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"We don't let our past define our future. You taught me that."
―Geoffrey Wilder to Catherine Wilder[src]

Geoffrey Wilder is the former leader of the Crips, founder and CEO of the Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc., and a member of PRIDE. He is the husband of Catherine Wilder and the father of Alex Wilder. Over time, Geoffrey grew uncomfortable at the idea of sacrificing teenagers during PRIDE's rituals. He also had to deal with the return of Darius Davis, a former friend who craved vengeance upon him as Davis had served a jail sentence for Geoffrey, which led to Davis kidnapping Geoffrey's son Alex, who progressively distanced himself from Geoffrey.

In parallel, Geoffrey also discovered that Molly Hernandez might have known about the secret sacrifices committed by PRIDE. When these suspicions were confirmed by Catherine, Geoffrey and his wife conspired with Hernandez's adoptive parents Dale and Stacey Yorkes choosing not to inform Jonah and instead sending Hernandez away. During the confrontation between PRIDE and the Runaways, which led to Alex's disappearance, Geoffrey saw Jonah attacking his son along with the other teenagers. When Jonah refused to let them see Karolina Dean so that they could try to find where their son was, Geoffrey and Catherine angrily left PRIDE and decided to find Alex on their own. However, they eventually returned to the organization to coordinate their efforts, with Geoffrey even agreeing to be Tina Minoru's second-in-command.

Geoffrey was deeply upset when his wife Catherine murdered Davis, who had agreed to bring Alex back to him, although Alex eventually escaped with the other Runaways. In addition to this tension in their relationship, Geoffrey was attacked by Jonah who wanted to sacrifice him to restore his body, but Geoffrey was eventually rescued by the Runaways. Brought to the Hostel, Geoffrey helped the teenagers to thwart Jonah's plans, reuniting with Catherine during the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site. Still disagreeing with his wife's rough actions, Geoffrey attempted to make amends to Davis' wife Tamar, however with little success. He then took part in the Chase of the Runaways to force Alex to come home, but ended up arrested by the LAPD with Catherine.

Geoffrey was eventually released, but was shocked when he learned that Catherine confessed to the killing of Davis. Now with his wife in jail and his son still missing, Geoffrey was left with no purpose, and his situation even worsened when Catherine was murdered in prison. Over the next months, Geoffrey attempted to build a new life with Tamar and joined Wizard, which was now controlled by Morgan le Fay, who enthralled him. Under her influence, Geoffrey went up against his fellow former PRIDE members and the Runaways, but he was eventually released from the spell after a confrontation with Dagger. Having learned that Hernandez was in danger, Geoffrey reassembled PRIDE to save her. Despite being grievously wounded, Geoffrey survived the ultimate confrontation against the Coven.


Early Life


"G's mom worked three jobs. Anytime he needed a meal, place to go, my Nana B hooked him up."
Darius Davis to Alex Wilder[src]

Geoffrey Wilder grew up in Compton, where he befriended Darius Davis. Due to his mother working intensely to raise her son, Wilder spent a lot of time with Davis' grandmother Nana B, who frequently looked after him, cooking meals and birthday cakes and healing him when he got hurt.[1]

Joining PRIDE

Wilder and Darius Davis in prison

"If someone like you wants to know something in my neighborhood, then you gonna need a partner."
―Geoffrey Wilder to Jonah[src]

In 1999, Wilder and Darius Davis were serving a jail sentence in Los Angeles Penitentiary for gang activity, specifically the shooting of Osiris. Later, Jonah approached Geoffrey and his legal attorney Catherine Henderson and offered to purchase land in South Central that was left to Wilder from his deceased uncle, with opening offer was five million dollars.

Geoffrey refused to sell the land unless he would be treated as Jonah's business partner. Initially, Jonah declined as Wilder would be incarcerated for some time. In response, Henderson pledged to have Wilder out within a month: Wilder asked Davis to take the blame for Osiris' death. Davis agreed, counting on Wilder to repay his debt once they would be both out of jail.[1]

Rite of Blood

First Sacrifices

" You're gonna be doing things you don't want your neighbors to hear."
Jonah to Geoffrey Wilder and Catherine Wilder[src]

Having been released from prison, Wilder, who had married Catherine Wilder in the process, was once again contacted by Jonah. Jonah took them to a mysterious location in Brentwood and showed them a mysterious basement, indicating that it would become an important place for PRIDE. Therefore, the Wilders built the Wilder Mansion over this basement.[1]

Along with the other members of PRIDE, Wilder went into this basement for a ritual ceremony involving the young Brooks Watten, a member of the Church of Gibborim. Wilder watched as Watten got into a Dematerialization Box prepared by Victor Stein and his body was converted into pure energy which would be used to restore Jonah. While most of the members of PRIDE were horrified by the deed, Wilder noticed that there was a camera which had recorded the whole sacrifice, preventing them to go to the police and forcing them to carry on the rituals.[7]

When Gene and Alice Hernandez were killed in a so-called accident, Wilder suspected that Tina Minoru had actually murdered them. During the funeral, he openly voiced his suspicions to Robert Minoru, who firmly denied that his wife had anything to do with it.[8]

Despite his reluctance at the idea of murdering young teenagers, Wilder scrupulously went with the rest of PRIDE into carrying the sacrifices in order to restore Jonah. In parallel, the company he had founded, Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc., managed the PRIDE Construction Site, where Jonah had told the PRIDE that they would dig out a source of clean and renewable energy.[2]

Destiny Gonzalez

Wilder has breakfast with his family

"I'm sorry."
―Geoffrey Wilder to Destiny Gonzalez[src]

