"When someone like me walks through a door, no one really turns my way. Unless I just barfed orange juice onto my shoes."
―Gert Yorkes[src]

Gertrude "Gert" Yorkes is the daughter of Dale and Stacey Yorkes and the adoptive sister of Molly Hernandez. Upon reuniting with her childhood friends, they discovered that their parents used PRIDE to cover up ceremonial sacrifices of the Church of Gibborim. She and Hernandez also found out that Dale and Stacey genetically engineered a Deinonychus, with whom Gert shared a telepathic link, being able to control the dinosaur. She teamed up with her friends and formed the Runaways, to stop PRIDE. Having been framed for Destiny Gonzalez's murder, and with no other choice, they were forced to run.

However, life on the run turned out to be particularly difficult for Gert, since she was deprived of her anti-anxiety meds which usually helped her. Although she tried to find some comfort in her connection with Old Lace and her new relationship with Chase Stein, Gert ultimately decided to leave the Hostel where the Runaways had sought refuge to go to a hospital. She was signed out thanks to Janet Stein, but this episode deeply affected her relationship with Stein. Later, Gert began to feel ill once again, this time because Old Lace had actually been poisoned by the Magistrate's Wife, causing Gert to psychosomatically suffer from the same symptoms. Since they were out of options, Gert was taken to her parents by Stein, who cured Old Lace but attempted to keep Gert and Stein from leaving again. Eventually, Gert was rescued, but broke up with Stein as he chose to come home and joined PRIDE. During a confrontation between the Runaways and PRIDE, Gert was captured by Dale, who decided to take her away from both the Runaways and PRIDE.


Early Life


Yorkes in 2007

Gertrude Yorkes was born in 2001 to Dale Yorkes and Stacey Yorkes. She was childhood friends with Amy Minoru, Alex Wilder, Chase Stein, Karolina Dean, and Nico Minoru as they used to play together while their parents held secret meetings for the organization PRIDE.[5]

Like the rest of her friends, Yorkes attended the funeral of Gene and Alice Hernandez.[6]

While in eighth grade at Atlas Academy, Yorkes and Stein were partners in an astronomy project, much to her annoyance as Yorkes did all the work while Stein flirted with Eiffel on text messages.[7]


Sacrifice of Destiny Gonzalez

Runaways Gert Yorkes First Look

Yorkes taking about her group

"We can't just stand around here like something weird just happened."
―Gert Yorkes[src]

Having grown feminist convictions, Yorkes proposed the creation of a group, "Undermining the Patriarchy" in the Atlas Academy, although her classmates did not pay much attention to her proposal. Once Yorkes had finished, she overheard Alex Wilder inviting Chase Stein for a reunion in the Wilder Mansion as they used to do. However, the conversation quickly got tense with the intervention of Karolina Dean who began arguing with Yorkes, and it soon appeared that the reunion would not take place.

Runaways Teaser Trailer 06

Yorkes and her friends arrive at the Wilder Mansion

Instead of the reunion, Yorkes approached Stein and offered to help him with studying Spanish. As they planned to meet for a coffee and work together, Yorkes prepared some rehearsal sheets for Stein in prevision of their evening. However, despite Yorkes patiently waiting for Stein at the Timely Coffee, Stein never showed up. As Yorkes grew more and more annoyed and asked Molly Hernandez to feed the pets at the Yorkes Residence, she received a picture from Wilder showing Yorkes and her former friends. Filled with nostalgia, Yorkes decided to go to the Wilder Mansion, where all the other teenagers went as well.

Runaways Teaser Trailer 21

The group finding a secret passage

The group soon argued about their separation following the death of their friend Amy Minoru. Convinced by Dean that they should talk about it, the teenagers went to Geoffrey Wilder's office to find some alcohol. However, by doing so they accidentally revealed a secret passage may in the office, leading to a hidden basement.

Arriving at an underground hall, Yorkes and the others were surprised to spot their parents dressed in strange red robes and gathered around a strange box. As they realized that their parents could not hear them due to a mysterious barrier, Yorkes and the others watched as Destiny Gonzalez, a young member of the Church of Gibborim, was brought among the members of the PRIDE. Fearing that the situation was wrong, Yorkes pushed Molly Hernandez back so she could not see anything.

