have been a good symbol, but he was less sure about eating. However, as Ward noted that he could be adaptable, he then questioned if Malick could be as well, to which Malick noted that this would depend upon Ward's requests. Malick continued to press Ward for his request and they discussed how HYDRA's leadership had been destroyed due in part of Ward, as Ward noted that Malick should thank him for this.

Malick denies Baron Strucker's vault

Malick then made it clear that he knew what Ward's actual intentions were with targeting Werner, commenting on how he had clearly been searching for Baron Strucker's secret vault, which was said to contain HYDRA's greatest weapon, but Malick simply insisted that these vaults did not exist. However, Ward argued that Malick had actually betrayed Werner, the soul heir to the vault's secrets, in order to become sole owner of it, as Ward went on to note that as the vault was believed to contain HYDRA's strongest weaponry, he and Malick should put them to good use during their war against S.H.I.E.L.D..

Malick and R. Giyera leave Grant Ward to die

Having decided that Ward was more of a threat to HYDRA's overall plans than he was a benefit, Malick arranged to be called away from the meeting by R. Giyera and explained that he felt that Ward's plan of revenge against S.H.I.E.L.D. was not something he really wanted to become involved with, while he claimed he had bigger plans needing his focus. Ward insisted that he would locate Strucker's vault with or without Malick's help, but Malick informed him that although he was a fine predator, he was not top of the food chain as he left, ordering a team of assassins to murder Ward as soon as he had departed.[2]

Meeting Andrew Garner

Malick meeting the captured Andrew Garner

"It strikes me that no one's asked if you even want treatment. They haven't even asked your opinion on the subject at all, have they?"
"No. But then, all they see is a killer."
―Gideon Malick and Andrew Garner[src]

Malick had then gone to personally meet Andrew Garner, who was being kept inside the Containment Module, in order to prevent him from once again transforming into his Inhuman form of Lash. While Garner complained that he had been moved overseas without a warning, Malick then immediately apologized to Garner for his situation, before he claimed to be working with President Matthew Ellis and S.H.I.E.L.D. in order to help find some cure for Garner, although Garner remained skeptical that his Terrigenesis could ever be reversed.

Malick debating S.H.I.E.L.D.'s belief and ways

Malick then questioned if Garner now really wanted to be cured, as he questioned if anybody had actually asked Garner about his own opinion about his situation, with Garner noted that S.H.I.E.L.D. now only viewed him as a killer. They had then discussed S.H.I.E.L.D. not helping him during the Inhuman Outbreak, with Malick claiming that they had failed to protect them, although Garner remained skeptical about Malick's views, although they also agreed that S.H.I.E.L.D.'s methods were questionable. Malick then promised to help Garner in exchange for him handing over some of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s secrets.[2]

Explaining HYDRA's History

Malick being reunited back with Grant Ward

"I know you're all about rebooting HYDRA, and all that, but do you know much about our history, our origin?"
"Yeah, World War II. Red Skull used Nazi funding to build–"
"No, no, Red Skull was following the principle that HYDRA was built upon, that the ultimate power was not from this world. But HYDRA, well, we're much, much older than that."
―Gideon Malick and Grant Ward[src]

Using his private plane, Malick traveled to Zepkow, in order to locate Baron Strucker's secret vault. However, within minutes of Malick's arrival, Grant Ward burst inside, as he told Ward that he was very impressed by him, while noting that he was rarely impressed, as he previously met with presidents and held technology from other worlds, but he was more impressed by Ward's talents. Ward noted that Malick left him to die, while Malick commented on how Ward cut through his assassins with ease.

Malick praising Grant Ward for finding him

Malick went on to compliment Ward over how he had located Baron Strucker's vault, noting that he had only gotten in there himself a few minutes earlier, and he had used a private plane. As Malick took out a bottle of O'Harren's Scotch Whisky, Ward questioned if this had all been a test, which Malick denied, as he confessed to wanting Ward dead, as he had posed the legitimate threat to everything that Malick had built, although Malick suggested that he may have been looking at the situation in the wrong way, before he suggested that he should make Ward his second head of HYDRA, offering Ward the whiskey.

Malick shows a fragment from the Monolith

However, Ward had told Malick he wanted to kill him for his betrayal, leading to Malick promising to tell him the true history of HYDRA. As Malick acknowledged that Ward's aim was to reboot HYDRA, he had questioned how much he knew of their actual origins, to which Ward explained that he was aware that HYDRA was founded during World War II by Red Skull, but Malick explained that their actual history was far older, insisting that Red Skull had merely followed those principles that HYDRA had been built upon. Opening up Strucker's safe, Malick then took out a shard of the Monolith, as he presented it to Ward.

Malick explaining the true origins of HYDRA

Malick had then told Ward that HYDRA was as ancient as this stone, explaining that all of their fragments had been passed down through generations, while recommending that Ward keep watching it closely. Malick explained that the stone was craved from the larger Monolith, which possessed other worldly properties, telling him that their stone was a portal to Maveth. Malick went on to tell Ward about Hive, as he claimed that Hive was an Inhuman, that had been born thousands of years ago, that was destined to rule over the Earth, noting that it had been so feared, that it had become banished, using the Monolith.

Malick tells Grant Ward about Hive's destiny

While Malick and Ward then witnessed the Monolith briefly transform into a liquid state and then back to a solid, Malick had explained that HYDRA was founded with the soul purpose, of ensuring the return of Hive, which Malick was attempting to do with his Project Distant Star Return. Malick explained that, over generations, HYDRA had taken many different shapes, while Hive gained different names, but every generation of HYDRA sent men through the portal into Maveth, with their goal being to serve Hive. Malick also noted that he was building an army of Inhumans for Hive to command once it had returned.

Malick getting Grant Ward to work with him

Once Malick suggested that he and Ward could rule the world beside Hive, Ward noted that this was a lot of new information to take in, as Malick acknowledged that it seemed like a tall tale. Ward questioned why he should believe anything that Malick was saying, while Malick insisted that they were closer than HYDRA had ever gotten to finally completing the final task. However, Malick insisted that Ward did not have to believe him, promising to help him to kill Phil Coulson and to gain his revenge against S.H.I.E.L.D., in exchange for Ward assisting him to learn how Jemma Simmons really returned from Maveth.[2]

Setting Hive Free

Assassination of Rosalind Price

Malick complimenting Grant Ward's success

"This is not some game you just leave up to chance."
"Well, maybe not for you. I was good either way."
"Right, 'cause if Coulson doesn't make it out, you get that closure you've been searching for. Closure's not something that I ever put much stock in, what I believe in, is moving forward."
―Gideon Malick and Grant Ward[src]

Once Malick learned that Rosalind Price had managed to uncover his secret connection to HYDRA, he sent Grant Ward to assassinate her. When Ward returned, Malick complimented him on the success, calling Ward their conquering hero, noting how quickly Ward completed this mission. However, Malick had berated Ward about nearly killing Phil Coulson in the process, as he had sent in his own men to ambush him, although Ward still insisted that Coulson had been able to get away, noting that he wanted to put Coulson through his paces by sending in his soldiers to attack him.

Malick emphasizes his mission's importance

Malick insisted that this should not be considered his game that they put to chances, while Ward claimed that he was satisfied either way, while Malick had then mocked Ward's ongoing desire for closure, as he did not put much stock into closure, since he had only believed in moving forward with their mission and never looking back, mocking Ward's ideals as a result. Malick then showed Ward those five shards from the Monolith, noting how they had been extracted from a stone that was thousands of years old and had always been intended to be divided up evenly between all of HYDRA's most powerful leaders.

Malick and Grant Ward discuss Phil Coulson

While Ward claimed that Malick only had the full set thanks to him, to which Malick insisting that he was still missing the point that he was attempting to make. Malick had claimed that the stones were the key to everything that HYDRA had been working towards, ever since it's formation. Malick accused Ward of compromising HYDRA's missions for his quests for closure, to which Ward told Malick not to worry, as he promised that everything would play out as planned. When Malick questioned how Ward could be sure, Ward simply claimed that it was because he knew Coulson, better than Coulson knew himself.[3]

Capturing Fitz and Simmons

Malick greets Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons

"We're never going to help you open another bloody portal."
"Nobody is asking you to. See, HYDRA's been opening one portal or another for centuries, and all it takes is a few stones, and a building with just the right vibrational frequency."
Leo Fitz and Gideon Malick[src]

Under the direct orders from Malick, R. Giyera managed to successfully kidnap Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons, and also assassinated Luther Banks, bringing the scientists before Malick. As his soldiers got them on their feet, Malick noted how his father had previously advised him to never send a boy to do a man's job, but claimed that he never considered sending any young woman before, while he looking at Simmons. When Malick questioned if Simmons had seen Hive while on Maveth, she responded by furiously attempting to attack him.

Malick demands Jemma Simmons' answer

However, as their soldiers held her back, Malick then simply laughed about Simmons' attack, calling her feral, while Grant Ward noted that this was a new development. Malick then commented on the secrets that Simmons had hidden in her memory, to which Fitz then stepped up as he insisted that they would never help HYDRA to open another portal, only for Malick to insist that they never needed their help for that. Malick explained that HYDRA had no issue opening portals, as they only needed the Monolith and their HYDRA Castle, to which Fitz questioned why he had captured them if not to open the portal.