On the day of PRIDE's fifteenth sacrifice, Geoffrey went to see his son Alex in his bedroom to invite him for breakfast, noticing that Alex played the same game he used to play with his deceased friend Amy Minoru. During breakfast, Geoffrey and his wife Catherine expressed their concern that Alex spent his whole time alone without his former friends and pressured him into reconnecting with them, although Alex noticed that Geoffrey seemed to have not kept in touch with his former friends. As they prepared for the PRIDE meeting, Geoffrey insisted that they were working for a good cause and reiterated his suggestion that Alex should return to his friends, who probably missed him as well even if they did not show it.[9]

Wilder confronts the Crips

Remaining alone with Catherine after Alex left for school, Geoffrey assured his wife that Alex would be able to move on from Minoru's death, emphasizing that Alex had the same strength than his parents. Geoffrey then helped his wife prepare the Wilder Mansion for the upcoming PRIDE meeting in the evening. Later in the day, however, Wilder was alerted by Howard that Darius Davis and the Crips had invaded the PRIDE Construction Site in an attempt to extort money from Geoffrey. Pressured by Catherine to solve this issue, Geoffrey drove there to meet with the Crips and threatened to kill Davis' grandmother if he did not leave immediately.[2]

Wilder refuses to read Destiny Gonzalez's file

In the evening, Geoffrey and Catherine welcomed their guests, although Geoffrey had to deal with Dale Yorkes' awkward talk before the meeting actually happened.[9] Soon after Alex returned home, without his friends he yet had invited over, Geoffrey and the rest of PRIDE were given a file with information on their next victim, Destiny Gonzalez. However, Geoffrey was reluctant to review it as he felt highly uncomfortable with the idea of killing a young girl the same age as his son, which was noticed by Victor Stein. Still, Geoffrey went down into the basement with the other members to perform the sacrifice. As Gonzalez was incapacitated by a beverage, Geoffrey helped to carry her into the Dematerialization Box. Before it was closed, however, he apologized to a terrified Destiny.

Wilder and his wife go to investigate

Once the sacrifice was over, Geoffrey and the rest of PRIDE were surprised by a flash of light. Worried that someone might have seen them, Geoffrey and Catherine put their normal clothes back on and returned into the mansion to investigate. They found Alex and his friends playing in the guesthouse, apparently unaware of what had happened in the basement, much to Geoffrey's satisfaction. Geoffrey and Catherine then returned into the basement to inform PRIDE of the teenagers' presence, although they were unaware that they had actually witnessed the sacrifice. Geoffrey asked Stein whether he needed help with the Dematerialization Box, but was told that it was unnecessary.

Wilder asks his son about Nico Minoru

Geoffrey then returned into the mansion's hall, discussing with the teenagers before they all left with their parents. Once only Alex remained, Geoffrey could not help but notice that there seemed to have something between Alex and Nico Minoru, but Alex eluded the question and went to bed. Geoffrey went in his office, where his wife joined him, and expressed his thought that despite having climbed the ladder since his time with the Crips, he was still carrying criminal activities. Geoffrey was told by Catherine not to think like that, and they shared a kiss before Catherine left. Upon leaving the study, Geoffrey felt something under his feet: a cat-shaped hairpin which likely belonged to Molly Hernandez.[2]

Wilder disagrees with using the Synnergy Serum

Geoffrey shared his discovery with Catherine, who insisted that they had to make sure Hernandez had not seen anything of the sacrifice. As Catherine suggested using the Synnergy Serum on her, Geoffrey advised her against it, citing how it had changed Frank Dean, but he had no other plan to suggest and was thus forced to let his wife try to find out what Hernandez knew.

Later in the day, Geoffrey called Alex, informing him that he was at home and that they could talk about girls. As the call was abruptly ended, Geoffrey was called by Catherine who told him that she had found Hernandez in the Timely Coffee but had lost her. Geoffrey asked her to quickly find her before hanging up and finding Alex. He took him to his study so they could talk, unaware that Alex had actually been in the room a few minutes ago to open the secret passageway leading to the basement.[8]

In the next day, Geoffrey and the rest of PRIDE were alerted that the sacrifice of Gonzalez had actually failed, and that she had been murdered by Stein to cover up his mistake. Therefore, Geoffrey and Catherine held an emergency PRIDE meeting in the Wilder Mansion. Wilder and Robert Minoru waited for Stein to arrive as he had told them that he had found someone else to sacrifice, but when he eventually got there, his van was empty as he had hallucinated the capture of an innocent young woman.

Wilder joins a PRIDE meeting

During the meeting, Geoffrey confronted Stein about having kept his trouble with the Dematerialization Box a secret. He also assured the rest of PRIDE that he had asked Detective Flores to take care of Gonzalez's body and make sure the investigation would not lead to PRIDE. When Leslie Dean suggested that they should find someone else to sacrifice like a homeless person, Geoffrey asked her whether she meant someone who did not count, only to be told her belief that all lives mattered.[10]

Son Kidnapped

"Alex, you all right?"
"I'm okay."
"That situation could change if you and me can't come to a hospitable conclusion to this whole thing."
―Geoffrey Wilder, Alex Wilder and Darius Davis[src]

Geoffrey was working in his study when he received a phone call, seemingly from his son Alex. However, it turned out that Darius Davis had actually kidnapped Alex, and demanded a million dollars from Geoffrey in exchange for his son's life. Hanging up the phone, Geoffrey kept the kidnapping of Alex a secret from his wife Catherine, and called Detective Flores, asking him to sent three members of his team for assistance before heading to the park where Davis wanted to meet.

