"Je croyais que tu étais plus qu'un bouclier.[2]"
―Georges Batroc to Captain America[src]

Georges Batroc is a mercenary and pirate who used his skills to become one of Interpol's most wanted criminals. Having been secretly recruited by Nick Fury to lead the hijacking of the Lemurian Star, Batroc was defeated by Captain America, and taken into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s custody. Eventually, Batroc had been freed from custody by Sharon Carter, and began working with LAF, arranging the kidnapping of Captain Vassant. However, Batroc was defeated by Falcon and swore revenge, as Carter put Batroc into contact with the Flag Smashers to assist him in killing Falcon.


Mercenary Work

Targeted by S.H.I.E.L.D.

"Top mercs, led by this guy, Georges Batroc. Ex-DGSE, Action Division. He's at the top of Interpol's red notice. Before the French demobilized him, he had thirty-six kill missions. This guy's got a rep for maximum casualties."
Brock Rumlow to Captain America[src]

Georges Batroc was born on May 19, 1981, within Marseille, France. Eventually, he had joined the French Foreign Legion, attained the rank of a Adjudant (Master Sergeant), and moved to Algeria. After leaving their French Foreign Legion, Batroc had then become an agent for their Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure's Action Division. Before Batroc had been demobilized, he had credited with thirty six kill missions.

Batroc had later became a freelance mercenary, pirate, and a terrorist for hire. He had committed a spree of sixty-two linked crimes; as such, he was wanted by several international law enforcement, defense, and intelligence agencies, including the FBI, British Armed Forces and MSS. Interpol was hunting him as well, and they assigned him a Red Notice, hoping to arrest him as soon as possible. Because of all his skills and training, Batroc gained his reputation for causing maximum casualties during his operations.[1]

Hijacking the Lemurian Star

"J'aime pas attendre. Appelle Durand. Je veux que l'on s'arrache dès que la ranson arrive.[3]"
―Georges Batroc to Ferdinand Lopez[src]

Batroc taking control over the Lemurian Star

In 2014, Batroc was paid by Nick Fury to lead his team of twenty five pirates to hijack and attempt to ransom the Lemurian Star. Using this team of highly trained pirates, Batroc then took over their whole ship, kidnapping all of the crew and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents onboard, including Jasper Sitwell. Batroc had then demanded a ransom for a billion and a half dollars for the safe release of the ship and its hostages. Batroc took the Captain's seat on the ship, as he awaited news of payment; when it seemed to be late, he ordered Ferdinand Lopez to prepare to leave as soon as of the hostages were rescued. However, Batroc had become aware of an issue as his men stopped answering his calls.

Batroc learns that something has gone wrong

Batroc had then turned to the window, just in time to see Captain America launching his shield towards him, as Batroc had managed to duck out of the way. Once Captain America had burst into the room, Batroc managed to kick him aside, before making his escape, kicking down the doors, while Captain America chased him down. As Batroc escaped, Brock Rumlow led a team of STRIKE agents to rescue their hostages, and had killed all of Batroc's mercenaries.

Batroc finding and attacking Captain America

Eventually, Batroc saw that Captain America was catching up to him, when he managed to get the drop of him while Captain America had been talking to Rumlow on the radio, as Batroc launched at him with his powerful kick, only for Captain America to use his shield to block that, and Batroc's second kicks. However, Batroc was able to knock Captain America off his feet, before attempting to land a heel kick to his crotch, which Captain America had barely managed to avoid.

Batroc attempting to defeat Captain America

Once they got back on their feet, Batroc was able to continue taking advantage of taking Captain America by surprise, as he launched his fury of kicks and punches against him, knocking Captain America off his feet, while he forced him to move backwards. However, Captain America was soon able to regain control, blocking many of Batroc's attacks, before then knocking him backwards with his shield, only for Batroc to get back up and had continued to furiously kick at him.

Batroc giving Captain America his challenge

However, Captain America had still managed to block all of Batroc's attacks, as he was able to strike Batroc in the stomach with his knee three times, before throwing him aside, only for Batroc to perform a backflip and land onto his feet, resulting in them briefly pausing their fight. Batroc had then questioned if Captain America was more than just a shield, to which Captain America put away his shield and took off his helmet, inviting Batroc to find out, as Batroc smiled at him.

