"You want me to come to the party in Genoa?"
Pepper Potts[src]

Genoa is the sixth largest city in Italy.


Tony Stark used an advanced traceroute routine in the system from Stark Industries mainframe to track down the source system of a malicious code sent to his computers by Cordo Gaines to obtain access to all information about Stark and his company, and used to redirect Stark's outlays to front organizations with untraceable sources.

The source was the city of Genoa in Italy, so Stark traveled there as Iron Man, where he came across a carnival funded using his money masquerading as a charity event, but in reality a front to steal account informations.

Iron Man located Gaines and his henchmen, with a shipment of Stark Industries weapon stolen with one of Gaines's previous hacks. Iron Man recognized them as Ten Rings insurgents and hacked the chips installed by Stark Industries in their weapons to render them useless, easily defeating them and making them being arrested by the Italian police.

Stark met the organizer of the carnival, who had no idea that Stark wasn't really behind the funding, and told him that the carnival would be immediately cancelled. However, Stark maintained the funding of the carnival to increase its duration from two days to a week.

A few hours later, Potts received a phone call from Stark, who informed her he managed to arrest the culprits, and invited her to come to Genoa, telling her that he was incarcerated for property damage so that she couldn't refuse to attend to a party there.

When she arrived, a welcome party was thrown up, but Stark also tasked Potts to find the moles inside Stark Industries that performed other identity thefts. He also told her to infiltrate a beauty contest in order to mingle and gain information from other known cyber-criminals at the event.

That night, at the beauty contest, Stark announced Corinna Vilon as the winner of the contest and a date with him, and ordered Potts to begin her investigation while he dated Ms. Vilon.[1]


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