Geoffrey and his allies immediately fired at the Crips upon arriving to the park, thus causing an intense exchange of bullets. Geoffrey himself ended up being threatened by Andre Compton, a young member of the Crips who hesitated too long before shooting Geoffrey, causing him to be shot from behind by Alex, who had stolen a gun from his father's office. Now briefly safe as Davis was still hiding, Geoffrey took the weapon from Alex and began looking after Compton, but then realized that Alex was being held at gunpoint by Davis, who left in his car with Alex still his hostage.

Still dealing with the wounded Compton, Geoffrey saw his son returning to him with Davis' threat apparently gone. As Alex suggested calling an ambulance for Compton, Geoffrey replied that he would take him somewhere safe for him to be treated, but was called a liar by Alex, as Davis had told him how Geoffrey had wronged him. However, Geoffre remained deaf to his son's criticism and send him back home. He then called Catherine and asked her to gather PRIDE as he intented to sacrifice Compton to revive Jonah.

Wilder argues with his son

Therefore, Geoffrey took the wounded Compton to the Church of Gibborim Executive Office, where he joined in his sacrifice in a Dematerialization Box. Once the sacrifice was ended and Leslie Dean asked everyone to leave, Geoffrey returned home and went to see Alex in his bedroom. They ended up arguing, as Alex blatantly told his father that he though of him as a malevolent figure now and asked him to leave. Geoffrey violently reacted, which frightened Alex although Geoffrey assured him that he would never hurt him. As Alex left the room, Geoffrey was joined by Catherine, to whom he promised that he would take care of Darius and never keep secrets from her again.[1]

Molly Hernandez's Risk

"We need to be all up in his business until we know for sure."
"And then there's Molly."
"I've been thinking about it, but it will require Dale and Stacey keeping a secret."
"Yeah, that's no sure thing."
Catherine Wilder and Geoffrey Wilder[src]

As a PRIDE gala was occurring in the evening, Geoffrey went to see his son Alex in his bedroom and offered him to help with his tie in an attempt to reconcile with him, but he was rebuffed by Alex. Geoffrey insisted that they should try to return to a normal relationship as they were still family living under the same roof, but Alex told that Geoffrey had created the problem and that he could no longer act like he did not know anything about his father's past actions.

Wilder during the PRIDE gala

Geoffrey enjoyed some pleasant time during the gala, joining in the celebration of a PRIDE donation for the funding of the school PRIDE pretended to be building on the PRIDE Construction Site under the applause of the crowd. However, while discussing with other benefactors and guests, he could not help but notice that his wife Catherine seemed to behave strangely and asked her whether everything was fine. A much more pressing issue later came out, as Victor Stein publicly announced that he was aware his wife was having an affair with Robert Minoru before fainting.

Geoffrey helped to carry Stein to a quiet room, where Stein's son Chase expressed his concern about his father's health, revealing that Stein suffered from a brain tumor. As Jonah stepped in to cure Victor, Geoffrey incited Chase to leave, assuring him that Stein was in good hands. Finally, as the gala neared its end, Geoffrey learned the reason of his wife's agitation: indeed, Geoffrey was told by Catherine that Molly Hernandez probably did know about the sacrifices perpetrated by PRIDE.[7]

In the next day, Geoffrey found Catherine in Alex's room, looking for any sign that Hernandez had told Alex about the rituals as they agreed that Alex had been behaving strangely in the past days. Nevertheless, Geoffrey surmised that it could also be due to his recent kidnapping by Darius Davis or his relationship with Nico Minoru. Alex then joined the conversation, and Geoffrey and Catherine told him that they would attend the upcoming Atlas Academy open house. They asked him whether he had anything to share before that, but he denied and simply left after swiftly taking his laptop before Catherine could see it.

Deciding to grant Alex the benefit of the doubt until they knew more, Geoffrey and Catherine discussed what they could do to protect Hernandez. Geoffrey listened to the plan elaborated by Catherine, who no longer considered using the Synnergy Serum on her but instead suggested sending Hernandez away from Los Angeles to live with her cousin Graciela Aguirre in Montebello. Geoffrey and Catherine went to the Yorkes Residence to submit this idea to Dale and Stacey Yorkes, but a seemingly agitated Stacey replied that they had no time to chat and that they would talk at the open house.

Wilder meets with the Yorkeses

Therefore, Geoffrey and Catherine went to Atlas Academy and went for an opportunity to speak with the Yorkeses. They revealed that Hernandez knew about the sacrifices, acknowledging that they did not know whether she had shared this with Alex, and exposed their plan of sending Hernandez to Montebello. Initially, the Yorkeses refused, but Geoffrey insisted, claiming that it was far too dangerous to take the risk of having Hernandez being threatened by Jonah or Tina Minoru, who Geoffrey still heavily distrusted. Therefore, the Yorkeses agreed to follow the Wilders' plan.[3]

Attack on Victor Stein

"The last time we got a text with that message, the Hernandezes were found in pieces. I should've done something about that, about her, back then."
―Geoffrey Wilder to Catherine Wilder[src]

Geoffrey and his wife Catherine later received a message from Janet Stein with a single word: "TSUNAMI", the PRIDE codename for emergency situations. They drove to the Stein Mansion to figure out the situation, and although Catherine asked him to remain calm until they knew what was happening, Geoffrey openly voiced his suspicions that Tina Minoru was involved, recalling that they had received the same message the night Gene and Alice Hernandez died.

Going down into the mansion's garage, Geoffrey initially believed his suspicions to be true as he saw Tina holding a gun in front of a bloodied and unconscious Victor Stein. Geoffrey began to drew his own gun, but was told to stand down as Chase Stein was there as well. Geoffrey and Catherine were then told that Victor had actually been shot by his wife Janet with a gun given to her by Robert Minoru in an attempt to protect Chase from Victor. Explaining to Chase that PRIDE was more of a family than a simple charity, Geoffrey persuaded Chase to leave with his mother while the rest of them would look after Victor.