Batroc is knocked down by Captain America

Batroc had then readied himself, before launching a kick and elbow at Captain America, both of which had been blocked, before Captain America was able to land his heavy punch directly to Batroc's head, momentarily dazing him. When Batroc had tried to land another kick, Captain America simply kicked his knee, causing Batroc to then yell in pain, before being kicked back and knocked onto the ground from another kick to the head, which left Batroc struggling to stand.

Batroc throwing his grenade before escaping

However, as soon as Batroc got back onto his feet, Captain America then charged at him and threw him through a door, before knocking him unconscious with a strong punch to the head. Eventually, Batroc woke up, and found Captain America arguing with Black Widow, as Batroc responded by throwing a grenade at them, while running out the door. Although Captain America managed to deflect the grenade in time, Batroc was still able to get off their ship and escaped.[1]

Arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Batroc is interrogated by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents

"They picked him up last night in a not-so-safe house in Algiers."
Alexander Pierce to Steve Rogers[src]

Although Betroc was able to get to a safe house where he intended to hide, he was found and arrested in Algiers by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and was interrogated about the events on the Lemurian Star. The live footage of Batroc's interrogation was shown to Captain America by Alexander Pierce while they discussed the Attack on Nick Fury and Batroc's relationship with Nick Fury.[1]

Kidnapping of Captain Vassant

Batroc hijacks the U.S. Air Force cargo plane

"Keep going, we're close! If we get to the border, he's not going to follow us."
"What's up?"
―Georges Batroc and Falcon[src]

Having been freed from S.H.I.E.L.D.'s custody by Sharon Carter[4], Batroc had gone on to join LAF. In 2024, Batroc had led his own LAF team on a mission to capture United States Air Force Captain Vassant, as they took Vassant hostage once they had successfully hijacked his military plane in Tunisian airspace, killing their pilot and other crew members, with Batroc leaving Louie in charge of flying them towards the border where they would then be able to escape.

Batroc mocks the captured Captain Vassant

During the flight, Batroc entered inside the cockpit, where Louie had claimed to have seen a man on the side of the plane, only for Batroc to dismiss this, threatening to kill Louie if he continued. Batroc then went back to observe Vassant, ordering all his men to stop Vassant from struggling. Batroc mockingly commented on how Vassant was flapping on the floor like a fish, suggesting that they could simply gut him there, before he had then punched Vassant in the head.

Batroc fighting back against Falcon

However, before Batroc could execute Vassant, the door to the plane was suddenly torn off by Redwing, before Falcon had burst onto the plane and kicked Batroc with force, knocking him into the wall. While Batroc recovered from the attack, Falcon was able to subdue several of the other LAF mercenaries, knocking one of the plane, while Louie was killed with one stray bullet, leaving the plane in auto pilot. Before Falcon could rescue Vassant, Batroc got up and kicked him.

Batroc attempting to take down Falcon

Batroc proceeded to fight against Falcon, launching his barrages of punches and kicks against him, while the remaining LAF mercenaries took Vassant away. Falcon was then able to dodge one of Batroc's powerful kicks, before kicking him back against the wall, as Batroc hit himself in the chest before charging back at Falcon, who opened his EXO-7 Falcon to charge back. However, Batroc was able to grab Falcon in the air, and threw him to the ground, before kicking him.

Batroc prepares to leap out from their plane

With Falcon momentarily subdued, Batroc had then swiftly put on his Wingsuit, while his mercenaries tied up Vassant and strapped him to their back. Batroc continued shooting at Falcon, who blocked these bullets with his wings, before Batroc smiled, donned his helmet, and leaped out of the plane. Batroc soon caught up with his mercenaries, as they flew towards a canyon, with Falcon chasing behind them all, with Batroc's escape being aided by the arrival of his helicopters.

Batroc flying himself through the canyons

However, these helicopters were soon destroyed by Falcon, using a combination of his EXO-7, and Redwing. While Batroc was able to fly himself onboard of one of the helicopters, Falcon was blocked from reaching Vassant, as Batroc called back to his pilot to keep going to the border. Batroc had mockingly told Vassant that if they were able to then reach the border, neither Falcon nor the United States Armed Forces would be able to follow them, allowing them to escape.

