The Geosciences Research Center was a Los Angeles lab located in Goodman University.


Rock Samples Analysis

Gene and Alice Hernandez collected rock samples on the PRIDE Construction Site and brought them into their lab at the Geosciences Research Center. They performed analysis on these samples and figured out strange properties, notably the ability to emit a bright light and to slightly modify their shape.[1]


"For the last time, I wasn't at the lab. But Leslie was. I didn't know what she was going to do. I just knew that she was handling it, and I let her."
Tina Minoru[src]

While their daughter Molly Hernandez was playing nearby in the lab, Gene and Alice Hernandez called their colleagues Dale and Stacey Yorkes to tell them about their findings on the rock samples. However, once the call was ended, they realized that they were stuck in their lab. Indeed, the door had been locked by Leslie Dean, who dropped a bomb on the lab's floor in order to assassinate them so they would not endanger Jonah's plan.

Hernandez Lab Explosion

The lab is destroyed by Leslie Dean

Upon discovering the bomb, Alice rushed to her daughter Molly to get her to safety, but she was unable to reach her before the device detonated, blasting the whole research center and instantly killing Alice and Gene. However, Molly miraculously survived the explosion due to having played with the rock samples earlier. Molly remained in the lab's debris, hugging her plush elephant until she was found by the EMT.

Meanwhile, Dean secretly left the place and called Tina Minoru to tell her about the murder[1] She then sent a message to the other members of PRIDE to inform them about the death of their colleagues.[2]


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