Along with the rest of PRIDE, Geoffrey assisted Dale and Stacey Yorkes, who had returned from Montebello, in performing first aid for Victor. When Leslie Dean, who had learned about the event, arrived in the Stein Mansion, Geoffrey asked her whether she planned on alerting Jonah, but Leslie instead called her husband Frank, who had been given Healing Gloves by Jonah. Geoffrey witnessed the activation of the gloves, but assumed that the process was not working due to Victor's violent reaction, which eventually caused Victor to die. Geoffrey and the rest of PRIDE attempted to remove his body, but stopped as Jonah arrived as well.

Geoffrey and the other male members of PRIDE were asked by Jonah to bring the Dematerialization Box stored in the lab as he planned on performing a sacrifice to revive Victor. As Jonah ordered Janet to give her life for her husband and she refused, a violent argument erupted due to Jonah threatening to kill the Runaways if PRIDE failed to decide on who to sacrifice. Things escalated to the point of Dale seizing a gun and aiming it at PRIDE, but Geoffrey stepped in and held Dale at gunpoint as well, forcing him to drop his weapon, although the gun fired upon falling on the ground, much to Geoffrey's complete astonishment towards Dale's clumsiness.

As Janet ultimately accepted to sacrifice herself and required permission to say goodbye to her son, Geoffrey saw Robert getting into the Dematerialization Box himself to preserve Janet's life, but Tina destroyed one of the Boxes, thus rendering the sacrifice impossible. Jonah then stored Victor's body into the remaining box, and asked for help into transporting it. As Geoffrey and Dale helped him and Dale mentioned that it reminded him of Gene's and Alice's funeral, Geoffrey countered that this had nothing to do with the present situation.[11]

Confrontation with the Runaways

"It's time to come home, son."
―Geoffrey Wilder to Alex Wilder[src]

Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder went to the PRIDE Construction Site as PRIDE had been summoned there by Jonah in order to witness the activation of the Nemo Industrial Drilling Machine. Upon arriving, Geoffrey realized that his employees from his company had been dismissed and that the site was now managed by the Church of Gibborim. This angered Geoffrey as he was still the legal owner of the site, but before he could voice his protest to Jonah, he was interrupted by Catherine who wanted her husband to remain calm with Jonah to avoid any complication. Geoffrey thus remained silent and watched as Jonah set the drill in motion.

Wilder listens to Jonah

In the evening, Geoffrey and Catherine were once again summoned by Jonah along with the rest of PRIDE, this time in his room at the Church of Gibborim Executive Office. There, Geoffrey learned that Jonah knew that the Runaways were aware of the sacrifices PRIDE had been conducted for years, and that the Wilders and the Yorkeses had conspired to send Molly Hernandez away. Like the other PRIDE members, Geoffrey was ordered to check on his son Alex's whereabouts. He and Catherine returned home, only to find out that Alex had stolen an access card for the construction site.

Geoffrey and Catherine joined the other PRIDE members and they all went to the construction site, where they found the Runaways attempting to sabotage the drilling. Geoffrey asked his son to return home with his parents, but Alex, just like the other teenagers, rejected him, stating that he would not go anywhere with him. Geoffrey was then shocked when Karolina Dean revealed her Gibborim-based powers and asked Leslie Dean whether she knew about it, but Leslie replied that she did not know although she had feared it.[12]

As Jonah arrived with Frank Dean to step in the fight, Geoffrey warned him that he would not tolerate that Jonah hurt Alex. However, Jonah was unimpressed by Geoffrey and attacked the Runaways nonetheless without Geoffrey being able to do anything to intervene in the confrontation. The fight eventually ended with the Runaways fleeing except for Karolina, who was captured by Jonah. Geoffrey and the rest of PRIDE searched for their children for a while, but to no avail, and left the construction site.[13]

Leaving PRIDE

"That's it! We don't work for him anymore. Consequences be damned."
"I'm with you."
Catherine Wilder and Geoffrey Wilder[src]

In the following morning, Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder went to the Minoru Mansion to discuss the recent events with the rest of PRIDE, albeit without Leslie Dean. Since the members needed to be truthful towards each other, Geoffrey reiterated his suspicions regarding Tina Minoru's involvement in the death of Gene and Alice Hernandez. Minoru denied it, but confessed that she knew that it was actually Dean who had perpetrated the crime.

Wilder discusses the Runaways' knowledge

Geoffrey explained that the Runaways had pieced up knowledge of PRIDE's activities, and agreed that PRIDE had to go themselves to look inside the hole they had dug and find out what it contained. They then discussed about what they could do to bring their children back home, and Geoffrey told that they could hardly resort to the LAPD. Hoping to find a solution, Geoffrey and Catherine decided to go the Church of Gibborim Executive Office where Karolina Dean had been taken in order to interrogate her.

Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder leave PRIDE

However, upon arriving in the building, the two of them were confronted by Jonah. However, Jonah remained unimpressed and refused to let them see Karolina, and despite Geoffrey and Catherine being willing to engage in a more violent confrontation, the presence of Church of Gibborim guards convinced them not to. Humiliated, Geoffrey and Catherine left the building and outright decided to leave PRIDE and to find their son Alex on their own, unaware that they actually walked by him as he was hiding behind a van.

