"In the end, you will always kneel."
"Not to men like you."
"There are no men like me."
"There are always men like you."
Loki and German Old Man[src]

The German Old Man is a citizen of Stuttgart who bravely stood up to Loki.


"Look to your elder, people; let him be an example."

German Old Man, as well as other Stuttgart citizens, were confronted by Loki who held them hostage. Loki quipped that it was humanity's place to kneel before him, however, the German Old Man refused to obey his order, saying that he is not the first conqueror who wanted to rule the world. Loki then decided to use him as an example of his power and prepared his Scepter to murder the man, but he was saved by Captain America before Loki could do that.[1]





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