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"In here, you got no voice. You got no rights. You used to be a citizen, but from the moment you reached the bottom of stupid, your dumb asses belonged to the state of Georgia."
Albert Rackham[src]

Georgia is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States of America.


Birth of Gabe Jones

Macon, Georgia, is the birthplace of Gabe Jones, who went on to join Captain America as one of the Howling Commandos.[1]

WHiH World News

WHiH World News, a TV channel with a division in Atlanta, sent one of their news crews to cover insurgent attacks in Al-Kut, Iraq, also hoping to alert Iron Man of the situation via the broadcasting of the attacks. Later on, Stark asked the individuals responsible at the WHiH home office in Atlanta for permission to download the footage of his intervention defeating the insurgents for Stark Industries' public relations department.[2]

Bank Theft

Benjamin Pollack and his girlfriend Claire Weiss planned a series of thefts using a Chitauri Gun that fell from the sky inside their laboratory in New York City and that Pollack managed to repair. One of those thefts took place in Savannah where they managed to steal the money and access the vault of the bank blasting the door with the weapon. As with the other thefts, Pollack and Weiss abandoned the town after the successful theft.[3]

Franny's Saloon

Lance Hunter visited Franny's Saloon in Macon, Georgia. He acquired a key chain from there and carried it with him on a mission.[4]

John Walker’s Early Life

To be added[5]

Clairvoyant Candidates

Tranquility Bridge

Melinda May and Felix Blake traveled to Macon, Georgia, as one of the random teams chosen to investigate the candidates rejected from the Index as possible identities for the Clairvoyant. Upon arriving, Blake wondered why Skye paired them together, and guessed it maybe had to do something with their astrological sign, though May thought it was simply random. May asked why he believed in astrology but he did not believe in a Clairvoyant; Blake simply told her that he had some theories of his own.

Felix Blake arrives to meet Thomas Nash

Seeing they were going to investigate Tranquility Bridge, an assisted living home, Blake begged May to tell him that they were there in order to investigate one of the doctors instead of one of the residents. The two agents received the file with the candidate's identity, Thomas Nash, who was injured in a head-on collision and spent the last four years in a catatonic state. May went to visit the office of Tranquility Bridge's director while Blake went to find the number of Nash's room.

Deathlok shattering Felix Blake's spine

Blake checked the files at the reception desk while waiting for a receptionist, but Deathlok ambushed him and threw him into a wall. Blake retaliated shooting at Deathlok with his gun, and then changed the magazine to shoot one of Leo Fitz's Tag Rounds. The bullets did not harm Deathlok, and he grabbed Blake, even though he pleaded with him to stop, reminding him of his son, Ace, and that they can still help him. Deathlok answered saying that Michael Peterson was dead, and threw Blake to the floor to break his ribs with his Cybertek Prosthetic Leg.

Deathlok attempts to shoot at Melinda May

May asked for reinforcements to the Hub, informing them that Deathlok was there and Blake was down, and as Victoria Hand informed the rest of the teams, Deathlok used his recently acquired Forearm Rocket Launcher to attack May, who managed to evade the projectile but was hit by some debris caused by its explosion.[6]

Chase of Grant Ward

Grant Ward goes on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D.

Grant Ward arrived from Philadelphia to Atlanta in a bus, having escaped from both federal custody and S.H.I.E.L.D.'s attempts to recapture him. Noticing Bobbi Morse reading a book pretending to read a book, Ward approached Eliza and Graham who were struggling to carry their bags. Giving a fake name, Ward befriended the mother and child, offering to help them and boarding the same bus, headed for Dallas.

However, inside the bus, Eliza asked Ward to join them during the travel, but Ward noticed the same woman with the book and told them that he would rather sit in the back. Ward went down the aisle and asked Bobbi Morse if he could sit with her.

Bobbi Morse being greeted by Grant Ward

Ward seemingly flirted with Morse about riding a bus instead of flying and reading a book instead of enjoying the sights, which Morse said was her excuse to travel in a bus. Ultimately, Ward revealed that, though he was impressed, he knew she was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent because he noticed she was exactly on the same page of her book as when she was waiting outside. Ward showed Morse the explosive vest he was wearing and told her to keep reading trying or saying anything, or he would detonate the explosives. Ward then asked the driver to open the door, as he seemingly took the wrong bus, leaving Morse behind and unable to follow him.

Ward boarded a bus headed for Boston while Morse called Melinda May to inform her that her cover was blown, praising Ward's skills. Morse then contacted Lance Hunter, who was disguised as a southern man in the same bus headed for Boston, to inform him that now he would have to follow Ward.[7]

Luke Cage's Recovery

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Felix Blake's Hideout

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Steel Serpent's Sales

Augusta, Georgia, was the hometown of one of the Hand's clients that bought their Steel Serpent using the Rand Enterprises' resources.[8]

Framework Network

Holden Radcliffe and Aida perfected the Framework with the knowledge of the Darkhold, making its code so powerful that it was processed on devices from all around the world. Part of the data was transmitted on a group of cellphones in Atlanta, Georgia.[9]

Brianna's Return

"I was helping you out, getting you home to Georgia."
"Georgia is not home to anything but bad memories."
Erik Gelden and Brianna Gelden[src]

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John Pilgrim's Mission

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Assassination of the Schultzes

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Nick Fury disintegrating from the Snap

In 2018, Nick Fury and Maria Hill drove through Atlanta on their way to meet with Cameron Klein and discussed the recent attacks. As they drove, the Snap happened, causing mass chaos as people began disintegrating into dust, including a helicopter pilot whose disappearance caused the helicopter to crash into a building. As Fury and Hill noticed the chaos, they began to disintegrate as well, although not before Fury activated his Transmitter Pager.[10] Afterwards, the Avengers tracked Fury’s location and recovered the pager from Atlanta.[11]

John Walker’s Interview

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Lemar Hoskins' Family

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Alternate Universe

Nexus Event Formed

In an alternate timeline, Atlanta was bombed causing a Nexus event to form. This forced the Time Variance Authority to reset the timeline.[13]


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