Geoffrey returned home, where he weighed the pros and cons of his future plans. As he stood in front of a phone and Catherine remarked that he could not force Alex to call them by simply staring at the device, Geoffrey explained that, despite his previous thought, he would ask Detective Flores for help and that they would then go to war against Jonah.[13]

Return to PRIDE


Wilder blames Flores for his failure

"How's that co-chair thing workin' out?"
Catherine Wilder to Geoffrey Wilder[src]

Geoffrey was rapidly contacted back by Detective Flores, who claimed that the LAPD had successfully found the Runaways. He and Catherine accompanied the other members of PRIDE to the District 27 West Side Station. However, it turned out that the teenagers apprehended by the police were not their children, but only people looking like them. Geoffrey angrily blamed Flores for the mistake, and ordered him to call them back only once he would be sure that he had found the Runaways.

Wilder suggests killing Graciela Aguirre

Despite having decided to leave PRIDE, Geoffrey and Catherine went with thm to the PRIDE Headquarters to discover the organization's new headquarters to coordinate the search for the Runaways. Geoffrey expressed annoyance when Leslie Dean voiced criticism regarding the Wilders calling Flores without telling anyone else, but PRIDE quickly changed subjects and began discussing Graciela Aguirre, who claimed to have evidence against PRIDE. Geoffrey offered to silence her by killing her, but PRIDE eventually opted for the less lethal Synnergy Serum to wipe her memories. Later however, Geoffrey learned that Aguirre had died, and immediately accused Tina Minoru.

Wilder discusses Jonah's nature

Once his concerns were dismissed by Minoru, Geoffrey and Catherine were told that their actions on the PRIDE Construction Site under Jonah's leadership could cause massive earthquakes. As Dale and Stacey Yorkes revealed that there were extraterrestrial creatures buried on the site and linked to Jonah, Geoffrey asked Dean for details, but she did not know much. Geoffrey then admitted that he no longer had control over the dig site as it was run by the Church of Gibborim, prompting Minoru to renew PRIDE's promise to kill Jonah.

Wilder justifies his choice of returning to PRIDE

As the Yorkeses recalled that it would be incredibly difficult, Geoffrey insisted that they had to find a way no matter what. When Minoru underlined that PRIDE could not afford to stand divided, Geoffrey asked her whether she wanted to lead them all, and was offered to be co-leader with Minoru, which Geoffrey accepted, much to Catherine's dismay. However, Geoffrey set aside her disapproval, claiming that they would handle PRIDE after the threat of Jonah was removed.[5]

In the next day, Geoffrey returned to the PRIDE Headquarters to discuss the occurrence of an earthquake in Los Angeles, which was dismissed as not being caused by the hole in the dig site. Geoffrey then offered to stay and monitor the surveillance feed with Catherine looking for a sign of the Runaways. Geoffrey was directly ordered by Minoru to inform her as soon as they would have found something, and his annoyance was noticed by Catherine, who jokingly asked him whether he truly felt as Minoru's co-captain.

Wilder gives the Abstract to Janet Stein

Remaining with Catherine, Geoffrey waited, hoping to get a clue regarding the Runaways' location. However, since things did not progress, Catherine suggested meeting with Flores to find another way to convince the teenagers to return home. Geoffrey agreed, and voiced his concerns about their son Alex being somewhere in the street, which were shared by Catherine. Once Catherine left, Geoffrey was contacted by Janet Stein, who requested that he lent the Abstract to her. Although dubious that Stein could decipher it, Geoffrey agreed to give her the book left to PRIDE by Jonah.

Wilder is called by Darius Davis

Geoffrey was still present in the PRIDE Headquarters when Catherine returned from a meeting with Flores, informing him that the only way to clear the Runaways' name was to frame someone else for the death of Destiny Gonzalez. As Geoffrey was reluctant to ruin yet another innocent person's life, Catherine retorted that they were not forced to pick someone innocent. At this moment, Geoffrey was called by Darius Davis, and although Geoffrey no longer wanted anything to do with his former friend, he listened to Davis, as the latter was actually in contact with Alex and wanted to suggest a deal.[14]

Deal with Darius Davis

"I could hold onto it. Build it up, hire some of the old gang to help out. Become an entrepreneur. Like you. Except not like you. Because I won't forget who I am. Or where I'm from."
"You do you, my man. But this is it, Darius. I get into that car with my son, drive out of here, and it's over."
Darius Davis and Geoffrey Wilder[src]

Geoffrey accepted to strike a deal with Darius Davis; in exchange for his son, Alex being returned to him, Geoffrey would give him full ownership of the PRIDE Construction Site after PRIDE would be done with it. Thus; he and Catherine returned to the Wilder Mansion and prepared their luggage, planning on leaving the United States of America with new identities. Geoffrey packed up clothes, money and a handgun before leaving to meet with Davis.

Wilder meets with Darius Davis

As expected, Geoffrey got Alex back as he was taken to him by Davis. Geoffrey had his son get into his car, and congratulated Davis for finally having beaten him, claiming that all the times Davis had won in their games of domino were because Geoffrey had let him win. Geoffrey then handed over the copy of the ownership documents for the dig site, stating that it belonged to Davis now. As Davis explained that he could become an entrepreneur with more moral values that Geoffrey, Geoffrey gave him the key to a suite in the Gordon Hotel as a gesture of good faith.

Wilder lets the Runaways escape

Geoffrey then get into his car and drove Alex to Van Nuys Airport, confiscating the phone given to Alex by Davis during the drive. However, when they arrived in the airport, arguing over Davis' behavior, Geoffrey was confronted by the Runaways, who had come to rescue Alex. Distracted by Karolina Dean's light beams, Geoffrey was then shot down by Chase Stein's Fistigons, enabling the Runaways to take Alex. Geoffrey thus ran back into his car and attempted to chase them, but Nico Minoru manifested a wall of asphalt in front of him, forcing him to stop the car, letting the Runaways escape.[4]

Wilder argues with his wife

However, Geoffrey was shocked upon learning that Catherine had actually murdered Davis after their encounter. As they arrived in the PRIDE Headquarters, Geoffrey openly voiced his anger towards his wife, claiming that she should not have killed a man he thought to as his brother. However, Geoffrey's hostility was met with annoyance with Catherine, who urged Geoffrey to end the fantasies he had about his former-life in the Crips. The conversation was then ended when Tina and Robert Minoru arrived.