Malick asks Grant Ward for his suggestions

As Malick noted that they needed their assistance for the other thing, Simmons then realized that HYDRA did not know how to return from Maveth, with Malick complimenting Simmons on figuring that out, as they demanded she explains that secret, only for Simmons to threaten Malick once again. With neither Fitz nor Simmons willing to help him, Malick had then turned to Ward for suggestions, who advised spliting the pair up. Malick then followed Ward's suggestions, to have Giyera torture Simmons, knowing that the sound of the woman he had loved suffering would force Fitz to submit to whatever they needed.[3]

Opening the Monolith Portal

Malick oversees the Monolith's placements

"It wants to come back, and after all these years, we finally found someone to help us do that."
"I'll never help you bring that thing back, no matter how much you hurt me."
"Which is why we've agreed to stop hurting you."
―Gideon Malick and Jemma Simmons[src]

Once he arrived at the HYDRA Castle in England, Malick personally oversaw the placement of all of their pieces of the Monolith, until he was greeted by R. Giyera, who brought Jemma Simmons to meet with Malick, as he mockingly suggested that she might want to witness the opening of the portal. However, Simmons attempted to warn Malick's men that if they went onto Maveth, they would be driven mad and killed by Hive, which Malick dismissed as Simmons' theory.

Malick trying to frighten Jemma Simmons

In response, Malick had suggested that Hive actually wanted to leave Maveth and return to the Earth, noting that HYDRA had finally found somebody to help them do that. Although Simmons insisted that she would never help Malick, regardless of how much he had her torture, Malick commented that they had agreed to stop torturing Simmons, just as Grant Ward entered the room with Leo Fitz, with Malick noting that Fitz had agreed to travel onto Maveth, in exchange for Simmons' safety, as Ward noted that Fitz had always been willing to give up the world for Simmons, and now he would actually get his chance.[3]

Sacrificing Grant Ward

Malick tells Grant Ward that the time is now

"I'm not asking you to follow, I'm asking you to lead. I have been waiting for this moment for a long time, but I had hoped that I'd find someone to sieve it with me. I thought it might be Pierce, but he was bloodthirsty. Thought it might be John Garrett, but his vanity led him to think of nothing but himself."
―Gideon Malick to Grant Ward[src]

With everything coming into place, Malick went to speak with Grant Ward, as he explained that it was time for them to open their portal, only for Ward to insist that they start without him, since he wanted to be ready for S.H.I.E.L.D.. Although Malick insisted that S.H.I.E.L.D. would not find the HYDRA Castle, Ward then warned Malick not to underestimate Phil Coulson, with Malick claiming Coulson was of no consequence, while Ward still had an important role to play.

Malick orders Grant Ward to travel to Maveth

Malick then explained that he actually wanted Ward to lead their men to Maveth, much to Ward's surprise, when he questioned why Malick would think that he would give up his chance for his revenge against S.H.I.E.L.D., following the demise of Agent 33, with Malick claiming that he had already won his war against S.H.I.E.L.D., questioning his need for a victory lap. With Ward still insisting that his war would not be over, until he had killed Coulson, Malick scoffed at this, claiming that he thought Ward was more than just bloodthirsty and vindictive, since he had always thought that Ward had more vision than that.

Malick recalls his history of seeking victory

Ward then accused Malick of attempting to manipulate him into risking his life for somebody else's dream, to which Malick simply dismissed Ward's own dreams of revenge as merely being his own vanity, while calling it a weakness, which Ward took offense at, claiming that true weakness was following others blindly. However, Malick insisted that he was not asking Ward to follow, but to lead, while he explained that he always hoped to gain somebody to sieve their moment of victory with him, before he noted how Alexander Pierce became bloodthirsty and John Garrett vanity eventually led to only think of himself.

Malick convinces Grant Ward to rescue Hive

As Ward noted that Garrett was only the reason that he ever put his own faith in HYDRA, Malick claimed that this was the best thing that Garrett ever did for their cause. Malick confessed that he was not a fighter, noting that Ward was the finest that HYDRA had ever made, and therefore was the only man who could complete this mission to rescue Hive. Malick vowed that if Ward stepped through their portal onto Maveth, he would finally see that his faith in HYDRA had never been misplaced once he looked Hive in the eyes, as they would then be able to take over the world with Hive, remaining on their side.[3]

Farewell to Grant Ward

Malick and Grant Ward return to the portal

"Find it, to to the exit coordinates, we'll turn the portal back on in exactly twelve hours."
"Got it."
"Bring it back, my friend. Be the one who finishes what HYDRA started. We're making history today."
―Gideon Malick and Grant Ward[src]

That speech had finally convinced Grant Ward to do exactly what Malick had wanted from him, as he suited up in a Bulletproof Vest and prepared to step through the portal, where he would be leading Malick's team of HYDRA soldiers. As Malick and Ward returned inside the main room of their HYDRA Castle, they were questioned by Jemma Simmons over what Ward was doing, to which Ward simply reiterated Malick's earlier words, as he said he would be leading.

Malick watches as the portal being opened

Malick then stood by, as his men had reactivated the sonic canons, creating a vibration which caused the Monolith shards to open their portal to Maveth, with Malick barely able to hold back his excitement over his family's long held beliefs finally coming true, following all the years of sacrifices. While Ward gave them their instructions for once they arrived onto the planet, Malick had then watched on while all of his soldiers stepped through the portal, one at a time, as Malick had then ordered R. Giyera to take Simmons away, ensuring that she could not make any escape attempt while they were briefly distracted.

Malick says his final goodbye to Grant Ward

Just before he stepped through, Malick then approached Ward, as he reiterated their plan, telling him to find Hive's location, locate the exit coordinates, where HYDRA would then turn the portal back in twelve hours from that moment. Malick then shook Ward's hand, telling him to bring Hive back to Earth and finish what HYDRA had started, while noting that he would be making history on that day. Malick had then watched as Ward and Leo Fitz stepped through their portal together. Malick had then became aware of a Quinjet flying over, as he ordered that the portal be shut down, just before Coulson dove into it.[3]

Warning to Jemma Simmons

Malick is updated once again by R. Giyera

"Did you notice, the hebrew word "Maveth" carved around this Castle?"
"That's right. Well, death is the only thing returning through that portal, Fitz was just an offering to show him the door."
―Gideon Malick and HYDRA Soldier[src]

With their mission underway, Malick then spoke with R. Giyera, who had informed him that their cargo of the Inhumans, which were being held in Suspension Gel, had arrived and were stable, noting that his teams would be ready to revive them on Malick's order. Malick had then told Giyera to be more patient, as he commented that they were not his toys to play with, but gifts for Hive, once Grant Ward had brought him back, as they would then become his army to command.

Malick tells Jemma Simmons of his victory

Malick then asked Giyera how long they would have until their portal reopened to get the team back, to which Giyera told him that it would be seventy three seconds, only for Jemma Simmons to claim that his calculations were wrong, noting that twelve seconds on Maveth was the difference between life and death, although Malick tried to ignore her comments, while also making a note of those corrections. While Simmons had noted that she was not actually making these changes to their research to assist HYDRA with the mission, but it was only to ensure that Leo Fitz had a safe return without HYDRA killing him.

Malick mocking Jemma Simmons' situation

Taking note of her comment about ensuring Fitz's safe return, Malick had then smiled as he asked Simmons if she had ever seen the word "Maveth" written across the HYDRA Castle, with Simmons noted that it was a hebrew word that was translated to death. Commenting that this was right, Malick had told Simmons that death would be the only thing that would be returning through their portal, explaining that he had considered Fitz to merely be an offering to show Hive their door, while making it clear that he did not expect anybody, apart from Hive to really survive their mission, much to the horror of Simmons.[12]

Attack on the HYDRA Castle

Malick learns Lash has killed his Inhumans

"You have less than fifteen minutes to breach their barricades and regain control of that chamber."
"Sir, I..."
"That's an order, soldier!"
―Gideon Malick and HYDRA Soldier[src]

Malick eventually learned that S.H.I.E.L.D. raided the HYDRA Castle, as Malick sent out R. Giyera to hunt down and kill the team. Malick had then discovered that Lash had escaped the Containment Module and slaughtered those Inhumans he had been collecting. Knowing that S.H.I.E.L.D. was in a tactically strong position and had taken over the portal chamber, a guard recommended that Malick evacuate the Castle, but Malick then ordered his team to breach S.H.I.E.L.D.'s defenses and kill them, so that they could ensure Hive's safe arrival.

Malick is forced to accept his plan's failure

Despite their best efforts, Malick's forces had been unable to prevent S.H.I.E.L.D. from taking over their Castle and stopping their plans, as Malick was eventually forced into evacuating from the Castle minutes before S.H.I.E.L.D. had destroyed completely it, as well as those last remaining Monoliths, firing their missiles from Zephyr One, seemingly ending hope that Malick's mission to return Hive from Maveth would even be completed. Malick was then driven towards an airport where a plane was awaiting his arrival to take him back to the United States of America, while the disappointed Malick had remained silent.

