Gabriella Rosetti is a former representative of the Vatican. She helped Louise Hastings and Daimon Helstrom to uncover cases of demonic possession. However, Rosetti was impregnated when she and Helstrom were possessed by Kthara and Basar, giving birth to Kthara in human form. Horrified by the demons, Rosetti decided to become a member of the Blood.


Early Life

Finding her Faith

Gabriella Rosetti grew up in Italy. Her mother was from Mexico and her father was from Sicily, Italy. Both sides of her family had a number of clergymen in their ranks.[5] Her neighborhood was very crowded and bustling, where everyone lived on top of each other.[6]

When Rosetti was young, she had seizures that were misidentified as symptoms of possession, since they were used to getting requests for exorcisms. The exorcist sent to deal with her told her parents she was actually epileptic, and she was put on the proper treatment regimen afterwards. Initially she resented her parents, but eventually she understood their choices and forgave them.[5]

As with most people, Rosetti dabbled in normal pastimes like partying, but did not find these fulfilling. She found more satisfaction in exploring her faith.[7]

She studied at the Regina Apostolorum in Rome, Italy for six years.[1] Simultaneously, she worked with the Talitha Kum, at times participating in the field where she had to disguise herself and go into dark places to get trafficked women and children out of captivity.[2]

At the church's recommendation, Louise Hastings hired Rosetti to replace her as the head of Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health and to work with Daimon Helstrom on exorcisms, although the two did not always get along.[7] Rosetti continued to go to confession while in Portland. The church sent Rosetti with the intention of having her observe Helstrom and report disturbing or unnatural behavior to Archbishop Terrazi.[3] Terrazi swore to Rosetti that the information in her reports would be kept confidential, between her, Terrazi, and the church, and Rosetti believed him since he was a man of faith.[6]

Battling Demons

Working with Daimon Helstrom

Rosetti was sent to help Daimon Helstrom with an exorcism at the Cavallo Residence in Salem, Oregon. Rosetti assured Mr. Cavallo that Helstrom would be arriving soon, and Cavallo asked about him not being a priest and how the exorcism would work. Rosetti explained that she was knew and that she didn't know, when Helstrom arrived. Cavallo led Helstrom and Rosetti inside and attempted to introduce them to his wife, who expressed that she did not care. While Helstrom discovered that the Cavallo's son was faking his possession, Rosetti comforted Mr. Cavallo. Helstrom told Rosetti and Cavallo not to follow him.

When Helstrom returned, Rosetti and the Cavallos demanded to know what happened, and Helstrom explained that their son had been faking his possession and criticized their parenting. Rosetti apologized to Mr. Cavallo as he returned inside and scolded Helstrom for being rude. Helstrom defended himself, explaining that the fake possession was a waste of time since he needed to prepare for his class the next day. Rosetti explained that the Cavallos simply wanted hope, and Helstrom replied that everyone does.[1]

Investigating the Escape

"The hatred in her eyes, the pure evil of it, I've never experienced anything like it."<"'Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened up to you.'"
"Matthew. Chapter seven."
"Just remember, you knocked."
―Gabriella Rosetti and Daimon Helstrom[src]

The next day, Louise Hastings and Ellis showed Rosetti and Daimon Helstrom footage of Keith Spivey visiting a patient's hospital room before breaking out two other patients. Helstrom explained that the patient he visited was his mother, and Rosetti asked to visit with him, hoping to report to the Vatican. However, Helstrom refused to allow her to and entered on his own. When he returned, he told Rosetti and Hastings about a symbol on the wall of his mother's room, so Rosetti began asking follow-up questions, causing Helstrom to get annoyed. Rosetti asked to see his mother alone, which annoyed Helstrom. Hastings confirmed that Kthara was indeed dangerous, and Rosetti announced her intention to write a report for the Archbishop.

