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"It ain't gonna change the vote, Foggy. You're just holding up dessert and pissing people off."
―Gerlach to Foggy Nelson[src]

Gerlach is a member of the Hell's Kitchen Club.


"What are you doing, Foggy? I told your girlfriend if you ain't on the ballot, you can't speak."
"But the Nelsons are members, too, and this is an endorsement meeting. Members can ask questions, isn't that right?"
―Gerlach and Foggy Nelson[src]

As a respected member of the Hell's Kitchen Club, Gerlach attended a gala at the club where Blake Tower presented his re-election campaign. When Gerlach announced Tower's speech, Mikey asked him about dessert and Gerlach responded that he already had enough desserts. However, while Tower was talking he was confronted by Foggy Nelson what was noted by Gerlach. He told Nelson that he already explained Marci Stahl that Nelson can not speak if he was not listed on the ballot. Nelson then replied that Nelson are members of the club and he can ask questions as a member of the club.

Gerlach noted that he does but that can not change the vote and all that Nelson could do was holding up a dessert and annoyed other attenders. Nelson however entered at the debate with Tower about Fisk in front of Gerlach and all attenders before suddenly leaving the club.[1]