Malick discovers Hive has returned to Earth

However, while they were driving down the road towards the airport, the driver had then stopped, when a man was seen standing right in the middle of the road. As Malick stared with amazement, he saw the man was Grant Ward's corpse, having managed to step through the portal before the Castle became destroyed, and was still holding Phil Coulson's Prosthetic Hand, which had been used to kill him. Malick realized, to his utter amazement, that this was actually Hive, who had managed to take over Ward's corpse, as he had finally returned back onto Earth, seeking Malick's assistance to regain his strength.[12]

Hive's Campaign

Slow Progress to Recovery

Malick and R. Giyera discuss Hive's return

"How can I help you? What do you need?"
"I'm hungry."
―Gideon Malick and Hive[src]

Having finally managed to recover him from Maveth Malick had then sheltered Hive in the Schoonebeek Oil Field for three months, only to discover that Hive had struggled to speak and even stand up on his own, while his body had continued to seemingly rot away, leading to Malick questioning if his faith had been misguided in Hive, as he had been led to believe Hive would be HYDRA's warrior. As they went to visit Hive, Malick and R. Giyera also discussed a situation in Bogotá involving a potential new Inhuman, as Giyera noted that he had sent a HYDRA team there.

Malick is told that Hive has finally spoken

Malick noted that they needed to build their Inhuman army, since his was massacred by Lash at the HYDRA Castle, as Malick noted that Hive needed his army. Looking at Giyera, Malick questioned if he had doubts, while Giyera had reminded Malick of the state that Hive was currently in, although Malick tried to argue that this was due to Hive spending thousands of years fighting to survive of Maveth, living off the sacrifices that HYDRA made to him over the decades. However, Malick did acknowledge that his faith might be misplaced, once they got down to their floor and found the guard waiting for them.

Malick attempts to help with Hive's recovery

However, Malick was amazed when the guard informed him that Hive had started asking for him, with Malick shocked that Hive had finally started to speak. Malick and Giyera stepped into Hive's room, where they found him studying a television, while wrapped up with a blanket, with seemingly no strength, as Grant Ward's corpse rotted. Kneeling before Hive, Malick questioned how they could help him, asking what he needed to survive, until Hive managed to raise his head as he told Malick that he was hungry. Malick left Hive eating plates of raw meat and had Giyera watch him, as Hive slowly regained his strength.[8]

Contacted by Phil Coulson

Malick is informed that he had a phonecall

"It wasn't easy to get this number, but this call will cost you, we're tracking this line everywhere it connects."
"It'll cost me millions, to be sure, I'll have to shut down a few offices, but don't get too far ahead of yourself, Mr. Coulson. My influence reaches a little further than that."
Phil Coulson and Gideon Malick[src]

While Malick walked through the hallways of their Schoonebeek Oil Field, he was approached by one of his guards, who handed him a phone, as Malick then saw that this was the number that Werner von Strucker used to contact him. However, as Malick questioned if it was Strucker, Phil Coulson greeted him, who explained that Strucker was in their custody. Coulson questioned if he was speaking to Malick, taking his silence as confirmation, before introducing himself.

Malick getting a suprise call by Phil Coulson

Malick then laughed, as he questioned if this was regarding the death of Rosalind Price, noting it was Grant Ward who killed her, and Ward was dead, before Coulson had warned that everything Malick valued would also be gone soon. Coulson noted that everything Malick had built had begun to unravel, as the Monolith and HYDRA Castle were gone, while his army of Inhumans had been slaughtered by Lash. As Coulson went on, he warned that he was tracing their call across the world, finding every HYDRA facility it was connected with, as Malick had causally acknowledged that it would likely cost him millions.

Malick warns Phil Coulson not to get ahead

However, Malick remained confident, noting that although he would have to shut down several offices to ensure S.H.I.E.L.D. did not get too far against HYDRA, he warned that Coulson should not get too far ahead of himself, insisting that his influences would reach further than that, before he then hung up the call. As the result of Coulson's warning to him, Malick had the decision to shut down ten of Gothite Industries' offices, resulting with all his stock prices tumbling and his investors struggling to understand what had happened, while Malick simply refused to make a public statement about this decision.[8]

Hive's True Power

Malick and R. Giyera discuss Lucio's capture

"At least we got some good news today."
"You want to believe, but you don't know if you can."
"Coulson survived, could be you're not who I thought you were."
"You'll believe... Once I make a believer out of him."
―Gideon Malick and Hive[src]

While they returned into Hive's room, Malick remained frustrated by the results from the day, before he was then informed by R. Giyera that they managed to capture Lucio in Bogotá, as Giyera noted that their doctors were treating him and claimed that Lucio's powers were strong. As Malick acknowledged that this was the only good news he had gotten from that day, following Gothite Industries' collapse, Hive then turned himself around to face him, as he noted that Malick wanted to believe in his power, but was now unsure if he could.

Malick witnesses Hive's Inhuman powers

In response, Malick commented on Phil Coulson having survived his encounter on Maveth, as he questioned if Hive was actually as strong as he had been led to believe. Since Malick had remained doubtful of the extend of all his power, Hive then stood up, for the first time since his return onto Earth, locking eyes with Malick before he told him that Malick would believe in him once more, before he then promised that he would make Giyera a believer, much to their confusion. Malick had then witnessed Hive unleash dust parasites into Giyera's eyes, which had immediately transformed Giyera into a loyal follower of Hive.[8]

Bringing Inhumans to Hive

Malick and Hive discuss Grant Ward's life

"I made some moves this week to ensure we have all the Inhumans we need when the time comes. In fact, I just acquired one you might find useful. Bring him in, see if you can get through to him."
―Gideon Malick and Hive[src]

Malick found Hive later contemplating the life of Grant Ward and how he wished they could have met under different circumstances, while he watched multiple television screens, to learn more about the state of the Earth. Malick commented that Ward had been a perfect soldier who dedicated his life to HYDRA, while Hive thanked Malick for sending Ward through the Monolith to Maveth to sacrificed to become his new form, with Hive noting that his body was strong and resilient, as he then described Ward as being the perfect host, although Malick remained doubtful, as he saw little improvement in the body.

Malick leaves Hive to take control over Lucio

Malick informed Hive that he would be making moves to ensure that they had all the Inhumans they needed when the time came, before noting that they had just acquired another Inhuman who he believed could prove useful for Hive. Malick then ordered R. Giyera and his men to bring in Lucio, who cursed at them while attempting to escape. As Lucio continued cursing at Malick's soldiers, Malick told Hive to see if he could get through to him, before leaving the room. While Malick was out of the room, Hive had proceeded to use his parasites to gain control over Lucio's mind, making him into another loyal soldier.[4]

Repairing Hive's Body

Malick suggests finding a new body for Hive

"Your body isn't improving. Maybe a new host, one not so damaged?"
"I know you're not offering yourself. The host must be dead."
"No, no, I'm afraid this old body wouldn't be the right choice."
―Gideon Malick and Hive[src]

Once Malick returned to Hive's room, he found Lucio standing guard, as he then requested a word in private with Hive, who was studying several books about world history. Once Lucio had left the room, Malick awkwardly commented that Grant Ward's corpse was still not showing enough signs of improvement, before then suggesting that it should be time to find his new host which was less damaged. However, Hive suggested that Malick should sacrifice his own body for him, to which Malick insisted that his older body would not be the right choice, instead suggesting R. Giyera become their sacrifice.

Malick promises to find Hive an better host

However, despite Malick's suggestions of either Giyera or Lucio as a sacrifice, Hive informed Malick that he could not use Inhumans as his host, claiming he could not feed on his own kind, while he also noted that his host had to already be dead before he had inhabited it. While Malick had then gone on to promise that he would be able to use his resources at HYDRA find another willing volunteer he would become a suitable host for him to replace this body, Hive had just continued to insist that Ward would serve his needs until the time was right for him to locate another new host, which had made Malick nervous.

Malick assures Hive that he will not fail him

Although Malick had still remained unconvinced that it was the right decision to make, due to the state of Ward's corpse and the lack of progress, he decided to accept Hive's choice. As he continued to try and appease Hive, Malick had then promised Hive that there would not be any further setbacks with their plans, as Malick had intended to gain more Inhumans to be used in the army for Hive to command, replacing those Lash had massacred at the HYDRA Castle. Despite this, Hive simply claimed that he liked to hear that Malick would not fail him again, while he had continued studying all of his books.