Runaways Team 1

Yorkes is shocked by the Rite of Blood

As the mysterious ceremony continued without Yorkes being able to tell what was happening, they soon realized that their parents were apparently killing Gonzalez in some sort of ritual. However, before they could observe further, Hernandez took a picture with her phone, alerting their parents and forcing the teenagers to flee and hide in the guesthouse. While Alex left to cut the power in the mansion to distract their parents, Yorkes and the other teenagers tried to figure out what they had seen.[5] In order to leave their parents not suspicious, the group pretended to be playing Twister in the guesthouse.

Yorkes and the teenagers then discussed about what they had witnessed. When it was suggested that their parents could be criminals, she expressed her utter disbelief that her parents could do anything wrong to anyone. Since they needed to know more, they decided to return to their parents and act as normal as they could. This proved to be quite a challenge for Yorkes, who acted as way too enthusiastic when her mother offered to take her back home.

Once at home, in her bedroom, Yorkes was approached by Hernandez who asked her whether she could stay for the night. Yorkes accepted, and Hernandez tried to tell her that there was something wrong with her, with Yorkes replying that it might be the case for the whole group. She then reluctantly agreed to sing a lullaby for Hernandez so they could go to sleep.[8]

Cretacean Encounter

"I need you to back down. I'm under control. Chase is under control. Even this bloodthirsty dinosaur's under control."
―Gert Yorkes[src]

Yorkes received a message from Alex Wilder asking the teenagers to come to the beach in order to discuss the recent events. Before leaving, she went to see Molly Hernandez in her bedroom as she searched for a hairpin she had lost. Yorkes initially dismissed it as not important, but then recalled that the hairpin had been given to Hernandez by her deceased mother. When Hernandez once again told Yorkes that she might have a problem, Yorkes hypothesized that it could be panic attacks just like Yorkes suffered from. They then went to the beach, being joined by Chase Stein right before they arrived.


Yorkes meets with the Runaways

The meeting began with Karolina Dean showing the group a picture of Destiny Gonzalez seemingly on a trip to London, which would have indicated that she was alive and well. However, since this was not solid enough evidence, they explored other possibilities, with Yorkes surmising that their parents could have been performing some live-action role play. Yorkes was then enthusiastic when Wilder suggested that they conducted their own investigation on PRIDE's activities, and offered Stein to be his lookout while he would search through his father's lab, after which they could rehearse for his upcoming Spanish test.

X-Ray Specs - Gert

Yorkes tests the X-Ray Specs

Yorkes and Stein began leaving the beach as Dean approached Stein, desiring to talk to him in private despite Yorkes attempting to rebuff her. Yorkes then went to the Stein Mansion to help Stein with his investigation, although she tended to inform him that there was no one coming too frequently. Yorkes then reviewed the equipment in the lab, noticing the X-Ray Specs she put on, although she promptly removed it when Stein figured out that she was watching him, including his genitals, with the glasses.


Yorkes and Chase Stein inspect the Dematerialization Box

Yorkes then discovered that there was something hidden behind a piece of furniture, and once they removed it, they found the Dematerialization Box which had been used by PRIDE during their ritual. Fearing that Gonzalez could still be inside, Yorkes used the X-Ray Specs to inspect the box, which turned out to be empty. However, although Stein called their investigation over, Yorkes suggested that they could go and check the basement of the Yorkes Residence, in which Hernandez claimed to have heard some noise which she linked to some kind of monster.

Initially, Yorkes and Stein remained outside the house, using the X-Ray Specs to inspect it from afar, but Stein then insisted that they should go inside and make a more thorough investigation despite Yorkes' reluctance. Before going into the basement, Yorkes put on a leather apron which prevented Stein from seeing her body through the X-Ray Specs, much to his dismay as he considered this unfair. Upon finding a sealed door through which Stein was unable to see, they agreed to open it, which caused the release of a strange creature, which turned out to be an actual dinosaur.

R103 Chase and Gert facing the dinosaur

Yorkes and Chase Stein are confronted by a dinosaur

Yorkes and Stein attempted to flee, but were confronted by the dinosaur which roared at them, causing Yorkes to have a panic attack. Yorkes did her best to calm down and breathed heavily, until Stein noticed that the dinosaur seemed to actually obey Yorkes' commands of standing down. The dinosaur then fled upon hearing a car honk outside, leaving Yorkes and Stein profoundly shocked by the whole event, with Yorkes being hugged in comfort by Stein.[6]

Yorkes later took part in a WizTalk conversation in which the teenagers shared the thin results of their investigation and discussed the recent discovery of Gonzalez's body on the beach. Yorkes was shocked when Nico Minoru suggested that PRIDE could even have murdered her sister Amy. She also expressed embarrassment when Hernandez once again tried to tell the team about her abilities, which the teenagers were still unaware of. The call was ended shortly afterwards with the decision to carry on the investigation.