Once all PRIDE had gathered, Geoffrey announced that he had been able to find a lead on the Runaways thanks to the phone confiscated from Alex. Upon being confronted by the other PRIDE members about his secret attempt to find his son, which had been concluded by a failure, Geoffrey and Catherine countered by accusing Tina of having willingly given the Staff of One to their daughter. Despite these agreements, PRIDE focused on the search for their children, and Geoffrey's investigation led to the discovery that the Runaways had recently been to a PRIDE soup kitchen.

Wilder and PRIDE interrogate Mike on a Bike

Geoffrey and the rest of PRIDE summoned Jules, a volunteer at the soup kitchen, for questioning, and as she denied having seen the Runaways, Geoffrey assumed that she was lying. Geoffrey then interrogated another witness, the thief Mike on a Bike, who confirmed that he had been in contact with the Runaways as he described the Fistigons and Old Lace, although Geoffrey was angered when Mike asked for money in exchange for answers.

As another earthquake shook Los Angeles, this time likely caused by Dale and Stacey Yorkes testing the Anti-Gibborim Serum on the dig site, PRIDE received an alert indicating that the Runaways had been spotted in their former school, Atlas Academy. Geoffrey thus joined the rest of PRIDE and drove to the school in an attempt to find the teenagers, but they did not find them as the Runaways had left right before PRIDE could find them, stealing an advanced computer in the process.[6]

Jonah's Return

"You didn't give us a job on launch day. Want us to make you a goodbye banner or some shit?"
"You've already fulfilled your purpose. I have no further use for you."
―Geoffrey Wilder and Jonah[src]

Continuing their search for the Runaways, Geoffrey and the rest of PRIDE had Eiffel come to the PRIDE Headquarters. Despite Eiffel behaving in an incredibly insolent way towards PRIDE, with Geoffrey being annoyed that she called his son Alex "Alvin", PRIDE was able to learn that the Runaways had stolen an advanced computer from Atlas Academy. Once Eiffel was gone, Geoffrey explained that Alex probably intended to use the computer to hack into the systems of the PRIDE Construction Site.

Then came the reveal by Dale and Stacey Yorkes that they had seen Jonah with Karolina Dean on the dig site. Like the rest of PRIDE, Geoffrey was extremely surprised and refused to let Jonah getting close to the teenagers. He added that if Jonah knew where the Runaways were hiding, then PRIDE had to force him to disclose the information. As PRIDE doubted that they could handle this, Robert Minoru announced that he had worked on something to fight Jonah. Geoffrey asked him whether he would tell PRIDE what it was, but Minoru refused, stating he would take on Jonah by himself.

Wilder sees Jonah returning

Minoru's attempt failed, however, and Geoffrey was still present in the PRIDE Headquarters when Jonah brought back the unconscious Minoru in front of the astonished members of PRIDE, including Geoffrey.[15] Geoffrey listened as Jonah explained that he expected the members of PRIDE to be there when he would unearth his spaceship to leave Earth, threatening to kill the Runaways if they did not comply. As Jonah was leaving, Geoffrey noticed that he had not given the Wilders any task, to which Jonah responded that they had already fulfilled their purpose.

Once Jonah left, PRIDE discussed what he had just said, including his promise of leaving the Abstract behind. Since they still feared that the departure of Jonah's ship could cause massive earthquakes which they could probably avert with the Abstract, Geoffrey revealed that he had given the book to Janet Stein. Geoffrey then left with Catherine, explaining that they would be on their way since Jonah had not given them anything to do. As Catherine noticed that things never got simple with Jonah, Geoffrey claimed that he refused to live looking above his shoulder, but Catherine urged him to remain cautious.[16]

Captured, Rescued and Held Hostage

Wilder is attacked by Jonah

"Your children rescued him. For some reason, with all evidence to the contrary, they still think you're worth keeping alive."
Jonah to Catherine Wilder[src]

Needing to take off some pressure, Geoffrey went to the gym to train with his physical trainer Jason. As Jason noticed that Geoffrey seemed particularly in a fighting mood this time, Geoffrey explained that he felt quite nervous as if he was being followed by someone. Geoffrey then went to the sauna, but as he complained about the towels and yelled at Jason, he noticed that a shower had been left running. Upon entering the room, Geoffrey could barely see through the vapor. He was then attacked by Jonah, who deployed tendrils of light to incapacitate him.

Wilder is found inside a Dematerialization Box

Left unconscious, Geoffrey was taken to the Church of Gibborim Executive Office during a Coruscation ceremony before being put into a Dematerialization Box. Geoffrey could have died from the process, his living energy transferred into Jonah to restore him, had he been not rescued by the Runaways, who had been alerted about a new sacrifice by Janet Stein. Still unconscious, Geoffrey was taken to the Hostel, where he regained consciousness, only to find himself tied up to a chair, with his son Alex explaining that he was his captive.[16]

Wilder tells his son about the spaceship

In the next morning, Geoffrey was approached by Alex. He criticized his son for the Runaways' past actions, namely the computer theft at Atlas Academy and the turmoil caused by Topher on the PRIDE Construction Site. As Alex refused to listen to his father urging him to remain away from Jonah, Geoffrey insisted, stating that the Runaways lacked a crucial piece of information in their struggle against Jonah: that he actually intended to unearth a spaceship which could have serious consequences.

