"Dear friends, in honor of Kasius presenting the Destroyer of Worlds, I, too, have brought a rare delicacy for everyone's enjoyment... fresh Xandarian snail!"
"You are far too generous, Ponarian."
"Please keep that in mind when the bidding begins."
―Gaius Ponarian and Kasius[src]

Senator Gaius Ponarian is an individual who came to Kasius with the aim of buying Quake to be his personal slave.


Deals with Kasius

Providing Vrellnexians

"How are you faring with that Vrellnexian litter I sold you?"
"It has been trying. The savage beasts have proven quite difficult to wrangle."
"Well, they're certainly not bred to cuddle. They're creatures of war, not the shaggy dog of men."
―Gaius Ponarian and Kasius[src]
During one of his visits in the Lighthouse, Ponarian sold Kasius a Vrellnexian litter, since he was hoping it would provide Kasius a sense of relief from his exile.[1]

Inhuman Auction

"This is an auction, Lady Karaba, not a flea market. Take your useless toys back to the mudpits you crawled out of."
―Gaius Ponarian[src]
Ponarian was invited by Kasius to come to the Lighthouse for an auction during which several Inhumans would be available for sale, the pinnacle of them being Quake, that Ponarian, like every other bidders, was very eager to purchase. After a dinner - during which Ponarian antagonized Boshtok the Marauder - Ponarian attended the first fight between Melinda May and Ben. Once the duel was over, Ponarian made an offer to purchase Ben, but Kasius revealed that he did not intend to sell him as Ben had been lying to him. Instead, Kasius had Sinara execute Ben.

The second fight opposed Quake to Sinara. Once the latter was defeated, Leo Fitz made his move to release his friends and hit Ponarian in the head, knocking him unconscious.[1]


"Even the man's closest friends find his temperament to be that of a diseased child monster."
Beneath his smiles and his fine clothes, Ponarian appears to be a quite cruel and even deranged person. Enoch expressed disgust when he told Leo Fitz about him, comparing his mind to one of a child monster. Ponarian is also somewhat gross, openly admitting that he visits brothels, and he enjoys the sight of two people fighting to the death like the Inhumans Kasius offers for sale.






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