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"You're saying this guy died?"
"Yeah, for about a minute. It's crazy, but they say it happens sometimes, one minute flat line, then boom, his heart starts back up again, on it's own. He just didn't want to die. Within ten minutes of being awake, he reaches up and grabs my scrubs, yanks me down and says, real close, take me home. I shouldn't have done it, I shouldn't have done it, I should have known it would get me fired."
Karen Page and George Bach[src]

George Bach is a former nurse for Metro-General Hospital who was put in charge of the care of wounded Frank Castle following the Massacre at Central Park. However, when Castle awoke suddenly despite flat lining, Bach took him out of the hospital and was fired as a result by Samantha Reyes.


Helping a John Doe

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Visited by Karen Page

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