She did so, and the Vatican expressed concerns about Hastings endorsing exorcisms from somebody who is not a priest. The next day, she demanded to see Victoria Helstrom and confirm that she was possessed. Instead, Hastings handed Rosetti her ID badge and told her to look at the files on her desk about Daimon and his sister, sarcastically telling her to show them to the Vatican if she desired. Rosetti found the files and began reading them, learning that their father was a serial killer. Hastings joined her and explained that evil which Rosetti read about is something that the Helstroms had to live with daily. Rosetti asked why Daimon is unable to exorcise his mother, although Hastings confessed to not knowing. Hastings began having a coughing fit, and Rosetti rushed to bring her water, although she found that Hastings had left. She stole Hastings' ID badge and went to visit Victoria. She was met with Kthara, who attacked her after Rosetti declared her lack of fear. Rosetti tried to use prayer to exorcise the demon, who mocked her. Kthara mentioned to Rosetti that she knew Galileo Galilei and continued her attack. Kthara tried to kill Rosetti, although Hastings and Daimon Helstrom entered and stopped her. Hastings kept Rosetti safe while Helstrom attempted to exorcise the demon using his abilities, although it did not work. However, Helstrom's mother resumed temporary control of her body and managed to warn the trio to flee, which they did.

Hastings and Helstrom explained demons to a shocked Rosetti, and Helstrom continued to explain the meaning he discovered to the symbol Kthara had put on the wall of her hospital room - "consumption." Rosetti, still in shock about demons being real, commented on Kthara's nature. However, Helstrom simply reminded Rosetti that she was the one who wanted to know about demons. He then left Rosetti and Hastings alone.[1]

Helping Alex Tilden

Rosetti returned to Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health, moving into a new office, when she received a phone call from Father Sean Okamoto, telling her about a man, Alex Tilden, who appeared to be possessed by a demon. She found Daimon Helstrom walking past her and tried to get his attention, but he continued walking. Rosetti found Helstrom arguing with Ana Helstrom in Louise Hastings' office, as Hastings stopped their fighting. She explained the situation to them, and Ana expressed romantic interest in Rosetti. Rosetti and Helstrom left together, and the two discussed Ana in the car. Helstrom explained that his sister did not have the same nurturing environment growing up as him. Rosetti asked about the Helstroms' demonic powers, and Helstrom explained that they came from their father, who was far worse than Kthara.

While driving, Helstrom attempted to explain that prayer could not exorcise a person, although Rosetti presented her theory that prayer only works if the person was a person of faith before being possessed. Helstrom asked if Rosetti was sure that she could help, so Rosetti told Helstrom about her past in the Talitha Kum helping stop human trafficking, explaining that she had already seen the worst of humanity. They arrived at the scene of Tilden's crash, where Father Okamoto explained that the demon possessing Tilden had attacked him.

Okamoto handed Rosetti Tilden's wallet, where she found a Christmas card sent out by Tilden's family. She joined Helstrom at the site of the car crash, and Helstrom noted the strength and age of the demon. Rosetti asked Helstrom if they could keep Tilden alive long enough for his family to say goodbye, although Helstrom explained that the demon was the only thing keep him alive, so that would be impossible. Helstrom explained that people such as Tilden can only be marked by powerful demons born of flesh so that lesser demons could possess them, and that possessing takes a toll on the human body, killing them. While Helstrom investigated Tilden's body, Rosetti looked at the body of the man who was driving Tilden, when suddenly the body launched itself towards Rosetti, startling her. "Tilden" started laughing to Helstrom, and Rosetti asked whether Magoth was responsible for the accident. The demon took responsibility, saying killing people feels good. He attempted to kill them with part of a truck, although Helstrom deflected it.

"Tilden" taunted Rosetti when he realized she was new to working with demons and revealed that he and all of the demons knew Helstrom as a traitor. He told them his name was Magoth, and Helstrom demanded to know who had marked Tilden. However, Magoth revealed that Tilden's family had arrived to say goodbye. Rosetti, having deduced that Magoth was once human, pled with him to let Tilden say goodbye to his family. Magoth pretended Rosetti's plea worked before laughing and revealing that Tilden regularly cheating on his wife with prostitutes, threatening to tell his wife. He also mentioned that Ana Helstrom had spent her life as a murderer.