In the next morning, Yorkes found her parents in a tense conversation about an animal having gone missing from the lab. Although they claimed that it was only a hedgehog, Yorkes and Hernandez obviously figured out that they were talking about the dinosaur which had escaped the night before. They then went to Atlas Academy, where Yorkes approached Stein to thank him for not having mentioned the dinosaur to the other teenagers. She then witnessed the brawl between Stein and his lacrosse teammates over what had happened involving Dean during a party. Remaining with Dean, Yorkes suggested that Stein was trying to protect her by not telling her what had happened during the party.

Later, while discussing with members of her club Undermining the Patriarchy, Yorkes was approached by Dean, who suggested going to the Dean Mansion to find some evidence to explain their parents' behavior and prove their innocence. Yorkes offered Wilder to join them, but he refused, leaving only the two girls to find out whether the teenagers had only witnessed a Church of Gibborim ceremony. During their search, Yorkes and Dean found an encrypted file on Leslie Dean's laptop and decided to give it to Wilder for him to decrypt.

Molly vs Old Lace

Yorkes protects Molly Hernandez from the dinosaur

Yorkes left the Dean Mansion as Stein had arrived to discuss with Dean in private. After giving the file to Wilder, she returned to her home, only to find Hernandez nearly engaging in a fight with the escaped dinosaur, which had returned home as well. Yorkes arrived in time to order the dinosaur to stand down, thus confirming that the creature obeyed her. As their parents arrived and were surprised by the dinosaur's return, Yorkes asked for an explanation regarding its very existence. Before she could have it, however, her parents were distracted by Tina Minoru's visit. Still, Yorkes was delighted to learn that the dinosaur was a female.[9]

Kidnapping of Alex Wilder

Runaways fidning Alex

Yorkes and the Runaways looking for Alex Wilder

"I'm with everyone. We need your assistance to save Alex from some unidentified abductors."
―Gert Yorkes to Chase Stein[src]

Yorkes was informed by Nico Minoru and Karolina Dean that Alex Wilder had been abudcted by unidentified kidnappers and rushed to the Timely Coffee with Molly Hernandez to join her teammates. Although she agreed that they had to rescue Wilder, Yorkes insisted that this was a dangerous situation and that they had no weapon safe for the Staff of One brought by Minoru. She suggested waiting for Chase Stein to see her messages regarding Wilder's abduction, but ultimately agreed to get into Dean's and kept attempting to contact Stein.

Kingdom pic

Yorkes and the Runaways ready to stop Darius Davis

Despite Dean's dangerous driving, Yorkes was eventually able to get Stein on the phone and updated him, sending him GPS coordinates for him to join. In the meantime, Yorkes and the group managed to find Wilder, but only to see him held at gunpoint by Darius Davis, who took him away once again. Yorkes insisted that one of them could get killed if they kept chasing Davis, but the group proceeded all the same. Yorkes then witnessed the teenagers's superhuman abilities put to good use to stop Davis: Hernandez's superhuman strength, Dean's light beams, Stein's Fistigons and Minoru blocking Davis' bullets with the Staff of One.


Yorkes and the Runaways meet at the Timely Coffee

Once Davis fled, Yorkes joined the other teenagers at the Timely Coffee, where Wilder asked them to help him to save Andre Compton from PRIDE, as he feared they would sacrifice him. Yorkes tried to talk him out of it, calling the night crazy enough, which got even weirder when Hernandez revealed Yorkes' connection with a dinosaur. In the end, however, Yorkes agreed to join the group to the Wilder Mansion to save Compton, but they failed as PRIDE had apparently decided to carry out the ritual somewhere else.


Yorkes and Molly Hernandez hide from their parents with their dinosaur

The group's visit in the Wilder Mansion was not in vain, however, since they found a camera in the sacrifice room and figured out that its data were stored in Wizard servers, meaning that they had to hack into the company. Following this discovery, Yorkes and Hernandez returned Yorkes Residence and paid the dinosaur a visit, staying with it in its sealed room and discussing their parents' motives, and Yorkes had to accept that her parents might be evil people.[10]

Infiltration into Wizard Headquarters


Yorkes and the Runaways discuss their new mission

"I really hope to be as lucky as you some day."
"She's a lot scarier when she's quiet."
―Gert Yorkes and Kincaid[src]
Yorkes and Molly Hernandez went to the Timely Coffee to discuss the Runaways' plan to steal the video file they were looking for from Wizard servers. Yorkes told the teenagers that they should arrive in Wizard Headquarters together, which was accepted, and all the teenagers confirmed that they were willing to have their parents arrested. Yorkes and Hernandez later went to the Dean Mansion to prepare for the upcoming PRIDE gala with Karolina Dean and Nico Minoru. Upon arriving, Yorkes sensed that there was something going on between Dean and Minoru, but remained silent about it.