Malick orders Giyera to keep watch on Hive

Malick was then forced to leave their room, as he had then prepared to leave the Schoonebeek Oil Field to travel to Taiwan, where he had set up their scheme to force General Glenn Talbot into betraying Phil Coulson, in exchange for releasing Talbot's son, who Malick had just kidnapped. Before he left, Malick spoke to Giyera, as he ordered him not to leave Hive's side until Malick had returned, noting that he was concerned about how Hive was looking. As he walked away, Malick told Giyera to call him if anything changes, which Giyera then agreed to do, while Giyera also called out the HYDRA salute to Malick.[4]

Capturing Phil Coulson

Malick claiming Phil Coulson is with HYDRA

"You know that I served on the World Security Council. You know the good works that my foundations do. Some of you don't know me yet, but you will. We'll work together to do good for the world. But what do you know about Phil Coulson? The man who claims to feel compassion about these Inhumans, let's peal away some of the layers and see what's inside."
―Gideon Malick[src]

Once Malick had learned that Glenn Talbot had become appointed as Rosalind Price's replacement as the head of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit by Matthew Ellis, Malick kidnapped Talbot's son and blackmailed him into betraying S.H.I.E.L.D., promising that he would execute him if he disobeyed. As instructed, Talbot and Phil Coulson had attended a meeting with the world leaders, discussing the Inhumans and had declared Coulson to be a traitor, showing how Coulson had been spying on all of them.

Malick introducing himself to the leaders

Malick had then revealed himself and accused Coulson of being the leader of HYDRA, while Coulson came to the conclusion that Talbot had betrayed him. Malick had then addressed the room, noting that several of the world leaders there already knew him, and of his work with the World Security Council and other foundations which he had been running, before shaking hands with Anton Petrov and promising that they would work together to do good for their world. Malick had then turned to Coulson, while questioning what they knew about him, as Coulson presented himself as compassionate for Inhumans.

Malick claims Phil Coulson killed Inhumans

Malick then uploaded images of dead Inhumans, who had really been murdered by Lash, as Malick suggested that they had all been killed through Coulson's experiments with them, while telling the room that Coulson really intended to exterminate the Inhumans. As Malick then claimed that Coulson had been attempting to manipulate them into bringing the Inhumans into one location, Coulson insisted that Malick was lying, suggesting that this was what Malick's actual goal was in meeting them, which Malick just laughed at, insisting that they could believe Coulson, or look at his own record which spoke for itself.

Malick sees Phil Coulson being taken away

With the world leaders on his side, Malick then showed them images from Endotex Labs, featuring one Inhuman in Suspension Gel, as he told the group that Coulson had developed it to keep their Inhumans in suspended animation, but had included his fail safes, so he could turn off their life supports and kill them instantly. Malick then ordered the guards to take Coulson out of the room until the officials arrived and took him into custody, while Coulson called back to Talbot as he questioned what Malick had that forced him to betray S.H.I.E.L.D., while Malick had watched over Talbot to ensure he said nothing.[4]

Betraying Glenn Talbot

Malick watches as Phil Coulson is captured

"Unfortunately, you must all be sacrificed to the greater good."
"Why go through all this trouble?"
"I'm building an army."
"And another army will stand to fight them, you won't be able to convert them all."
―Gideon Malick and Phil Coulson[src]

Malick had then his henchmen take Phil Coulson into an empty room, where he was then disarmed, including the removal of his Prosthetic Hand, with Coulson attempting to convince the men to change sides, before questioning where Malick was and if he was unwilling to do his own dirty work. Hearing this, Malick entered the room, noting that he had money to pay people to kill for him, before Glenn Talbot joined them, noting that he had completed his end of their deal.

Malick betraying his deal with Glenn Talbot

While Talbot had reminded Malick that he had delivered Coulson and ensured that their world leaders were on his side, he then demanded the safe release of George Talbot. While his guards punched Coulson into the gut for calling Malick a son of a bitch, Malick calmly stepped aside, as he informed Talbot that he would not release his son, which had enraged Talbot who insisted that they had a deal, while Malick's HYDRA soldiers held him back. While his men handcuffed Talbot and Coulson together, Malick then told them that they must be sacrificed to the greater good, while they were both locked inside of a cage.

Malick leaving Glenn Talbot behind to die

As he stood by, Malick was then asked by Coulson why he had been going through so much trouble, as Malick had explained that he was building an Inhuman army, while Coulson insisted that another army would stand in their way, as Malick would be unable to convert them all into HYDRA's side. However, Malick simply informed Coulson that he would not have to, referring to Hive's power of mind manipulation. Malick then left his men to execute Coulson and Talbot, as he left the building, only for Absorbing Man to then come and successfully save Coulson and Talbot before they could be killed by Malick's men.[4]

Dealing with Anton Petrov

Malick pours Anton Petrov the champagne

"I hope your experience with Coulson didn't sour you, it's a noble and worthwhile idea, and I'd like to help you any way that I can."
"Thank you, Mr. Malick, thank you for this incredible ride home."
"It's my pleasure, anything for a friend."
―Gideon Malick and Anton Petrov[src]

Upon departing from the Symposium on Alien Contagion, Malick had then offered Anton Petrov as private plane ride back to Russia, as he intended to discuss his proposals for the Inhumans in more detail. As they flew, Malick poured himself and Petrov a glass of his champagne while he expressed his hope that Petrov's encounter with Phil Coulson had not soured his concepts for the Inhuman Sanctuay in Russia, which Malick had described as being noble and worthwhile, as he promised that he would do whatever he could to assist Petrov.

Malick making a new deal with Anton Petrov

Although Petrov acknowledged that they would face some obstacles from Russia, including from Prime Minister Dimitri Olshenko, he also insisted that with Malick's influence behind them, they would be able to work everything out, allowing them to build their Sanctuary States. Malick and Petrov then raised their glasses, as Malick made a cheers to the concept about this place where the Inhumans would be able to live peacefully, without ever having to worry about men like Coulson. However, Malick did not mention to Petrov his actual plan to use their Inhumans for Hive's army, as they flew towards Russia together.[4]

Failed Russian Mission

Malick attempts to control Russia's leaders

"Just think of what the United States did for their Native American populations. If we hadn't created the reservations, they would've been wiped out entirely."
"Yes, and this is exactly what we wish to propose to the Kremlin. A kind of a... reservation for Inhumans."
―Gideon Malick and Anton Petrov[src]

Upon arriving in Russia, Malick and Anton Petrov had traveled to the Decommissioned Facility in Siberia, where Petrov had then planned to introduce Malick to their Russian leadership to discuss their plans to build their Sanctuary State for the Inhumans. As they explored the facility with their armed guards, Malick had commented on the history of what the United States of America did with their Native American populations, who he claimed would have been wiped out completely, if it was not for the reservations, as Petrov had noted that he had intended to propose something similar to the Moscow Kremlin, suggesting a reservation for the Inhumans.

Malick and Anton Petrov discuss their plans

Petrov gathered everyone together, as he formerly welcomed Malick and requested his assistance, as he noted that their vision was now in jeopardy due to Prime Minister Dimitri Olshenko, much to Malick's surprise. Petrov then explained for Malick that Olshenko was against the proposal due to them being supported by his rivals, before Petrov informed Malick that Olshenko had sent Yuri Krupin to shut down the project, who had been murdered by General Androvich, as Androvich had found Krupin's position over the Inhumans to be offensive, since Androvich was an Inhuman, as Petrov requested Malick's help.

Malick advises they betray Dimitri Olshenko

Petrov had requested that Malick use his friendship with Olshenko to solve the incident so the project did not die. Malick questioned where Androvich was, as Petrov had explained that he had been restrained. Malick told Petrov that he would help them, not because he liked the idea of Russia having Inhumans, but as he claimed their Earth was at a tipping point, as the Inhumans would be the key to their survival, so they needed to ally with them. Malick told Petrov that the Inhumans needed a leader, and it would not be Olshenko, suggesting that they instead free Androvich and allow him to assassinate Olshenko.[13]

Reunion with Stephanie Malick

Malick and Stephanie Malick going shooting

"He's still gathering himself, and I'm still trying to figure out what his plans are."
"Well I know what they are, he's going to change the world."
"That's my girl."
―Gideon Malick and Stephanie Malick[src]

Having departed from Russia, Malick returned to the United States of America and learned that their attempted coup had failed, due to the intervention of S.H.I.E.L.D., since Dimitri Olshenko had rescued from their attempted assassination, while both Anton Petrov and Androvich were killed. Disappointed by that, Malick had returned into one of his country houses, where he had distracted himself from their situation with some clay pigeon shooting, before he was joined by Stephanie Malick, who had complimented her father on his shooting.

Malick updates Stephanie Malick about Hive

Upon seeing her father, Stephanie assumed that his Russian mission did not go well due to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s interference, which Malick sadly confirmed, although he asked not to talk about that. Stephanie then questioned if S.H.I.E.L.D. knew that Hive had returned, as Malick had confirmed that Phil Coulson had no clue, with Stephanie questioning when she would get to meet Hive, although Malick informed her that he was still gathering his strength at their Schoonebeek Oil Field. As Malick noted that he was unsure of Hive's true plans, Stephanie then claimed that Hive's plan was to completely change their world.[13]

Losing his Faith

Hive's Return to Strength

Malick compliments Hive about his recovery

"I've dedicated my life, surrendered my life to a higher power."
"That's the word. Power! And that's what you seek. Not wealth or control or clout. No. True power. How does that sound?"
―Gideon Malick and Hive[src]

Having returned back to the Schoonebeek Oil Field, Malick set up his dinner for Hive, who Malick complimented upon seeing him, as Hive had already been able to repair much of the damage done to Grant Ward's corpse, as Malick noted that he had previously looked like a zombie, but he now looked like a man who could inspire. As Malick questioned what caused his recovery, Hive told him that this was due to Malick's patience. Sitting down, Hive expressed his gratitude to Malick for returning him from Maveth.