Rosetti tried to use prayer to give Tilden the strength to take control of his body, since he had been a man of faith, and it started working, so Magoth tried to distract them by lighting a fire while Helstrom grabbed his mark. Recognizing that it was working, Rosetti showed Tilden a picture of his family and pled with him to fight, continuing to pray. Tilden eventually broke through and asked Rosetti to pass along messages to his family. Rosetti listened intently and agreed, before Magoth resumed control of his body and warned Helstrom, who was prepared to exorcise Tilden, about the strength of the demon who marked him. Helstrom then exorcised Tilden using his powers, causing the man to die and the fires to extinguish. Rosetti then delivered a final prayer for Tilden. Rosetti and Okamoto expressed their condolences to Tilden's family, and joined Helstrom in his car. Rosetti explained that the family was only told what they needed to hear rather than the full truth, hoping that they would one day get closure, but Helstrom said that not every person receives closure.[2]

Helping Zoe Richards

The next day, Ana and Daimon Helstrom learned that their father had returned with unfinished business, which Rosetti and Louise Hastings determined referred to Zoe Richards, a young girl who claims to have escaped their father. Ana did not believe it, although they decided to warn Richards anyway. Ana then suggested using her to draw their father out.

Rosetti, Daimon, and Ana drove to the Richards Residence, and Rosetti asked how they should approach Richards. Ana derailed the conversation by flirting with Rosetti, who remained unbothered. When they arrived at the Richards Residence, Richards refused to talk to them, so they started to leave. However, Richards returned a moment later, agreeing to talk to them. Richards began to recount her story, when Ana asked to use the bathroom, leaving. Daimon followed her as Richards continued to talk to Rosetti. Rosetti comforted Richards, when the Helstrom siblings returned and Ana began intensely questioning Richards about the specifics of her kidnapping. This caused Richards to demand that they leave.

Outside of the house, Daimon and Ana started arguing and explained to Rosetti that Ana was able to see things when she touched people or objects. Ana explained that she was sure that Richards was lying about her past, remembering having been involved in her kidnapping. She then stormed off. Rosetti and Daimon Helstrom left and went out to dinner, and Helstrom expressed his belief that they should have stayed at the Richards Residence. The two discussed Helstrom's relationship with his sister, so Rosetti told him that her mental state and attempts at distancing herself were only natural given her past experiences. She suggested being empathetic with her, and Helstrom realized that she would going back to the Richards Residence to prove that Richards was lying. The two went after her.

They returned to the Richards Residence, and called inside, entering when they found the door unlocked and nobody responding to their calls. Fearing the worst, Helstrom went upstairs to look for his sister while rosetting picked up a candle holder. Looking through the house, Rosetti found a door leading to a staircase, and she went downstairs. There, she found the real Zoe Richards, pouring lighter fluid on the ground. She asked where Richards was, and she said that she was Richards. Richards demanded to know where her sister, Aubree was, threatening to set the house on fire. She explained to Rosetti that Aubree believed the world could not accept Zoe for who she was, and that she recognized Ana Helstrom earlier that day. Upset, Richards set the room on fire, and Rosetti called to Daimon Helstrom for help. Although Richards intended to die, Rosetti and Helstrom managed to convince her to leave with them, and they took her outside using Helstrom's powers. Zoe explained that a college student had offered her revenge against Ana Helstrom for helping to kidnap her, and that the two agreed. She told them that Aubree was luring Helstrom into a trap, where someone powerful enough to kill Ana would be waiting.[7]

Planning to Stop Marduk Helstrom

Rosetti helped to work in a local garden, planting seeds and smiling. She received a text message, but ignored it and continued working. She later went to Daimon Helstrom's house, where she was greeted by Ana Helstrom, explaining that she had been called by Daimon, telling her that Ana was attacked, saying that she and Louise Hastings were there to help. Daimon returned home, and Rosetti complimented his house. Caretaker later arrived, and Hastings introduced him and Rosetti to each other. Daimon and Ana explained that Marduk Helstrom had likely returned from the dead in a new form, asking how to destroy it. Caretaker said that, while it was impossible to destroy a demon, one could be contained by a Keeper Demon, much to Rosetti's disbelief. While Ana and Daimon left to get the Keeper's Skull, Rosetti tried to rationalize Marduk's apparent return from the dead and said that it should be impossible to capture a soul. Caretaker said that she was incorrect based on his experience, and Rosetti then argues that it was immoral to do so.

