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"The Gap Junction. The space between universes."
Christine Palmer[src]

The Gap Junction it is a plane outside space-time where two copies of the Book of Vishanti were hidden.


The Book of Vishanti

Doctor Strange used his universe's Gap Junction to hide the Book of Vishanti. He made sure that the only way to enter the Gap Junction was by using his watch to open the door into the plane.[1]

Scarlet Witch’s War

Race to the Book of Vishanti

Doctor Strange and America Chavez were chased by a Ribboned Creature through the Gap Junction of his universe. They managed to evade the creature until they made it to the Book of Vishanti, but it managed to gain the upper hand. To save the multiverse, Strange attempted to sacrifice Chavez and steal her powers so that the monster could not obtain them. But, the monster killed Strange as Chavez opened a portal that sent her to Earth-616.[1]

Fight in the Gap Junction

In attempt to retrieve the Book of Vishanti, Doctor Strange and Christine Palmer entered the Gap Junction of Earh-838. Before they could grab the book, Scarlet Witch took control of America Chavez and destroyed it, and used her powers to send Strange and Palmer out of the Gap Junction. Then, Scarlet Witch used the powers to travel back to her reality. Wanda Maximoff of Earth-838 then regained her consciousness and flew out of the Gap Junction.[1]