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"We don't let our past define our future. You taught me that."
―Geoffrey Wilder to Catherine Wilder[src]

Geoffrey Wilder is the former leader of the Crips, founder and CEO of the Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc., and a member of PRIDE. He is the husband of Catherine Wilder and the father of Alex Wilder. Over time, Geoffrey grew uncomfortable at the idea of sacrificing teenagers during PRIDE's rituals. He also had to deal with the return of Darius Davis, a former friend who craved vengeance upon him as Davis had served a jail sentence for Geoffrey, which led to Davis kidnapping Geoffrey's son Alex, who progressively distanced himself from Geoffrey.

In parallel, Geoffrey also discovered that Molly Hernandez might have known about the secret sacrifices committed by PRIDE. When these suspicions were confirmed by Catherine, Geoffrey and his wife conspired with Hernandez's adoptive parents Dale and Stacey Yorkes choosing not to inform Jonah and instead sending Hernandez away. During the confrontation between PRIDE and the Runaways, which led to Alex's disappearance, Geoffrey saw Jonah attacking his son along with the other teenagers. When Jonah refused to let them see Karolina Dean so that they could try to find where their son was, Geoffrey and Catherine angrily left PRIDE and decided to find Alex on their own. However, they eventually returned to the organization to coordinate their efforts, with Geoffrey even agreeing to be Tina Minoru's second-in-command.

Geoffrey was deeply upset when his wife Catherine murdered Davis, who had agreed to bring Alex back to him, although Alex eventually escaped with the other Runaways. In addition to this tension in their relationship, Geoffrey was attacked by Jonah who wanted to sacrifice him to restore his body, but Geoffrey was eventually rescued by the Runaways. Brought to the Hostel, Geoffrey helped the teenagers to thwart Jonah's plans, reuniting with Catherine during the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site. Still disagreeing with his wife's rough actions, Geoffrey attempted to make amends to Davis' wife Tamar, however with little success. He then took part in the Chase of the Runaways to force Alex to come home, but ended up arrested by the LAPD with Catherine.


Early Life

Joining PRIDE


Wilder and Darius Davis in prison

In 1999, Wilder and Darius Davis were serving a jail sentence in Los Angeles Penitentiary for gang activity, specifically the shooting of Osiris. Later, Jonah approached Geoffrey and his legal attorney Catherine Henderson and offered to purchase land in South Central that was left to Wilder from his deceased uncle, with opening offer was five million dollars.

Geoffrey refused to sell the land unless he would be treated as Jonah's business partner. Initially, Jonah declined as Wilder would be incarcerated for some time. In response, Henderson pledged to have Wilder out within a month: Wilder asked Davis to take the blame for Osiris' death. Davis agreed, counting on Wilder to repay his debt once they would be both out of jail.[1]

Rite of Blood

First Sacrifices

Having been released from prison, Wilder, who had married Catherine Wilder in the process, was once again contacted by Jonah. Jonah took them to a mysterious location in Brentwood and showed them a mysterious basement, indicating that it would become an important place for PRIDE. Therefore, the Wilders built the Wilder Mansion over this basement.[1]

Along with the other members of PRIDE, Wilder went into this basement for a ritual ceremony involving the young Brooks Watten, a member of the Church of Gibborim. Wilder watched as Watten got into a Dematerialization Box prepared by Victor Stein and his body was converted into pure energy which would be used to restore Jonah. While most of the members of PRIDE were horrified by the deed, Wilder noticed that there was a camera which had recorded the whole sacrifice, preventing them to go to the police and forcing them to carry on the rituals.[2]

When Gene and Alice Hernandez were killed in a so-called accident, Wilder suspected that Tina Minoru had actually murdered them. During the funeral, he openly voiced his suspicions to Robert Minoru, who firmly denied that his wife had anything to do with it.[3]

Despite his reluctance at the idea of murdering young teenagers, Wilder scrupulously went with the rest of PRIDE into carrying the sacrifices in order to restore Jonah. In parallel, the company he had founded, Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc., managed the PRIDE Construction Site, where Jonah had told the PRIDE that they would dig out a source of clean and renewable energy.[4]

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"For as long as I can remember... whenever I was with you, I felt like the luckiest kid in the world. You weren't just my father, you were my best friend. But the more I learn about you... the more I realize that you're just not a good person."
Alex Wilder to Geoffrey Wilder[src]

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  • Marksman: Wilder is skilled in the use of firearms, specifically pistols and sub-machine guns.
  • Tactician: Wilder serves as PRIDE's intimidating strategist and blackmailer.
"Your husband's strength and stamina would have been most helpful."
Jonah to Catherine Wilder[src]
  • Combatant: Wilder trained with Jason in Boxing, and was so proficient that the Magistrate considered him an effective host for his physical conditioning.




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  • In the comics, Geoffrey Wilder is a crimeboss and the leader of PRIDE.

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