Wilder discusses the Runaways' plan

Geoffrey's help was thu reluctantly accepted by the Runaways. He explained that they had to go to the dig site ahead of the rest of PRIDE and Jonah, and was thus blindfolded before leaving the Hostel so he would not know the location of the mansion. Only after they arrived at Momo Korean Restaurant could Geoffrey remove his blindfold. He then informed the Runaways that the Church of Gibborim would send a fleet of vans to guard the site, and expressed amazement upon watching Alex hacking into the vans to send them into the desert.

Geoffrey then went to the entrance of the dig site and pretended to Carl that he had to access the site. Taking advantage of a moment of distraction from Carl, Geoffrey stole his gun and threatened him, only to be held at gunpoint by another guard who was quickly knocked out by Alex. Together, Geoffrey and Alex tied up the Church's guards and locked them up so they would not interfere. They then waited on the site while the other Runaways went into the hole, until Jonah arrived with Leslie Dean, forcing them to hide.

Shortly after the rest of PRIDE arrived on the site, Jonah proceeded to launch his spaceship, but Geoffrey refused to let Alex join his friends in order to keep him safe. However, Geoffrey was momentarily distracted upon watching Nico Minoru leaving the hole thanks to the Staff of One, enabling Alex to run away. Geoffrey followed him, joining the other PRIDE members and being reunited with his wife Catherine, who hugged him out of relief of finding him safe.

Wilder checks on his son

In the ensuing battle between the Runaways, PRIDE and Jonah, Geoffrey could not do much but watch as the spaceship moved towards the surface, causing a minor earthquake. Geoffrey was then projected on the ground when Jonah furiously attacked PRIDE and the Runaways due to being angered by their attempts to stop him. As Jonah moved towards PRIDE, however, he was stabbed from behind by Minoru, seemingly killing him. Since the battle was ended, Geoffrey and Catherine approached Alex to check on him, but they were quickly put to sleep by Minoru.

Upon regaining consciousness, Geoffrey and the rest of PRIDE noticed that the Runaways were long gone and left the dig site as well, abandoning the body of Jonah behind.[17]

Strained Marriage

"You need to fix this. I can barely look at you after what you did to Darius. You think our son will?"
―Geoffrey Wilder to Catherine Wilder[src]

With the threat of Jonah removed, Geoffrey went to the PRIDE Headquarters and joined in a celebration for this victory. He and his wife Catherine then suggested that PRIDE should disband and that each family should focus on the search for their respective children, which the other members agreed.

Wilder confronts his wife

Later however, Geoffrey received a phone call from Detective Flores, and learned that Catherine had ordered an attack on Darius Davis' sister-in-law Livvie. As it happened, the shootout had occurred in a hospital, where their son Alex to see Livvie, who had gone to visit her sister Tamar and the newborn Xerxes Davis. Geoffrey violently confronted Catherine about her actions, urging her to find a solution and claiming that he could barely look at her before angrily leaving.

Geoffrey then went to pay Tamar a visit at Nana B's Residence. Geoffrey assured her that he meant her no harm and offered her the ownership documents of the PRIDE Construction Site, as well as a large amount of money for Xerxes Davis. His gift was accepted by Tamar, who yet claimed that she planned on keeping Davis' promise of giving her a kingdom, and that she would build this kingdom herself, inciting Geoffrey to watch his back as she was only getting started.[18]

Returning to the PRIDE Headquarters, Geoffrey, along with the rest of PRIDE, was confronted by Flores, who had experienced first-hand that the Runaways had superpowers he did not know about. Dismissing Flores' criticism, Geoffrey ordered him to find the teenagers and that PRIDE would handle the rest. Once Flores left, PRIDE discussed how they should prepare for their children's hostility, prompting Victor Stein to suggest crafting weapons of their own, with PRIDE acknowledging that it was their only solution.

Wilder confronts Flores

Geoffrey then asked Catherine to come with him to see Tamar again, as she and Livvie could have information about the Runaways' whereabouts. When Catherine stated that Tamar could not be trusted, Geoffrey retorted that he trusted her more than he did trust Catherine due to her past actions. Once at Tamar's, Geoffrey and Catherine learned that the Runaways had encountered the strike team, something Geoffrey had not been told by Flores. He thus confronted Flores in the night, and learned that Flores had trouble managing one of his men, AWOL.

Moreover, back to the PRIDE command center, Geoffrey and the rest of PRIDE were directly approached by AWOL, who informed them that Flores had kept evidence against the organization regarding their crimes Flores had been tasked with covering up. This, combined with Flores' inability to find the Runaways, convinced Geoffrey that the leadership of the strike team should be transferred to AWOL, as PRIDE still needed an ally within the LAPD.[19]

Despite his doubts on the weapons developed by Stein, Geoffrey took part in the trial runs performed on two PRIDE employees, Mary and Megan, at the Stein Mansion, to make sure that the equipment would not cause permanent damage to the Runaways. Later, Geoffrey voiced his concern about Stein's son Chase, who had been convinced to return home, being allowed to work at the PRIDE Headquarters. As PRIDE discussed the opportunity of submitting Chase to truth serum, just like he had been with Dale and Stacey Yorkes, an idea rejected by Stein, Geoffrey remarked that he seemed to have change his mind about the weapons. Still, Geoffrey accepted that Stein be the new leader of PRIDE, asking his wife Catherine not to oppose it as well.