During the drive to Wizard Headquarters, Yorkes expressed annoyance and jealousy due to Chase Stein acting too familiar to her taste with Dean. Once they arrived, she and the group saw PRIDE being acclaimed by the audience, and commented that the gala would be the last time their parents would be able to have fun before being sent to prison.

Earl Kincaid Gert PRIDE Gala

Yorkes is seen by Tina Minoru with Earl and Kincaid

Yorkes then regrouped with the other Runaways to prepare for their mission, but before they proceeded, she asked Dean for a word in private. Yorkes then told Dean that she would support a relationship between Dean and Minoru, but she was rebuffed by Dean, who replied that Yorkes only said so because she wanted to be with Stein. Despite Yorkes denying that she was attracted to Stein, Dean saw through it and told her that she should be more honest about who she wanted to be with, just like Yorkes advised Dean earlier.

Yorkes then went with Alex Wilder and Minoru in order to infiltrate into the servers room. Yorkes was sent to distract security guard Earl, engaging in a conversation with him about Franz Kafka, which enabled Wilder and Minoru to access the elevator without Earl noticing. However, Earl eventually realized that someone might have slipped through his watch. In order to keep him distracted, Yorkes began playing with an Star Wars arcade game with had been offered to Tina Minoru by her husband.

As they were playing together, Yorkes and Earl were approached by Kincaid, Tina's bodyguard, who ordered them to step aside from the arcade game. However, Yorkes was eventually able to convince him to play as well, thus keeping the security's attention away from what happened in the upper floors of the building. Nevertheless, they briefly stopped playing upon noticing Tina's approaching and taking the elevator, although she did not speak a word to them. Fearing that Tina might her teammates, Yorkes texted them to warn them.

Yorkes eventually saw Wilder and Minoru safely leaving the elevator, meaning that the mission was accomplished. She managed to step away from Earl and Kincaid, who had become flirtatious toward her. She joined Hernandez and asked her whether she knew where Stein was. However, she was told by Hernandez that she had seen him kissing Dean, leaving Yorkes deeply saddened.[11]

Sister Gone

"Gert, there are things going on you can't understand."
"Then explain it to me. You do realize this is her worst nightmare!"
Stacey Yorkes and Gert Yorkes[src]

In the next day, at Atlas Academy, Yorkes approached Alex Wilder, Nico Minoru, Karolina Dean and Chase Stein, with her attitude clearly signalling a form of jealousy since she thought Dean and Stein were dating. However, during the conversation, Molly Hernandez dropped the double-helix model she had made for the school open house and angrily reacted, prompting Yorkes to ask her whether she was all right. This caused Hernandez to reveal to Yorkes and the group that she had inadvertently told Wilder's mother that she knew about the secret rituals.

Shocked by this reveal, Yorkes regretted that Hernandez had not been able to lie about it, but it only caused Hernandez to get angry and leave the group. The open house then began, and while Tezuka delivered a speech, Yorkes noticed that her father behaved strangely, grunting and complaining about the light, unaware that he was actually on withdrawal from Jonah's Serum. During the open house, Yorkes approached Hernandez, who had tried to join the school's dance squad only to be given the most menial tasks. As Yorkes insisted that her adoptive sister could show more self-respect, Hernandez pointed out that Yorkes had apparently lost leadership of her own club, Undermining the Patriarchy.

Yorkes then joined the rest of the group as they had figured out that her parents and the Wilders were probably talking about Hernandez knowing about the sacrifices. They also discussed the decryption of the video file stolen from Wizard, and Yorkes stated that their parents had to be put behind bars. Yorkes then lamented that they would then remain with only Frank Dean as an adult figure.

