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"You vouch for him?"
"That's Gary. He helped us with the Miami thing."
"Oh. Well, let's hope tonight's a little less messy than that."
Harold Meachum and Kevin Singleton[src]

Gary was an enforcer of Harold Meachum. However, Gary along with Kevin Singleton were killed by Hand soldiers under the orders of Bakuto.


Working for Harold Meachum

Gary with Kevin Singleton and Harold Meachum

Gary, along with Kevin Singleton were at Harold Meachum's penthouse when Harold had came in. Harold tells Singleton that he wasn't allowed to bring random people into his penthouse. Harold asks how Singleton had gotten Gary and Singleton reveals to Harold that Gary had helped Harold and Singleton was an event that had happened in Miami. Harold then says that he hopes that tonight wouldn't be as messy as "the Miami thing" and Singleton and Gary leave. Joy, Harold's daughter asks Harold how long Singleton has seen him and asks why Singleton was at the penthouse, Harold responds by saying that Singleton was there for precautions. Joy asks Harold if it is safe for Singleton and Gary to know that he was still alive.[1]

Ambush at Harold Meachum's Penthouse

When Harold's son, Ward had came to the penthouse after escaping Birch Psychiatric Hospital Ward had encountered Gary. Ward had dragged Joy away so that he could talk to her alone about Harold. Harold orders Singleton to stop Ward the latter pulls out Gary's gun that he took from him. While Harold and Joy were trying to defuse the situation Hand soldiers led by Bakuto barge into the penthouse and gun down Gary and Singleton, killing them instantly.[2]


  • Glock 19: Gary and Kevin Singleton carried these handguns in order to protect Harold Meachum at his penthouse. However, once Bakuto and his men arrived, holding Meachum's whole family at gunpoint. Both men reached for their pistols, but they were quickly gunned down by Bakuto's men.