Geoffrey later welcomed Chase into PRIDE, assuring him that should they return home the Runaways could take the reins of the organization and use it the way they wanted to correct their parents' wrongdoings.[20] Geoffrey and the other PRIDE members attempted to convince him to try and persuade the other Runaways]] to follow his path, else PRIDE would go at war against their children. When Catherine commented on the illegal actions the Runaways had undertaken during their flight from PRIDE, Geoffrey retorted that they were trying to go the easy way on Chase.[21]


"We got a call about shots fired."
"And you just assumed it was us?"
LAPD Officer and Geoffrey Wilder[src]

Since Chase Stein failed to convince the Runaways to return home, Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder took part in the Chase of the Runaways. After the teenagers split up, Geoffrey and Catherine quickly found their son Alex thanks to Tina Minoru and drove to his location. However, Alex was able to steal a car from Gower Car Wash, forcing Geoffrey to engage in a hot pursuit in Los Angeles. While driving, Geoffrey instructed Catherine to prepare the Multidirectional Tranquilizer Darts and ordered Minoru to stop following Alex with a PRIDE Drone, since it was unnecessary as they were right behind Alex, who drove very dangerously much to his parents' concern.

As Alex gave up on his car and ran away from them, Geoffrey and Catherine followed him on foot as well, but eventually lost Alex in small alleys, unable to say where he had gone. They then heard a gunshot and returned to their car, where they found Alex making a phone call. Geoffrey asked Alex to get into the car and not to force them to be violent towards him, but Alex countered and confronted Geoffrey and Catherine about their misdeeds, namely the Rite of Blood and the Assassination of Darius Davis, stating that they had chosen to perpetrate those crimes.

Wilder and his wife being arrested

Upon seeing a LAPD car approaching, Geoffrey took Catherine's tranquilizing gun and put it into the trash with his own weapon, as Alex explained that he would frame them for a cold case murder and ruin their life just like they had ruined lives themselves. He then ran away while Geoffrey and Catherine were ordered by two police officers to remain still. Geoffrey denied being responsible for the previous gunshot, but the officers found the gun used by Alex and planted in Geoffrey's car. Geoffrey admitted the car being his own and was subsequently arrested by the LAPD.[21]


"I didn't want to hurt your feelings."
"Hurt Geoffrey Wilder's feelings?"
"You speak in the third person all you want, we both know you're sensitive."
Catherine Wilder and Geoffrey Wilder[src]

Despite being a former gang member and a convicted murderer, as well as a member of the criminal organization PRIDE, Geoffrey was far from being a cruel and ruthless individual, although he certainly appeared as intimidating and formidable to some, especially because of his stature. While ready to carry on illegal actions if necessary, Geoffrey was not above feeling regrets or hesitation towards it. As such, from the very first Rite of Blood he openly voiced his reluctance about the idea of sacrificing teenagers, being one of the few members of PRIDE to acknowledge it despite being criticized for it by the likes of Victor Stein. This explains while he apologized to Destiny Gonzalez during her sacrifice, although he obviously did nothing to save her.

Contrary to what many people thought, including the ones closest to Geoffrey such as his son Alex or his former friend Darius Davis, Geoffrey was far less ruthless than his wife Catherine. More than often did he actually went along with Catherine's plans instead of elaborating his own, while Catherine also appeared to be the one able to calm Geoffrey down in his impulses of anger, especially towards Jonah. Nevertheless, things eventually changed when Catherine murdered Davis, which caused Geoffrey to deeply resent his wife.

Despite his criminal nature, Geoffrey was also a loving father to Alex, and admitted that he was a sensitive man. He valued the well-being and the safety of Alex and the other Runaways, being willing to protect Molly Hernandez when he found out that she knew about the secret rituals.


"You been doin' extra sessions with Mayweather on the side or what?"
Jason to Geoffrey Wilder[src]
  • Combatant: Wilder trained with Jason in Boxing, and was so proficient that the Magistrate considered him an effective host for his physical conditioning.
  • Marksman: Wilder is skilled in the use of firearms, specifically pistols and sub-machine guns.
  • Tactician: Wilder serves as PRIDE's intimidating strategist and blackmailer.



  • Rock Island Armory 1911: Wilder kept this handgun in the desk of his study. His son Alex found the gun and kept it until Wilder took it from him after he shot Andre Compton in the shoulder.
  • Colt M1911A1: Wilder took this gun to the Stein Mansion when he and the other members of PRIDE were summoned there, and was about to use it on Tina Minoru as she had a revolver on her hands, but stopped due to the presence of Chase Stein. Wilder then used the gun to threaten Dale Yorkes into dropping the revolver he had taken when all the members of PRIDE were arguing about who should be sacrificed in order to revive Victor Stein.
  • Mini Uzi: Wilder took this submachine gun in order to confront Darius Davis when he tried to extort him after he kidnapped Alex Wilder. Wilder began a shootout against Davis' men, while his men engaged Davis'.

Other Equipment



"This is my house. Your room is just out on loan, so if I want to be in here..."
―Geoffrey Wilder to Alex Wilder[src]
  • Wilder Mansion: Wilder lived in a wealthy mansion with his family, built on a land he had been instructed to purchase by Jonah. A secret door hidden in his study enabled PRIDE to access a secret ceremonial room where they held sacrifices on an annual basis.
"This is my neighborhood, my site!"
―Geoffrey Wilder to Jonah[src]


"Even with your fine legal counsel, you may be incarcerated for some time. Doesn't make for a very convenient partnership."
Jonah to Geoffrey Wilder[src]
"You're under my roof now."
Alex Wilder to Geoffrey Wilder[src]
  • Hostel: Wilder was briefly detained by his son Alex in the Runaways' underground hideout after they rescued him from Jonah. He later left the Hostel with the Runaways, who blindfolded him before leaving so he would not know anything about the location of the mansion.






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  • In the comics, Geoffrey Wilder was a crimeboss and the leader of PRIDE.

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