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"He showed me what was at the bottom of that hole: My family. Beings of light that are actually like me."
Karolina Dean to Nico Minoru[src]

The Gibborim are an extremely long-lived extraterrestrial race of pure light beings from the planet Gibborim.


The Gibborim are beings made of light from a vastly technologically advanced society. Millennia ago, while humanity was still in the Stone Age, the Gibborim had already mastered space travel, building shape-changing starships with biomorphic shells. Some Gibborim also recorded their people's knowledge in an artifact which would later be known as the Abstract.[1]

A Gibborim Magistrate and his family were exiled by their people, departing their planet on a spaceship. The ship, steered by the Xartan Xavin, crashed on Earth, trapping almost all the passengers deep beneath the surface. The only one to escape, the Magistrate who would thousands of years later be known as Jonah, spent the intervening ages planning to rescue his family.[2] The trapped Gibborim were eventually able to escape and possess human hosts in the aftermath of the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site.[3]

The presence of these Gibborim on Earth eventually caused the formation of PRIDE, and later the Runaways, and subsequently sparked the conflict between these two groups.[4] The union between the Gibborim Jonah and the Human Leslie Dean, who led a religion that worships the race, also resulted in the birth of a Gibborim-Human hybrid: Karolina Dean, who could use Gibborim-related powers without having to possess a human host, having a body on her own.[5] Later, Leslie gave birth to another hybrid: Elle.[6]

Technology and Weapons

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Characteristic Traits

"It's clear these hosts are fragile. Incapable of containing us without complications."
Magistrate's Daughter[src]

The Gibborim are beings made of light, with luminescent colors. On Earth, they must possess human bodies in order to survive the planet's atmosphere.

Hosts possessed by Gibborim are somehow altered by the process. After being used to develop a serum, Jonah's host's DNA gained regenerative properties. A human body can host a Gibborim as long as the Gibborim refrains from using their powers. Prolonged use of Gibborim powers causes host bodies to deteroriate, with regeneration only possible through the use of the Dematerialization Box.

While inhabiting human hosts, Gibborim are able to reproduce with humans, creating Gibborim-human hybrids, such as Karolina Dean. These hybrids do not require hosts and can use their Gibborim powers without any deteriorative effects on their bodies.

Notable Gibborim

Gibborim Hybrids


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  • In the comics, the Gibborim are a race of six-fingered giant gods who ruled the Earth before the Great Flood. However, the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the race shares many visual traits with the Majesdanians, an extraterrestrial race of beings able to manipulate light. A comic-accurate portrayal of a Gibborim appears as a statue at the Crater.
  • In Hebrew, the word Gibborim roughly translates to 'mighty'. This word was primarily used in Genesis 6:4 to describe the Nephilim, the hybrid offspring of biblical angels and human women.


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