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"She's throwing off interference, radiation. Nothing harmful. Low levels of gamma radiation."
"That can be harmful."
Erik Selvig and Nick Fury[src]

Gamma Radiation is electromagnetic radiation of the shortest wavelength, and is emitted by the Infinity Stones. Gamma radiation was absorbed by Bruce Banner after he used it in his Super Soldier Serum, transforming him into Hulk.


Gamma Cannon

Gamma radiation was fired from the Gamma Cannon in order to close a rift to the Darkforce created by an Atomic Bomb.[1]

Recreating the Super Soldier Serum

"Banner thought gamma radiation might hold the key to unlocking Erskine's original formula."
Steve Rogers and Phil Coulson[src]

Bruce Banner exposes himself to gamma radiation

In 2005, Bruce Banner experimented with gamma radiation in hopes of making soldiers immune to radiation poisoning, without knowing he was being part of Bio-Tech Force Enhancement Project, supervised by Thaddeus Ross and the United States Armed Forces, developed to rekindle Project Rebirth from the 1940s in order to create super soldiers akin to Captain America. Gamma radiation was seen as the ideal substitute for Vita Radiation as an activator and stabilizer for a recreated Super Soldier Serum.[2]

Absorbed by Bruce Banner

"I read all about your accident. That much gamma exposure should have killed you."
Tony Stark to Bruce Banner[src]

Being threatened with funding cuts at an early phase, Bruce Banner decided to test his gamma-irradiated Super Soldier Serum on himself and was administered a myostatin primer designed by Betty Ross that allowed his cells to absorb radiation temporarily.[2] While seated on a Gamma Ray Projector, Banner was monitored and exposed to fifteen seconds seconds of gamma radiation at level one. With no effects after the exposure at level one, Banner manually set the radiation higher despite Ross' warnings.[3] Gamma pulses stored in Banner's amygdala which are released during high stress moments, triggering a transformation.[2]

Gamma Poisoning

Bruce Banner's gamma-irradiated blood cells

Banner went to Brazil where he would look for vascular plants from the Amazon rainforest that could inhibit Gamma Radiation and therefore find the key to cure his condition, with the help of Samuel Sterns and the book Inventory of Rare and Endangered Tracheophyta of Amazônia. Meanwhile, Samuel Sterns experimented with Banner's gamma-irradiated blood samples on animal test subjects without his knowledge, willing to utilize his tests towards further scientific research, such as to develop cures to various illnesses, motivated by the goal to make humans practically immune to any disease.

In 2010, the Watcher Informant drank a bottle of Pingo Doce in his house in Milwaukee, unaware that it was infected with Bruce Banner's blood. His exposure to gamma radiation caught the attention of the Strategic Operations Command Center which tracked Banner down to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.[2]

Blonsky's Blood Transfusion

Emil Blonsky injected with Bruce Banner's gamma-irradiated blood

Emil Blonsky, who had already been injected twice with a version of the Super Soldier Serium, forced Samuel Sterns to inject him with Banner's Gamma-irradiated blood. Sterns warned that the combination would be an unpredictable combination that could turn him into an abomination. Blonsky, however, was less than concerned about the side effects, and Sterns promptly administered the transfusion, having his hippocampus exposed to Gamma Radiation to activate the mixture. As a result, Blonsky mutated into Abomination, a gargantuan and monstrous creature with body larger than Hulk's. Sterns was also accidentally infected with Banner's blood via an open wound on his forehead,[2] causing him to go mad, but with an enhanced intelligence.[4]

Centipede Serum

"I'm reading alien metal, gamma radiation, the serum... Every known source of superpower thrown in a blender. "
Jemma Simmons[src]

Gamma radiation was one of the components of the Centipede Serum, an item designated to give a person superhuman abilities: The rest of the components are Extremis, a variation of the Super Soldier Serum and technology from the Chitauri for injection.[5]

Gamma Power Reserve

Gamma radiation was fired from the Gamma Power Reserve in order to end the threat of Blackout against Audrey Nathan; being bombarded with the energy caused him to explode.[6]

Infinity Stones

Bruce Banner comparing the gamma radiation levels of the Scepter to the Tesseract

"The radiation's mostly gamma."
Bruce Banner[src]

Due to the Tesseract emitting gamma radiation, S.H.I.E.L.D. recruited Bruce Banner to assist them in locating it.[7] In 2018, when Thanos activated the completed Infinity Gauntlet, gamma radiation was emitted from the complete set of Infinity Stones. The Gauntlet was charred as a result.[8] After Thanos destroyed the Stones, his body became charred from the gamma radiation.

In 2023, Bruce Banner activated the Nano Gauntlet, noting that he would be the only one safe enough to do so due to his connection with gamma radiation. During the Battle of Earth, Stark used his nanotechnology to take the Infinity Stones off of the Gauntlet and snapped his fingers to defeat an alternate Thanos and his army. However, he then died due to the gamma radiation exposure throughout his body.[9]


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