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"It seems like if I want to see you, I gotta look for a Wilder Construction sign."
Tamar to Darius Davis[src]

Geoffrey Wilder Construction, Inc. is a construction company and real estate developer founded and directed by Geoffrey Wilder.



"You're in real estate development now."
Jonah to Geoffrey Wilder[src]

Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc. was founded by former member of the Crips Geoffrey Wilder once he was released from prison, under the influence and with the resources of Jonah. The company was soon affiliated to PRIDE along with some other private companies, with PRIDE using the company as an asset regarding real estate holdings.[1]

Managing the PRIDE Construction Site

"This school we're building is gonna do a lot of good for kids less fortunate than you."
Geoffrey Wilder to Alex Wilder[src]

As part of its activities, Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc. was put in charge of the PRIDE Construction Site located in Los Angeles, where PRIDE pretended to be building a new community school.[1]

Darius Davis' Attack

"You know, this job is being bankrolled by some powerful people. They're not gonna like this."
"Yeah, that's kind of the point. Oh, and when you call Geoffrey Wilder, tell him Darius Davis says hello."
Howard and Darius Davis[src]

The staff working on the PRIDE Construction Site was confronted by the Crips, whose leader Darius Davis felt that he had been betrayed by his former friend Geoffrey Wilder. Davis told the foreman Howard that all the Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc. had to go and that he was welcome to inform Wilder of the attack. However, due to Wilder threatening to kill Davis' grandmother Nana B, the Crips retreated, enabling the men of Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc. to resume their work.[1]

Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc. oversaw the delivery of the Nemo Industrial Drilling Machine, a gigantic drill created by Nemo in order to dig a massive hole on the construction site.[2]


"Wilder Construction's not in charge anymore. This site's being run by the Church of Gibborim now."
Carl to the Runaways[src]

Shortly following the delivery of the Nemo Industrial Drilling Machine, under the influence of Jonah, the staff of Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc. was dismissed from the managing of the PRIDE Construction Site, to be replaced by members of the Church of Gibborim. Although Geoffrey Wilder tried to protest, he was ultimately forced to go on with this decision. A member of the Crips, Eldridge, who had infiltrated the site by posing for a security officer working for Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc., reported this to Darius Davis.[3]


Name Position Status
Geoffrey Wilder Founder and CEO Alive
Howard Foreman Alive


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