"I'm backup anyway, I'm never gonna be in the place, so what's the point."
"The point is we all know each others jobs and positions so whatever happens, we're ready for it."
―Geno and Jigsaw[src]

Geno was a United States Army veteran who later became a member of Jigsaw's Crew, who participated as a driver in the Robbery of the ReadyQuick Check Cashing. During the start of their escape following the robbery, they were unexpectedly confronted by the Punisher. During the exchanging of gunfire, Geno was killed when he was shot inside of his car.


Jigsaw's Crew

Training for the Robbery

When Jigsaw had discovered that ReadyQuick Check Cashing was holding three hundred thousand dollars Jigsaw had started to train his crew in hopes of prepping them to rob ReadyQuick. Jigsaw had assigned Geno and Jake Nelson with him to act as the robbers during their practice session, despite the fact that Geno was going to be one of Jigsaw's getaway drivers when they were going to rob ReadyQuick. Geno was present when Jigsaw was explaining where the other members of his crew were going to go when they were going to rob ReadyQuick.

Robbery of ReadyQuick

Geno was used by Jigsaw as his getaway driver while he, Mike and Bobby robbed ReadyQuick in case something had went wrong and so that he could drive away when the crew was done with the robbery.

Chase of Jigsaw's Crew

When the Punisher came to chase down and destroy Jigsaw's crew after they robbed ReadyQuick Geno was seen in his car. When the Punisher had killed Mike Geno had attempted to kill the Punisher by driving his car at him. However the Punisher shoots Geno three times in his car, killing him. The Punisher later used Geno's car to drive after Jigsaw and his crew, however the Punisher ends up crashing Geno's car, wrenching it.







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