Malick explains his family's devotion to Hive

Malick commented that he did not really moved heaven and Earth to bring Hive back, but did acknowledge that it did take a lot of money and man power to do that. In response, Hive questioned why he had done it, which surprised Malick as he glanced over to R. Giyera, before then explaining how his family had been taught to believe that if they managed to return Hive from Maveth, then they would be rewarded. As Hive had pushed Malick to explain what he believed he would be rewarded with, Malick claimed that they were supposed to rule their world together, only for Hive to question what this would look like.

Malick and Hive discuss what true power is

Hive then commented on how Malick had amassed a fortune of over nine billion dollars, as well as gaining influence and the power to gain any object he desired, questioning if this was not enough for him, as he questioned what he could give to Malick that he could not already get for himself. As Malick insisted that he had dedicated his life to a higher power, Hive then noted that it was true power that he sought, which intrigued Malick. As Hive brought Charles Hinton inside of the room, he took out Phil Coulson's Prosthetic Hand, noting that it was time to go outside, and show Malick what true power felt like.[14]

Meeting at Transia Corporation

Malick and Hive speak to Rowan Hamilton

"I am also aware your company's been working on an exoskeletal limb-assist Prototype for the Defense Department using this same technology. So, I'd like to buy it."
"Buy one of our leading patents?"
"No, the company. I'd like you to sign your company over to me."
―Gideon Malick and Rowan Hamilton[src]

Malick had then traveled into the Transia Corporation Building, where he and Hive then set up their meeting with Rowan Hamilton, who had expressed his annoyance that Malick had called this meeting without allowing them to wait a few days to set it up. However, Malick simply laughed at Hamilton's comment, before he took out Phil Coulson's Prosthetic Hand, commenting on how the prosthetic hand had included some nerve wire interface systems that had been produced from the Transia Corporation, which Hamilton admitted was correct.

Malick comments on the prosthetic designs

Malick explained how he had become aware that Transia had started developing their own Exoskeleton, which was intended to be used by the Department of Defense, which used the same technology, before Malick told Hamilton that he intended to buy it. However, as Hamilton scoffed about the concept that Malick had intended to purchase one of their leading designs, Malick instead chuckled, and explained that he actually intended to buy the entire company, resulting in the entire board laughing at him, with Hamilton also insisting that Malick repeat himself, while Malick and Hive had remained completely serious.

Malick requests to buy Transia Corporation

Malick simply reiterated to Hamilton that he wanted him to sign over the entire company to him, promising that it would be for a fair price, as R. Giyera handed Hamilton their paperwork. However, Hamilton had simply ignored the request, as he moved all the paperwork aside and promised that, although they still respected Malick for making such a bold pitch, he would not be signing over the company, noting that he hated it when people wasted his time. In response, Malick looked at Hive, who told Hamilton that doing as instructed would be in his best interest, although Hamilton had simply questioned who Hive was.

Malick watches Hive slaughter their board

While Malick introduced Hive, he insisted that he had his authority to negotiate their deal, although Hamilton continued to scoff at the mere notion that they would actually discuss this, insisting that they would not even sell one single share of his company to Malick. In response, Malick watched as Hive brought Charles Hinton inside the room, who gave Hamilton a vision of his board members having their skin being consumed by Hive, which had horrified Hamilton to the point that he immediately signed over their entire company to Malick. Despite this, Hive had then consumed the board members' flesh regardless.[14]

Discovering True Power

Malick is ordered to wear the Exoskeleton

"It does feel good."
"Yes, but crushing objects with your hand isn't the sensation I was talking about. If you want to feel true power, crush him."
"What will that achieve?"
"I know you've had people killed, you even considered shooting someone, but to drain a man's life with your own hand..."
―Gideon Malick and Hive[src]

Having successfully managed to buy the Transia Corporation, Malick had walked through the conference room, observing the skeletons of the three board members, who had been slaughtered by Hive. As he had updated by R. Giyera that their men were taking complete control over the Transia Corporation Building, Malick observed their men bringing in the Transia Corporation Exoskeleton, as he questioned what Hive wanted with it. To his surprise, Hive had told Malick to put on the Exoskeleton, which Malick scoffed at, while Hive had noted that Malick had always crazed true power.

Malick testing out his newly found strength

Hive had noted that Malick crazed the power of the Inhumans, as he watched Giyera levitate the Exoskeleton out from the box, with Hive telling Malick that if he wore the Exoskeleton, he could then feel that power for himself. Once Malick had put on the Exoskeleton, he then walked around the room, impressed with all this new found strength. Malick had then tested this strength by first smashing the vase in his hands, which caused him considerable pleasure, before powering up the Exoskeleton and turning towards a large conference table, which Malick threw across the room with ease, which Malick laughed at.

Malick is told by Hive to kill Rowan Hamilton

However, while Malick commented on how good this power felt, Hive simply told him that crushing objects with his bare hands was not the sensation that they wanted Malick to feel, before telling Malick that, if he wanted to feel a true power, he should crush Rowan Hamilton. As Hamilton begged for mercy, Malick then questioned what this would actually achieve, only for them to witness Hamilton attempting to run, before Malick grabbed him by the throat, while Hamilton continued to desperately beg Malick to stop it all, promising to give them anything they wanted in exchange for his life, insisting he was too young.

Malick tries crushing Rowan Hamilton's skull

While Hamilton desperately attempted to free himself from Malick's grip, Hive had commented on how Malick had ordered the deaths of people, and had once considered shooting someone, but had never actually experienced the sensation of killing. Malick listened as Hive described the experience of draining a man's life in your own hands, noting that this is what Phil Coulson did to Grant Ward, when he had crushed his chest. Hive then questioned if Malick actually feared that sensation, before Malick stared into Hamilton's eyes, who then tried to escape by punching Malick. However, Malick had then responded by grabbing hold of Hamilton's skull and crushing him to death.[14]

Duel with Daisy Johnson

Malick beats Daisy Johnson into submission

"Power is intoxicating, isn't it? And he's right, you never really feel it until you take someone else's away from them!"
―Gideon Malick to Daisy Johnson[src]

Malick was eventually alerted to the arrival of S.H.I.E.L.D., who came to capture him and rescue Charles Hinton, as Malick had proceeded to order that Hinton be taken off the building, while Malick personally lay in wait for Daisy Johnson. While he was still wearing their Transia Corporation Exoskeleton, Malick had managed to catch Johnson off guard, as he punched in the face, knocking her to the ground. Although Johnson attempted to defend herself by firing a shockwave at Malick, who was able to avoid the blast, before striking Johnson in the face once again.

Malick stands over a beaten Daisy Johnson

Having managed to beat Johnson down onto the ground, Malick had then stood over her, while he continued to strike her in the face with considerable force, while Malick acknowledged that Hive was correct that this power had been intoxicating, claiming that this was not truly felt until you took someone else's power away from them. Eventually, Malick had beaten Johnson up to the point that she could no longer defend herself from him, as he then hit her once more, before he told Johnson that it was time to say goodbye, while Malick then powered up his Exoskeleton, in order to finally crush Johnson to death.

Malick crushing Charles Hinton's throat

However, just before Malick was able to finally kill Johnson, he was stopped by the intervention of Hinton, who simply placed his hands on Malick's neck and gave him a vision of the future, as Malick saw his own death, seeing his skull getting crushed and this death being caused by Hive. Malick was utterly horrified by this vision, before he responded by grabbing Hinton by the throat, and furiously crushing his neck, causing fatal injuries. However, before Malick could cause any more harm to Hinton, he was knocked backwards by the shockwave fired by Johnson, causing him to crash into a wall with some force.

Malick is swiftly defeated by Daisy Johnson

While Malick had recovered from the shockwave, he realized that his Exoskeleton had been damaged, leaving him unable to continue with the fight. However, Malick had still remained too traumatised by the vision of his own death that Hinton had shown him, while he left both Johnson and Hinton lying down on the ground, while Malick had also managed to escape to his helicopter, and flew away from the Transia Corporation Building, leaving Hinton to die from all his injuries. While Malick managed to escape into his helicopter, Hive had gotten away from the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents without actually engaging them.