Rosetti went to confession at a local church, where she talked to whom she believed to be Joshua Crow, for the first time in a month. She talked about her responsibility to report to the church on Daimon Helstrom's family's supernatural behavior, but said that she was having doubts. "Crow" asked whether she had actually sinned, confusing Rosetti. He asked whether Rosetti had had lustful thoughts, and she replied that everyone had. Rosetti realized that Crow was possessed and tried to escape, getting attacked. She quickly prayed to try to stop Raum, when Caretaker grabbed him and knocked him, placing a Keeper Talisman on his head to contain him. Rosetti realized that Caretaker had followed her there, and he told her that there was something she needed to see.[3]

Learning About the Blood

"How long do you keep them like this?"
―Gabriella Rosetti and Caretaker[src]

He brought her to a hotel run by the Blood, explaining the Keeper Talisman and Keeper Demons. Rosetti watched as Finn Miller greeted Caretaker, who insisted that she did not need to be cleared by higher-ups since she was with him. The two men had a discrete conversation, and Rosetti figured out that they were not in a normal hotel. Rosetti walked through the hotel, seeing people in hospital beds, who Caretaker explained had been possessed and were being kept safely in comas by a group called the Blood, who had been fighting demons for centuries. She watched "Father Joshua Crow" get sedated while Caretaker told her that demons are kept in their comas forever.

Rosetti looked through various files, discovering a woman named Florence Williams and man named Edward Thompson, whom she told Caretaker about, trying to prove that the Blood's actions were immoral, to no avail. She tried to explain that Daimon Helstrom could exorcise demons, but Caretaker told her that all Helstrom could do was force it out of its host body, not destroy it. Upset by this news, Rosetti entered Crow's room to check on him.

Rosetti later entered Crow's room and found the Keeper Talisman dissolving, and Raum attacked right after Miller suggested increasing his dosage. While Raum begged for help from Rosetti, Caretaker arrived and took her out of the room. He told her that she did not have to be a part of the Blood, and when she said that he did not either, he explained that his family's legacy forced him to remain involved. Rosetti asked whether Louise Hastings was aware of the Hotel, and left angrily when Caretaker did not answer.

Rosetti approached Hastings about the Hotel, and Hastings explained that they had their own ways that did not involve her or Rosetti, but Rosetti got upset that she was defending them. However, Hastings explained that she was not, and talked about how the Vatican already knew. She went on to explain that she learned to put faith in people, and that she and Rosetti could use methods besides the Blood's. She reminded Rosetti that demons were the only enemy, despite methodological disagreements.[3]

Helping Bryce

"You think you know what's real. You live your life believing the world is a certain way, and then suddenly, it just isn't what you thought anymore. Even when you try to help, it only makes it worse. You realize that sometimes there are no good answers. It's going to be alright, Bryce. Professor Helstrom and I won't let anything happen to you again."
―Gabriella Rosetti to Bryce[src]

Rosetti received a call from Daimon Helstrom, asking for help with a student named Bryce, who had been possessed by Magoth until Helstrom exorcised him. She went to Gateway University and Helstrom explained that he was hoping she could find him between classes. Rosetti asked whether he believed he should be handling that part, and Helstrom said that she and Hastings were better equipped for it. Rosetti agreed with him, and Helstrom responded sarcastically, noticing apparent grief in Rosetti's demeanor. She lied about being upset, and took Bryce's information, leaving to talk to him.

She found Bryce and introduced herself, assuring him that she was not a psychologist, but rather a novitiate. Bryce continued to walk away, saying that he was not religious, so Rosetti explained that the issue with demons was beyond the church. Bryce told her to keep her voice down at the mention of demons, and Rosetti told him that he was not the first person to get possessed by Magoth. Bryce realized that Magoth could possess somebody else, so Rosetti asked to talk him so that she could work to prevent it in the future, and Bryce agreed.

