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"It's time to stop fantasizing about being Captain Marvel. I wish that you would just focus on you. Your grades. Your family. Your story. I mean, who do you want to be in this world, huh?"
Muneeba Khan to Kamala Khan

Generation Why is the first episode of the first season of Ms. Marvel.


Kamala Khan attends Avengercon only to discover that she herself might have superpowers.


Kamala Khan & Gabe Wilson.png

After having uploaded a video about her idol Captain Marvel onto her channel, Sloth Baby Productions, Kamala Khan is called to prepare for her drivers test, which she fails instantly. She attends Coles Academic High School the next day, Gabe Wilson Jr. meets her at his office, telling Khan to focus on her future rather than her fantasy land.

Kamala Khan & Aamir Khan.png

Afterwards, Kamala informs her friend Bruno Carrelli of her failed plan to attend the first annual AvengerCon, to which Carrelli announces his back-up plan of Kamala asking her mother Muneeba Khan to go. Kamala returns home from discussing costume ideas with Carrelli and is met with a box of her Nani's belongings. Finding a bangle, her mother Muneeba throws it away with Nani's other junk and orders Kamala to help complete her errands. Later that day, Carrelli helps install a home automation device by the Khan Residence as Kamala and her mother return home. Being told by Carrelli to follow the back-up plan as he leaves, Kamala does so but her parents turn down her suggestion of going to AvengerCon. Angered by being unable to do 'any normal teenage thing', Kamala is comforted by her brother Aamir Khan and texts Carrelli about the failed attempt.

The next day, Kamala's mom enters her room, agreeing to let her attend the convention, and showing her father Yusuf Khan as the Hulk to go with her. Despite this, Kamala finds the idea humiliating, saddening her parents, making them restrict her from going once again. Calling Carrelli about the situation, she meets Bruno atop the roof of Circle Q, stating that her fantasies of Captain Marvel are weird, and believes that the brown girls from Jersey City do not save the world after all. Carrelli tells her the opposite, however, and grants her photon gloves he created.

Kamala and Bruno (AvengerCon).jpg

On another day of school, Khan presents her new plan of attending AvengerCon by sneaking out. Following this plan, Khan roughly travels with Carrelli to the convention, changing into costume in the lavatory and forgetting the photon gloves. Nearly on stage, Khan accesses the bangle she brought along, achieving a new mysterious power. Blinded by the many flashing cameras as she is presented on stage, Khan unveils her strange hard-light abilities. These abilities cause havoc inside the convention, launching a massive statue of Mjølnir towards fellow student Zoe Zimmer. Falling off the hammer, Khan catches her with this power. With aid of Carrelli, Khan is brought back home, but she is met by her disappointed mother, who tells her to focus on herself before exiting her room. However, Khan lies on her bed, still dazzled by her cosmic ability.

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At the Damage Control Headquarters, agents P. Cleary and Sadie Deever discover a recording of the recent event at the convention upon social media, and plan to bring in a witness.


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