Malick considers the vision that he just saw

Despite having been utterly unnerved by what had just happened to him during the fight, as Malick flew to safety in the helicopter, he had called R. Giyera, demanding to know why he was not protecting him on the rooftop, as he had reminded him that was still his job to keep him safe from any danger, which Giyera had failed to do. However, Giyera replied he was only meant to remain by Hive's side, and not Malick's. Once Giyera then hung up the phone to continue speaking with Hive, Malick poured himself his drink as he processed what had happened, thinking about the vision that Hinton had presented him with.[14]

Avoiding his Fate

Malick is driven back to his family's mansion

"My death, I felt so much pain, I was torn apart from the inside."
"You have to tell our guest, he can save you!"
"No, no no, I felt every cell in my body was being destroyed. My killer, it was him."
―Gideon Malick and Stephanie Malick[src]

Still shaken over Charles Hinton's vision of his own incredibly violent and painful death at the hands of the one he had dedicated so much of his life to, Malick was driven back into the Malick Mansion in order for him to spend time alone with his daughter, and get away from those who could end his life very soon. Once he pulled up to the Mansion, Malick was met by his daughter, who greeted him with a kiss on the cheek, before gently slapping him in the chest and claiming that Malick had been holding out on her, as they stepped inside.

Malick learns that Hive is inside his mansion

Once they were back inside, Stephanie commented that Malick had not told her that someone had been really good looking, with Malick questioning who she was talking about, to which she noted that she meant Hive, which had shocked Malick as he was unaware that Hive would be in there. Reacting out of fear, Malick questioned why Hive was there, with Stephanie noting that she had expected her father to be happy about this, before telling Malick that Hive had arrived earlier and asked her to gather HYDRA's inner circle, who would also be on their way to the mansion, which made Malick considerably nervous.

Malick and his daughter greet Hive's arrival

While Malick reacted to this news of Hive's arrival there, considering if it meant that his death would be coming even sooner than he ever anticipated, he was interrupted by Hive, who was watching him from the staircase, while Hive then noted how pleased he was that Malick joined them, for their gathering of HYDRA's leaders. Remaining polite as he could be, Malick had then told Hive that he was honoured that he would come to and visit their home, before questioning what they owed the pleasure of his company, to which Hive simply claimed that it was time. As Malick then questioned what he meant, Hive had then simply told him to reveal his true self, which had unnerved Malick.

Malick is joined by Stephanie Malick outside

Remaining extremely shaken by this entire situation, Malick stepped outside for some fresh air, before being rejoined by his daughter, who questioned what was wrong with him. Malick told Stephanie that his encounter with Hinton had given him a vision of the future, telling her that he had seen his own demise, which he had described as feeling incredibly painful, as it felt like his body had been torn apart from the inside. However, when Stephanie suggested that they could ask Hive for help, as she believed that he would save him from this impending death, Malick explained that Hive was the cause of his demise.

Malick explains the vision of his own death

However, Stephanie attempted to reassure Malick that Hive was not actually going to harm him, to which Malick insisted that he had felt that death, noting that he believed that Hive would kill him that night, in front of HYDRA's leaders. However, Stephanie reminded her father that he had brought Hive back from Maveth, and was the reason he was there in the first place, as Malick had insisting that he remained shocked by this development, commenting on how R. Giyera had been sent away, and now Hive just gathered HYDRA's inner circles behind his back, while Stephanie insisted that he must have his reasons.

Malick and his daughter discussing Hive

Malick then suggested that Hive believed that he did not need Malick anymore, noting that it would make sense to kill him in front of all the others as a show of his strength, although Stephanie questioned why Hive would kill him, as Malick was the faithful follower. Stephanie had then noted that when her mother had died, she then fell into her deep depression, only for Malick to tell her to man up, as she commented that the Malick's did not wait around, but they instead rolled up their sleeves and got their job done, telling Malick that he would be able to fix the situation, as Malick had to remind Hive of his importance.[1]

Conversation with Hive

Malick finding Hive exploring their mansion

"How much do you remember about those years? Of your many hosts? Do their memories live on in you?"
"Why? Is there something you'd like to ask them? It'll all be made clear tonight."
―Gideon Malick and Hive[src]

Seeking to convince him of his worth, Malick then found Hive, as he was exploring the Malick Mansion's gardens, with Malick joining him and commenting on how he had always loved these gardens, noting that he and Nathaniel Malick would often play there while they were children. However, Hive simply ignored this comment and instead noted that Stephanie Malick had already managed to impress him, as Hive then called her a true believer, as Malick then noted that he had attempted to raise her just like his own father had raised him.

Malick asking Hive about his previous hosts

Hive told Malick that his daughter would be playing a key role, while Malick noted how fortunate it was that he was able to locate him and return him into Earth from Maveth, in Malick's attempt to remind Hive of what he had done to bring him back, and the debt he hoped that Hive would repay to him by not killing him, which Charles Hinton had predicted in his vision of the future. However, Hive seemingly ignored this comment, as he instead looked down at some white stones that he found on the ground, commenting on how trivial the daylight was, until he spent several centuries in the utter darkness of Maveth.

Malick accepting that Hive will likely kill him

Malick then asked Hive about how much he remembered of his time on Maveth, as well as the sacrifices that HYDRA had sent for Hive to use as his next hosts, while he questioned if Hive still held onto their memories, thinking of his own brother's sacrifice. In response to this question, Hive asked Malick if there was something he wanted to ask these past hosts, before Hive simply promised Malick that everything would be made clear that evening, while Hive then took one of those white stones and threw it into the pond, before walking away, leaving Malick to come to the conclusion that Hive would still kill him.[1]

Hive's Demonstration

Malick laments on memories of his brother

"It's been a long time, but today we are not here for a ceremony, but a celebration. We devoted our lives to bringing the HYDRA god back from exile, and I know some in this room have doubted that he'd ever return, you doubted me, well..."
"They were wrong, my exile is over."
―Gideon Malick and Hive[src]

Once the rest of the inner circle of HYDRA had arrived into the Malick Mansion, they were gathered into the drawing room, while Malick sat alone in a chair, holding the white stone used during all those sacrifice ceremonies, while he thought back to the day that Nathaniel Malick had discovered that their father had secretly been cheating at all these ceremonies for decades, forever changing their view of him, resulting with them making a vow to be better men than their father was, although Malick had inherited his father's sense for self preservation, as he planned to betray his brother.

Malick getting reassured from his daughter

Eventually, Malick was joined by Stephanie Malick, who told him that the other HYDRA leaders were curious as to why there were there, as she noted that she was unsure how much longer she could maintain the secret. However, Malick noted that, once he began their meeting, there would be no turning back, no matter what happened to him, as he remained convinced that Hive may kill him during their meeting. In response, Stephanie noted that if their roles were reversed, her father would tell her to man up, which Malick acknowledged was true as he finally got to his feet and addressed the other HYDRA leaders.

Malick gives a speech to the HYDRA leaders

Malick had acknowledged that many of them may be wondering why they had been gathered into his mansion, informing them that it was not for another sacrifice ceremony, but instead a celebration. Malick reminded the group that they had all dedicated their lives to returning Hive from Maveth, noting that some had doubted that he would ever be able to return, and had also doubted Malick himself. However, as Malick then tried to continue with his speech, Hive had then entered inside the room, revealing anybody who doubted their faith had been proved wrong now that his long exile on Maveth was finally over.

Malick is utterly horrified by Hive's true face

However, Hive's appearance had confused many, as Kirk Vogel stood up and insisted this was Grant Ward, only for Hive to claim that while this was true, but had claimed that Ward's body was merely a vessel, promising that all of the sacrifices had now returned in him, which he personally thanked the Malick family for, as he looked Malick directly in the eyes. Malick then watched on nervously, as Hive promised that they would all get what they deserved, before Hive shocked the room by removing Ward's face, and revealing his true tentacled form for all his followers, which had utterly horrified Malick and the others.[1]

Comforted by Stephanie Malick

Malick having a drink with Stephanie Malick

"To you, for reminding me what it means to be a Malick."
"I learned from the best."
"What do you have there?"
"Our guest has taken a liking to me, he got me a gift, token of his appreciation for standing by his side. I said it was my pleasure."
―Gideon Malick and Stephanie Malick[src]

Once all of the other leaders of HYDRA had departed from the Malick Mansion, Malick had gone to speak to Stephanie Malick, who he had then found reading a book by the fireplace, before she offered to pour her father his scotch. Malick raised his glass to Stephanie, thanking her for reminding him of what it meant to be a Malick, while she claimed that she had simply learned from the best, as they clinked the glasses and drank together. As they had drunk the scotch, Malick questioned what Stephanie was reading.

Malick learning of Hive's gift to his daughter

Stephanie told her father that Hive appeared to have taken a liking to her, and given her this book as a gift, revealing that this was Paradise Lost, which shocked Malick since he remembered that book from his youth, and the connection that it had to his father and brother, since the book had been the cause of him sacrificing his brother, but he did not react, and had instead told Stephanie that this gift was extremely thoughtful. However, Stephanie noted that something was bothering her father, claiming that she recognised the look on his face, while he had simply insisted that it had been a long day and he was tired.