The two sat down and talked, and Bryce talked about how hard it was. While Rosetti asked about the logistical part of it, such as whether he could interact with Magoth, Bryce simply explained that being possessed was like living your worst moment on loop. Rosetti tried to comfort him, realizing that Joshua Crow was experiencing the same thing. Rosetti empathized with him, describing how she felt when she learned the truth about demons, and assured him that she and Helstrom would not let anything happen to them. Bryce asked if she was certain, saddening Rosetti.[8]

Showing Daimon Helstrom the Blood Hotel

Rosetti later returned to Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health, where she looked at a missing poster that was posted for Crow. Daimon Helstrom arrived at her office and asked how it went with Bryce, and Rosetti explained that people who had previously been possessed needed more help than Helstrom thought. Helstrom agreed not he basis of his mother returning, which Rosetti described as a miracle. Feeling guilty, Rosetti then opted to show Helstrom the Blood Hotel she had been taken to. They drove together and Rosetti told him about what she had learned. When they arrived, Rosetti rang the bell like Caretaker did, but Helstrom discovered a dead body behind the counter. They found more dead bodies, and Rosetti realized that they were too late to help the Blood's patients as they had been taken.[8]

Rosetti and Helstrom worked to move the Blood's files into Helstrom's car and contacted Louise Hastings. Helstrom told Rosetti that Caretaker was not answering his phone, and the two discussed the Hotel. Rosetti explained that Hastings did not show Helstrom since he would try to shut it down, which the Blood did not want, and Helstrom told her that he did not care what the Blood wanted. Helstrom assured Rosetti that bringing him to the hotel was the right thing to do, and that the deaths were not her fault. Rosetti asked if Helstrom was certain that his father was responsible, and Helstrom told her that it was too organized to not be a powerful demon. Rosetti asked what his father wanted with the now-liberated demons, and Helstrom explained that he did not know.

As the two prepared to leave, Rosetti did not want to walk through the hallway of corpses, but Helstrom told her that he had covered them so she did not have to see them. They walked through the hallway, and found Yessenia Flores, possessed by a demon. The two approached her, and noticed that she was dying. Helstrom exorcised the demon while Rosetti gave Flores her last rites and the woman died in Rosetti's arms.

Escape from Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health

Rosetti and Daimon Helstrom began rushing back to Saint Teresa's, in case his father went there. Helstrom suggested finding Flores' family, although Rosetti shut it down. They talked about how Helstrom wanted to skip through the emotional part of reuniting where he and his mother talk about what happened to her, and Rosetti tried to assure him that he did not betray his mother by having her committed. They got a flat tire, so they went to the nearest gas station, where the mechanic offered to have it fixed for them and offered them coffee. Helstrom called Louise Hastings, and the conversation upset him, so they went inside to get coffee together.

Rosetti and Helstrom realized that something was off when the mechanic and cashier were missing, and they found her car unattended. They heard the sound of metal collapsing, so Helstrom told Rosetti to wait in the car while he investigated. She got in the car, but grew impatient and got out a few minutes later, when she got attacked by a demon. She screamed for Helstrom as he dragged her away, and eventually bit his arm so that he would let go. The demon took out a knife and prepared to kill her, but Helstrom suddenly appeared and burned the demon's host body, killing it and stopping the attack. Helstrom collapsed as Rosetti rushed over to him, assuring him that she would have been killed if he had not done what he did. The two rushed back to Saint Teresa's, as Helstrom tried to call his sister and warn her about the setup.