Batroc attempts to get them across the border

Despite Batroc's overconfidence, he was then suddenly interrupted as Falcon managed to board the helicopter, as he casually greeted them. While Falcon fought all the mercenaries, Batroc then grabbed Vassant and had leapt out of the helicopter, flying towards the other surviving helicopter. With Vassant strapped to his back, Batroc then managed to fly towards his next helicopter and landed onboard, as they got closer to Libya, where Falcon would not follow him.

Batroc continues making his escape attempt

Batroc had then watched on, while Falcon was then forced to avoid multiple missiles being fired at him, as Batroc's helicopter got closer to Libya. However, having taken down their other helicopter, Batroc witnessed Falcon fly straight onto his helicopter, pulling Vassant to safety, with Batroc just leaping to safety in time, before the missiles destroyed his helicopter, which Batroc barely survived, as he used a wing-suit to then fly all the way back down onto the ground.[5]

Deal with Flag Smasher

Batroc meeting up with the Flag Smashers

"Je ne suis pas ici pour faire partie de votre mouvement.[6] I'm only here to kill the Falcon."
"You'll get your chance. Tonight we go to battle, all of us."
―Georges Batroc and Flag Smasher[src]

Batroc remained furiously about his failed mission to kidnap Captain Vassant, and was eventually called by Sharon Carter, who he yelled at down the phone, while she reminded him that if it was not for her, he would still be held inside the prison in Algeria. Carter offered up Batroc another job, which she promised he would not regret as she offered him double the amount of money. Accepting this offer, Batroc had then travelled to Central Park, where he met with Karli Morgenthau and Dovich, whom he presented with a suitcase filled with weaponary.

Batroc demanding the chance to kill Falcon

Although Dovich expressed his mistrust of Batroc, Morgenthau had noted that they would give Batroc his revenge, while they completed their mission. Morgenthau explained to Batroc that they brought him to New York City to prove the Flag Smashers' strength, showing him how many agents they had hidden across the city. Batroc then made it clear to Morgenthau that he did not care about the plan to destroy the GRC, but only wanted to kill Falcon, which she accepted.[4]


"Arrêtez son flop! Il est comme un poisson, non? Peut-être devrions-nous l'éviscérer ici?[7]"
―Georges Batroc to LAF[src]

Georges Batroc is a mercenary willing to kill for money. He follows orders and is authoritative to his subordinates but he doesn't like to be kept waiting and is bloodthirsty. Batroc is known for his maximum casualties and revels in the challenge of combat.


Batroc fighting back against Captain America

  • Master Martial Artist: Batroc is a formidable combatant and mixed martial artist, being able to hold his own against Captain America. Batroc employs a mixed martial art of kickboxing, muay thai, karate, savate, jujitsu, and gymnastics. However, he was unable to defeat Rogers as easily as he thought and was forced to escape. His skills have also allowed him to defeat Falcon in hand-to-hand combat.
"Assassination isn't Batroc's line."
Captain America to Alexander Pierce[src]
  • Master Assassin: Due to his service in the military, Batroc became a skilled assassin who was credited with thirty six kill missions before his demobilization. Despite being a formidable assassin, Batroc elected to no longer focus on assassination upon becoming a mercenary, although he garnered a reputation for maximum casualties.
  • Master Acrobat: Batroc is an excellent acrobat, performing multiple complex acrobatic maneuvers during his fight against Captain America.
  • Marksman: Batroc is skilled in wielding firearms, as seen when he shot his handgun at Falcon to hold him off.
"How the hell did a French pirate manage to hijack a covert S.H.I.E.L.D. vessel in broad daylight?"
Rockwell to Alexander Pierce[src]
  • Expert Tactician: Batroc is an expert in strategy and tactics. He took over the Lemurian Star with his crew. He could come up with quick methods of escape such as when he escaped from Captain America and Black Widow.
  • Bilingualism: Batroc speaks his native French as well as English, the latter with a pronounced French accent.



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Batroc aiming at Falcon

Other Equipment

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  • LAF Wingsuits: Batroc and his men wore these wing suits to escape with their hostage from Falcon. His own suit came with a striped yellow helmet.


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  • In the comics, Batroc is better known as Batroc the Leaper, whose portrayals have varied quite discernibly from being a formidable unarmed combatant able to meet Captain America on an equal footing to a comic relief figure with an exaggerated French accent and literal mustache-twirling.
  • Despite being a native of France, Batroc speaks in a Canadian French dialect.
  • Batroc is 6'1" tall.
  • Batroc's date of birth is Georges St-Pierre's actual birthdate.

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