Malick walks away to await his ultimate fate

While Stephanie asked if he was still questioning Hive's motivations, Malick had claimed to not be anymore, since he knew that book had revealed Hive's intentions for him, as it could only mean that Hive still held onto his brother's memories of being betrayed by him. As he got to his feet, Malick kissed his daughter on the cheek, as she told him that she loved him, as Malick told her the same. Stephanie then told Malick that she would see him in the morning, although Malick said nothing in response and simply walked away, believing that he would soon be walking towards his own death and the hands of Hive.[1]

Experiencing True Sacrifice

Malick is found and confronted by Hive

"I'll die if I have to but not as a coward! Stephanie, I won't let you remember me the way I remember my father."
"This needs to be made right, but I will still need a Malick by my side."
―Gideon Malick and Hive[src]

Malick quietly stepped into his study in the Malick Mansion, where he found his copy of Paradise Lost, only to learn that the chipped white stone had been taken away from it's hiding place within those pages. However, before he could search for that stone, Malick was greeted by Hive, who commented on Malick keeping the book, revealing that he had brought Stephanie Malick to witness this confrontation, while also holding up the stone, before Malick requested that Stephanie leave him and Hive alone, while she asked what was happening.

Malick asks Stephanie Malick to leave them

While Malick insisted that his daughter did not need to see this, Hive explained that he had invited her there, so that she could finally learn the truth about her father. Malick had then listened as Hive reminded him of how he had secretly kept that chipped white stone ever since he and Nathaniel Malick found this in Wilfred Malick's office, and that Malick had secretly kept it hidden, so that he could then use it in the sacrifice ceremonies, which had resulted with Malick's brother being selected as the sacrifice, and then being sent through the Monolith to Maveth to become Hive's host, accusing him of betraying Nathaniel.

Malick having his history of lies exposed

Although Malick insisted that he loved his brother, Hive questioned if Malick was trying to say that it was merely fate that it came down to them both, accusing Malick of being a coward and only interested in protecting his own life, while Hive told Stephanie that her father was never the brave man that he claimed to be. To Malick's surprise, Hive then spoke to him through Nathaniel's memories, questioning what had happened to their deal, to which Malick insisted that he always believed in that and had wanted his brother by his side, but insisted that he had no other choices, but to sacrifice Nathaniel to Hive.

Malick attempts to defend his past actions

As Malick promised that he had never given up hope that his brother could return to him, while Hive had instead questioned if Malick had been telling himself that for all those decades. However, Malick went on to insist that he had given up everything, so that Nathaniel could return, only for Hive to insist that Malick was never actually willing to give up everything. Stephanie then questioned if her father had been lying to her for decades, to which Hive then told her that Malick was selfish, which he had gotten from his father, as Hive then went on to insist that they were both too frightened to make a true sacrifice.

Malick witnesses Hive killing his daughter

In response, Malick told Hive that he was ready to die, but refused to die as the coward, before turning to Stephanie, as he expressed that he did not want her to remember him in the way that he remembered his father. However, Hive told Malick that this would need to be made right, but that he would still need a Malick by his side, before he then turned to Stephanie and kissed her. Malick then watched in horror, as Hive unleashed his parasites into Stephanie's mouth, consuming her from the inside, before Hive dropped her corpse. While Malick wept, Hive had told him that he would know understand sacrifice.[1]

Mourning his Daughter

Malick mourning the demise of his daughter

"Good news, Giyera has captured a S.H.I.E.L.D. Airship with several prisoners. We should be on our way. Sacrifices are never easy, but we have balanced the scales today, you have nothing to fear. Together to the end."
Hive to Gideon Malick[src]

Following the brutal demise of Stephanie Malick, Malick had sat next to the fireplace of the Malick Mansion, considering everything he had witnessed and what his relationship with HYDRA would be like in the wake of that betrayal. However, Malick was then rejoined by Hive, who had informed Malick that R. Giyera had just successfully managed to hijack Zephyr One, resulting in them taking multiple of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents captive.

Malick getting mockingly comforted by Hive

While Hive had recommended that they leave the mansion and return into Schoonebeek Oil Field, Malick remained silent, as he was reeling from watching Hive murder his daughter. With Malick not speaking to him, Hive had told him that sacrifice was never easy, but claimed that they had balanced all the scales by killing Stephanie, in exchange for the sacrifice of Nathaniel Malick decades earlier. Hive then placed his hand on Malick's shoulder, promising that he had nothing left to fear, before Hive recalled Nathaniel's words to him, as he told Malick that they would be together until the end, which unnerved Malick.[1]

The Last Rodeo

Captured by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Malick and Hive returning back to the base

"I've got Malick."
Lincoln Campbell to the Secret Warriors[src]

Malick and Hive returned into their Schoonebeek Oil Field, as Malick remained fearful of his leader. Once they stepped into Malick's office, they were greeted by R. Giyera, who ignored Malick and instead spoke to Hive, informing him that S.H.I.E.L.D. had been on their way to their Oil Field, so he had been forced to take over Zephyr One to prevent them from finding them. Malick listened as Giyera informed Hive that he had sent in his team, led by Lucio to capture or kill all the remaining S.H.I.E.L.D. agents onboard the plane.

Malick gets captured by Lincoln Campbell

However, the base had come under attack by the Secret Warriors, as they fought their way through all Malick's soldiers who retook Zephyr One and rescued the agents. While Malick remained hidden inside his office, he witnessed one of his HYDRA guards being thrown through his window during the fight, revealing Lincoln Campbell managed to find him there, who had informed all his allies that he had located the HYDRA leader, while Malick surrendered without any fight. Campbell captured Malick and used the Overpowering Tape to subdue him, as they then made their way through the base towards Zephyr One.

Malick is taken away by the Secret Warriors

While Malick was being led onto Zephyr One by the Secret Warriors, Giyera rushed in to defend him, knocking down Joey Gutierrez with a fire extinguisher to the head; however, before he could then continue attacking them, Daisy Johnson was then able to throw Giyera across the room with a powerful shockwave. As Malick was led through the Zephyr towards their Containment Module, he then witnessed Lucio attacking and paralyzing Campbell before being stabbed in the heart and killed by Gutierrez, which Malick witnessed, moments before the plane took off and escaped, with Malick now in their custody.[5]

Interrogated by Phil Coulson

Malick gets back taken into the Playground

"You're not really a religous man, are you?"
"I have faith in my team."
"That's what he'll destroy first."
"You said they'd worship him, what did you mean?"
"I'm saying that those who were loyal to me, now serve him."
―Gideon Malick to Phil Coulson[src]

Malick was then taken to the Playground, where he was then locked inside of their interrogation room, until Phil Coulson rejoined him. As he stepped into the room, Coulson reminded Malick that he had Rosalind Price murdered by Grant Ward, which he confessed that he had not decided what to do about in the long run yet, as he had still intended for Malick to be punished for it, but demanded to know what Hive was, and how it had seemingly been disguised as Ward.

Malick tells stories about Stephanie Malick

Instead of answering, Malick asked Coulson about his experience in horse riding, while he described Arabian Horses, and how they were difficult to control, commenting about how Stephanie Malick used to ride the horses. Malick told the story of how he had once witnessed his daughter being thrown off one of the horses during a ride, only for Malick to then witness his daughter get back up and calm the horse, which made him feel more pride than anything else he had achieved, resulting with Malick telling Stephanie about HYDRA and bringing her into his world, with Malick questioning where Stephanie was now.

Malick explaining how Hive killed Stephanie

Malick then confessed to being foolish, with his faith that they would be able to bring Hive back to Earth from Maveth, where he would be able to guide it, as Stephanie did for that horse. Malick admitted that he had taught his daughter to have faith in Hive as a god, which she did, only for Coulson to suggest that Malick would still have a chance to see Stephanie again, if he cooperated with S.H.I.E.L.D.. However, Malick told Coulson that Hive murdered Stephanie, insisting that Hive did not care for Humans in any way. As Coulson suggested that Hive was not a god, Malick insisted that he was, just not for humanity.

Malick insists the Inhumans are missguided

Malick told Coulson that there would be a reckoning coming, noting that if Coulson put his faith into the Inhumans, like he had done, then he would find that to be a deadly mistake, as they would all worship Hive. However, Coulson explained that Hive was never a god, as they had determined that he was a slave to the Kree, although Malick had suggested that this would be a perfect beginning for a god. Coulson went on to explain that Hive's name had been Alveus, the Latin word for Hive, describing him as the parasite that swarmed and consumed everything in it's path, while it had moved from corpse to corpse.

Malick explains Hive's powers on Inhumans

However, Malick continued to suggest that Coulson's concepts were incorrect, while he questioned if Coulson was ever a religious man, to which Coulson would only say that he had faith in his teams, only for Malick to insist that Hive would destroy that team first. Coulson then questioned what Malick had meant by his claim that the all Inhumans would come to worship Hive, as Malick explained that the Inhumans who had once been loyal to him, came to serve only Hive, as he had infected R. Giyera and Lucio. However, Coulson remained skeptical, as he noted that Malick was HYDRA's head, so could not be trusted.