When they arrived at Saint Teresa's, Rosetti refused to stay in the car as they rushed inside after Helstrom forced the door open. They found Victoria Helstrom, and Daimon stopped an attack on her, as they reunited and Daimon introduced her to Victoria. They went looking for the Keeper's Skull and reunited with Louise Hastings, Chris Yen, and Ana Helstrom, who had the skull. Rosetti watched Daimon and Ana argue about whether or not to use the skull against their father, and watched Victoria choose to sacrifice herself to destroy her husband. Just then, Basar attacked[4] and marked Rosetti,[5] pushing her to the side. Daimon checked on her before running downstairs with Ana to get their mother back.[4]

Finding Jolene Spivey

That night, Rosetti only managed to get a couple of house of sleep. She went to Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health and told Hastings this while drinking coffee, and Hastings began to say that if the job was too much, she should slow down. However, Rosetti cut her off and told her to worry about Daimon Helstrom, and Hastings said that she was happy the two were starting to get along. Hastings went inside to check on Helstrom and Ana Helstrom, and Rosetti said outside to finish her coffee. She threw out the cup when she heard a noise coming from the back of a car, and found Jolene Spivey inside, begging for help. Rosetti brought her inside and assured her that she would be ok. Ana Helstrom and Chris Yen walked past them, and Rosetti asked where they were going and would would happen with Helstrom's mother, although they kept walking as Helstrom said it was not her problem.

Rosetti brought Spivey to Louise Hastings, and Daimon Helstrom healed the mark of possession she had received. Rosetti and Helstrom discussed why Basar would leave Spivey in the trunk of the car, and they realized they wanted her to be Kthara's new host. They told Hastings, and Rosetti asked how many other Blood Hotels there were. Hastings said that Caretaker would know the answer, yet she could not reach him. Helstrom suggested that they question Loman, a demon who had gotten caught during the previous day's attack, but Rosetti said that he needed to rest. Hastings said that she would try to contact Caretaker, although Helstrom said that he could take care of himself.[5]

Questioning Loman

Rosetti found Daimon Helstrom asleep in a hospital bed and woke him up, suggesting that he go home to rest. Instead, Helstrom insisted on questioning Loman, so they went together. Rosetti asked where Kthara was, and Loman simply said that she was where she needed to be. Helstrom stated his intention to exorcise Loman, leading to a conversation in which Loman offered Helstrom a chance to join the demons, who he referred to as the "right side of history." Rosetti explained that a side fueled by hate was not the right side, but Loman told her that the humans were the ones who started the war between demons and humans, and that demons simply wanted to be free. Helstrom threatened to free him by exorcism, and Loman said that only Kthara could provide freedom before breaking his own neck, startling Rosetti.

Rosetti stayed at Saint Teresa's and noticed that Helstrom had gone home and Hastings was upset. She visited Helstrom's house and asked why, and Helstrom said he did not know. He expressed that he felt guilty for not killing Loman before he could kill his host, so Rosetti told him about how she discovered she had epilepsy, and how it took her some time to forgive them after seeing things from their perspective. She recommended forgiving himself for the way he treated his sister, but Helstrom explained that it simply made him blame himself. He said that he made his sister leave, and suggested that Rosetti leave him as well. Rosetti touched his hand and assured him that she would not. Feeling romantic tension, Rosetti quickly pulled her hand away and said they should work on finding Victoria Helstrom. Helstrom explained that they would not be able to do it alone, and that they would need help from a source neither of them wanted. Although Rosetti at first thought this meant Helstrom's sister, he explained that he meant the Blood. He then called Esther Smith and agreed to a partnership to find his mother.[5]

Ambush on Daimon Helstrom

Rosetti and Helstrom drove to the meeting together, and Helstrom explained to Rosetti that Caretaker would be present to broker a peace between them. As they entered together, they realized that they could not see Caretaker. Although Helstrom at first assured Rosetti that the Blood would not attack them, he became less certain as three members, including Lee, approached them without their leader, Esther Smith. Rosetti was taken to the side as Helstrom was checked for weapons, although Lee quickly revealed it was a ruse to attack him. Rosetti watched as Helstrom defended himself and recognized Lee's dagger, demanding to know how he got it. Rosetti broke free of the grip of the man holding her, when Helstrom got shot and Rosetti could not warn him in time. Angry, Helstrom burned two of the Blood members alive while Lee and Smith fled and Rosetti watched in horror.[5] She took the knife and put it in her pocket.