Refraction pic

Yorkes learns that her adoptive sister is leaving

Back to the Yorkes Residence, Yorkes was astonished upon discovering that her parents were planning on sending Hernandez away to Montebello. She stated that they were only causing her adoptive sister's worst nightmare to become true, and then remarked that the tension could cause Hernandez to manifest her powers. She thus took Hernandez away from her room and the two sisters had an emotional conversation in which Yorkes convinced Hernandez to leave for her own safety, assuring her that they would remain sisters forever.[12]

Infiltration into the PRIDE Construction Site

"We're a family."
"We're a family."
Stacey Yorkes and Gert Yorkes[src]

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Running Away

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"In the 100-yard dash between my anxiety and my idealism, I'm ashamed to say my anxiety is winning. I'm a hypocrite. It's official."
―Gert Yorkes[src]

Yorkes' most notable characteristic was her strong social justice warrior attitude, which she plainly embraced, displaying a zero tolerance for any form of discrimination, be it sexism, racism, homophobia or specism. She was very well known in Atlas Academy for her actions, such as promoting the use of neutral-gender bathrooms or vegan meals in the school's restaurant, but often came across her schoolmates as incredibly aggravating due to the agressivity she displayed on these subjects. She could also show insolence towards her parents, frequently making sarcastic comments to them, which they usually put up with. However, it eventually turned out that her behavior was also largely a front to mask her true feelings and her desire to be recognized, especially by Chase Stein, who she was attracted to.

Yorkes' beliefs gave her a strong moral compass she was unwilling to go against. Upon discovering that PRIDE was nothing but an organization of criminals, she kept insisting that the Runaways had to do everything to never become like their parents, and thus disapproved whenever their actions could go against morality or law. As such, when she learned that there were actually living beings in the hole of the PRIDE Construction Site, Yorkes was adamant that they had to save them instead of risking to destroy them like Alex Wilder suggested. She was also hostile to Wilder's attempt to ally with the corrupt AWOL, and felt immensely betrayed when Stein decided to leave the Runaways, claiming that she would be willing to completely forget him through the use of Synnergy Serum to forget how heartbroken she had been when her boyfriend chose to return home.

Yorkes had one major weakness: she suffered from anxiety issues which became much more troublesome when she fled from home, thus being deprived of her meds. The pain and anguish sometimes made her behaving aggressively to her friends. Yorkes' anxiety troubles could cause her to contradict herself, especially regarding her beliefs, making her a hypocrite on Yorkes' own admittance. For instance, she criticized Karolina Dean's thought that the Runaways were a family as nonsense coming from Dean Church of Gibborim's education, thus omitting Yorkes herself had made the same statement to PRIDE during a confrontation. Yorkes' anxiety also led her to leave the Hostel to go to the hospital without telling her boyfriend Stein and her adoptive sister Molly Hernandez, causing her to be blamed for her selfishness although Yorkes claimed that she had left so that no one would get hurt because of her problems.

Powers and Abilities



Yorkes with Old Lace

"Speaking of superpowers, Gert has a dinosaur she can order around."
Molly Hernandez[src]
  • Telepathic Link: Yorkes possesses a telepathic link with Old Lace, allowing her to form a bond with the creature and command it. Given time and bonding, their telepathic connection grew. Their connection grew to a point where when Old Lace was poisoned, Gert became ill along with the dinosaur, though her symptoms were only psychosomatic.
    • Empathy: Once their connection had grown, Gert begun experiencing what Old Lace was feeling, specifically when said emotion/feeling was powerful such as hunger and pain. She is aslo able to feel sensory input, that Old Lace is feeling, like the taste of food being fed to her.


  • Multilingual: Aside from English, Yorkes is also fluent in Spanish.[5]



  • Yorkes Residence: Gert lived in this wealthy residence with her parents Dale and Stacey and her adoptive sister Molly. She left the house upon running away with her friends, but was later brought back Chase Stein in an attempt to cure her from mysterious symptoms. Gert was held prisoner by her parents, but was later rescued from the residence's basement by the Runaways.
  • Timely Coffee: Gert often met with the other Runaways at the Timely Coffee, where they would discuss their plans to take down PRIDE.
  • Hostel: Like the other Runaways, Yorkes took residence in an underground mansion known as the Hostel. She initially shared a room with her boyfriend Chase Stein, but they eventually got separated due to Yorkes briefly leaving the Hostel to go to a hospital. Yorkes returned to the Hostel, but began feeling ill due to Old Lace being poisoned, forcing Stein to take her out of the Hostel as it was being besieged. Yorkes was once again able to return to the mansion before being captured by her father.






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  • In the comics, Gert Yorkes was also known as Arsenic.

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