Malick states that the Inhumans are swayed

However, Malick simply chuckled at this comment, while saying that Coulson would not have to believe him, as he would soon see this for himself. Malick then noted how S.H.I.E.L.D. had sent in all the Secret Warriors into the Schoonebeek Oil Field, before they returned into the Playground, suggesting that Hive could have infected any one of the Inhumans on Coulson's team. Malick had then suggested to Coulson that, if he trusted any members of the Secret Warriors, he would have to stop, as they had become the danger. Malick was then left alone in his cell, while Coulson took his advice and locked down the base.[5]

Betraying HYDRA

Malick talks of his complete faith with Hive

"The devil promises everything, and then let's you destroy your own world. I sacrificed my brother for him, still he took away my daughter. Now that image of her body lying on that floor... I failed her. What else matters?"
"What you do next will matter."
"Are you trying to sell me the idea that I can set everything right?"
―Gideon Malick and Phil Coulson[src]

With the Playground now in a lockdown, Malick was rejoined by Phil Coulson, who then noted that Malick had wanted Hive freed, as he then questioned what he thought was going to happen once Hive had returned from Maveth. However, Malick insisted that Coulson never understood what it was like to grow up with faith, although Coulson admitted to being raised Catholic, as Malick noted that they all had their sins, while he believed that he could bring a god back onto the Earth, but had instead freed the devil.

Malick explaining how Hive betrayed him

However, Coulson noted that this was only a technicality, while then commenting that all their ancient satanic myths had been based on Hive, only for Malick to then claim that this devil would promise you everything, then allowed you to destroy your own world. Malick told Coulson that first he sacrificed Nathaniel Malick to Hive, only for Hive to murder Stephanie Malick, while he made it clear that he remained haunted by the images of his daughter's corpse lying on the floor of the Malick Mansion, while he noted that he had failed Stephanie, and was unsure of what else mattered now, only for Coulson to tell Malick that what he did next would still matter, which Malick scoffed at.

Malick scoffs at the idea of getting revenge

Malick had then questioned if Coulson thought that he could still set everything right, only for Coulson to suggest that Malick could get his revenge on Hive. Coulson noted that he had also wanted revenge, as he had the image of Rosalind Price lying dead, which caused him to give into his rage, as he then traveled down to Maveth to hunt down and kill Grant Ward, which was not to serve any other higher power, but simply to get revenge against Ward, with Coulson confessing that it was that sin that gave Hive his new life, as he had then been able to take Ward's corpse for himself, allowing him to return to Earth.

Malick finally agrees to work with S.H.I.E.L.D.

Malick agreed with Coulson explanation, noting that Hive had come to take everything that they loved, with Coulson then telling Malick to allow that love to turn into rage, and tell S.H.I.E.L.D. how they could stop Hive. While Malick tried to suggest that Hive was a god that had outlived many, Coulson insisted that he had already met gods, and had witnessed them bleeding. Considering this, Malick then agreed to work with S.H.I.E.L.D. and betray HYDRA, as he then chuckled at the concept, before he gave Coulson the information they needed to strike against HYDRA and allowing Glenn Talbot to destroy them.[5]

Murdered by Daisy Johnson

Malick being confronted by Daisy Johnson

"So it's you. I was curious who Hive would send. I know what you're gonna do."
"We can't let you keep talking."
"And I won't be kept from my daughter."
"If I'm honest, I might enjoy this."
―Gideon Malick and Daisy Johnson[src]

As Malick sat in the interrogation room, the door had then opened to reveal Daisy Johnson had come for him. Having been given his vision of this moment by Charles Hinton, Malick knew that Johnson had been sent there by Hive in order to murder him in revenge for talking to S.H.I.E.L.D. and betraying HYDRA. Malick told Johnson that he had known that she was about to do and claimed that he just wanted to be reunited with his daughter, while he calmly awaited his fate.

Malick's skull is crushed by Daisy Johnson

With Malick accepting that moment of his death, Johnson confessed that she would enjoy killing him, before then firing her shockwave, as this threw Malick off his chair and into the wall, cutting his head from that impact. As Malick lay helpless on the ground, Johnson fired her powerful shockwaves directly into his head, which slowly crushed his skull, causing Malick to scream with terrible agony, until he had been killed. In order to cover up the cause of Malick's demise for her allies, Johnson had placed a grenade next to his body, which exploded and destroyed Malick's corpse before it could become examined.[5]


Destruction of HYDRA

"He gave us everything. You mess with a man's family, all bets are off."
Melinda May to Phil Coulson[src]

Shortly before his death, Malick renounced HYDRA and gave the locations of every known HYDRA base to Phil Coulson who passed it to Glenn Talbot. Talbot utilized the full extent of the ATCU and the United States Air Force to destroy these bases and capture any equipment they could, decimating HYDRA. Although Hive and his cell had evaded capture, the dark Inhuman was too busy with his plans for a better world for Inhumans to care about reforming HYDRA; with no known heads, HYDRA was left in tatters.[15]

In liquid assets, Malick left behind over nine hundred and sixty million dollars, which R. Giyera informed Hive was accessible.[5] He used a part of that money to buy Union City under a shell corporation in Malick's name.[15]


"Sometimes you sacrifice a player to save the game."
―Gideon Malick to Grant Ward[src]

Like most of HYDRA's leaders, Gideon Malick was a cruel, cold hearted pragmatist. Despite his friendship with Baron Strucker, he did not hesitate to betray Strucker's son to Grant Ward to please Ward and organize a meeting with him. For Malick, Werner, as an untrained operative who failed in his first mission, was a damaged good that could not be left to run around knowing HYDRA's secrets, and therefore had to be killed. At the same time, he would kill two birds with one stone because Werner's death would leave him the only one with access to the Von Strucker Family Vault. Malick also intended to have Ward killed, because his campaign to remake HYDRA posed a threat to everything he built through Project Distant Star Return. However, he accepted Ward as HYDRA's second head when Ward proved himself in his eyes.

Another instance of his pragmatism was his joint decision with the World Security Council to have New York City annihilated by a nuclear bomb strike, in order to prevent the Chitauri invasion from spilling out of the city into the rest of the world, while completely disregarding that the Avengers had a fighting chance against the alien invaders.

While Malick prefered to present himself as a brave man who was willing to sacrifice his own life to HYDRA's cause, in reality he had never taken a life, before Hive ordered him to kill Rowan Hamilton, and had spent much of his life avoiding death at all costs, as was seen by his cheating at the ritualistic ceremonies where a tribute was sent to Maveth as a sacrifice to Hive. His need to survive led him to allow his own brother to be selected as tribute in his place. When Charles Hinton gave Malick a vision of his own death at the hands of Hive, Malick put all of his effort into trying to find a way out of his situation, until finally he was confronted by his brother's memories, living on within Hive, at which point Malick accepted his fate, but was instead forced to watch as Hive killed his daughter instead. When Daisy Johnson, who had been enthralled by Hive, was ordered to kill him, Malick did not even attempt to defend himself, due to feeling that his death meant that he would be reunited with his daughter.

Powers and Abilities

Former Powers

"It does feel good."
―Gideon Malick to Hive[src]
  • Transia Corporation Exoskeleton Capabilities: Malick was given the Transia Corporation Exoskeleton by Transia Corporation and their CEO, Rowan Hamilton. The exoskeleton fit around Malick's arms with a support on his back. These arms gave him increased strength which helped for a short time in his campaign with Hive until he was quaked into a wall by Daisy Johnson later that night, which ultimately broke it.
    • Enhanced Strength:

      Malick testing out his newly found strength

      When Malick had been provided with the Transia Corporation Exoskeleton, he gained incredible strength which allowed him to overturn a large table. Under the orders of Hive, Malick used the Exoskeleton to crush Rowan Hamilton's skull before breaking Charles Hinton's neck and nearly beating Daisy Johnson to death until the suit had become damaged by a shockwave fired by Johnson.


"Gideon Malick has a stake in almost every country's economy. He advises world leaders, he served on the World Council. He spent a lifetime and a fortune building influence."
Matthew Ellis to Phil Coulson[src]
  • Master Businessman: Malick used his fortune to amass influence and formed several corporations, having a stake in nearly every country's economy and government organization. Due to his business skills, he was installed as a member of the World Security Council and was assigned by the President to oversee the Advanced Threat Containment Unit.
  • Master Tactician: As a member of the World Security Council, Malick advised Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. and formulated plans. Malick also advised several world leaders, ensuring that his influence and machinations spanned worldwide. Following the Inhuman Outbreak, Malick planned to create Inhumans to create an army for Hive to command upon his return, and convinced Matthew Ellis and Rosalind Price to create the Advanced Threat Containment Unit to apprehend Inhumans while he also conducted his own experiments. He secretly maneuvered Anton Petrov and other world leaders to set up an Inhuman facility in Russia, and was also able appeal to Grant Ward's desire for purpose to convince him to enter the Monolith and travel to Maveth.
  • Marksman: While Malick had never used a firearm to kill another person, he proved himself as a good shot while accurately firing at clay pigeons with his daughter.



Other Equipment


"I only got here a few minutes before you, and I have my own jet."
―Gideon Malick to Grant Ward[src]


"You were digging, and I know what you were hoping to find. You're chasing rumours, ghosts, the Von Strucker Family Vault does not exist."
"Truthfully I'd believe you, if you hadn't sacrificed the only heir to it. You control the vault now."
―Gideon Malick and Grant Ward[src]







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