The two of them rushed back to Helstrom's house and Rosetti suggested they call the police after Helstrom warned his sister, but Helstrom said that he'd be turning himself in for attempted murder. Rosetti asked to see his wound, which Helstrom said there was not time form. He took off his shirt to change, and Rosetti noticed that Helstrom's gunshot had already begun healing. Rosetti asked whether Lee's knife could have hurt them, and Helstrom realized she still had it in her pocket. Rosetti gave it to him, and he explained that it gave him his scar, the only injury he could not heal from. This led Rosetti to realize it belonged to Helstrom's father, so she suggested they destroy the knife. Helstrom then told her that there was another part to it.[6]

Search for Marduk Helstrom's Dagger

Rosetti and Daimon Helstrom brought the dagger to Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health, intending to leave it in Louise Hastings' office and leave. However, Hastings walked in and found her, so Rosetti explained what had happened the previous night. Hastings told her that Archbishop Terrazi had warned her that Rosetti might get hurt. Rosetti told Helstrom about the conversation when she got back in the car, and wondered whether, by reporting to Terrazi about the Helstrom family, she was giving the information to the Blood. Helstrom assured her that it was not her fault they were attacked. Rosetti said that Terrazi swore himself to secrecy, Helstrom explained that she should not have believed him or any man, including himself. Helstrom then received a phone call from Ana Helstrom, and he told her their plan to go to Helstrom's childhood home and retrieve the other piece of the dagger.

They arrived at the house, and Rosetti commented on the quiet nature of the neighborhood, which Helstrom explained was due to his father wanting to avoid prying eyes. Rosetti prepared to talk to the family inside, and Helstrom warned them that Kthara might have sent people to the house. Rosetti said that it could also just be a suburban family, and asked what Helstrom would do if they did not let them in. Helstrom explained that he would not cause a scene since the situation did not need to be complicated, while Rosetti noticed a real estate agent putting out an open house sign, saying it was too late to avoid complications. They posed as a couple let the realtor show them the house, and Helstrom asked whether she had heard strange things about it. She said that it had been on the market a few times, and then turned around to address two other customers, who Helstrom recognized as Blood. Helstrom asked to looked around alone, and the real estate agent said they could after she showed them kitchen.

The two sat down as Rosetti noticed two more Blood members enter. She suggested they leave in order to separate the Blood from the innocent people looking to buy the house, but Helstrom instead approached the realtor and asked his a barn near the house was part of the property. When he returned, she asked what his plan was, and he said that it was simply to wait for the Blood members to grow impatient and leave. Rosetti met with Helstrom in the basement of the house and told him that most of the Blood had left, and said that he should not have to be the one at the house, since it must be causing bad memories to return. However, he explained that most of the memories were pleasant, since his dad gave him a normal life before kidnapping his sister. Helstorm told Rosetti that she should not be there since she was in danger, but she insisted that he was also in danger. Helstorm explained that he was not since he inherited his father's abilities, as Rosetti assured him that he was not like his father. Rosetti suggested they leave while they still could, although Helstrom insisted on retrieving the dagger.

Rosetti went to check for the Blood's cars and found them, yet no Blood members. She went to the barn near the house to tell Helstrom about it, finding that Helstrom had several members of the Blood hanging from nooses. Helstrom told Rosetti to go outside, as she stared in horror. Helstrom explained that since the Blood only understood extremes, he would show them who he was, and removed of the platforms while letting the person float and stay alive. Rosetti begged Helstrom to stop and refused to go outside. Esther Smith, the Blood's leader, entered the barn and scolded Rosetti for standing by while Helstrom threatened lives, and Rosetti picked up a shovel and threatened to hit him, although Helstrom explained that if she did it would break his concentration and the Blood members would fall. However, Helstrom revealed his lack of intention to hurt the Blood members, freeing them and declaring that he forgave the Blood for their actions. He declared the Blood's war against his family over, and he and Rosetti left together. He retrieved the dagger and the pair returned home together.

Possessed by Kthara

When they got back to his house, Daimon Helstrom assured Rosetti that he never intended to hurt the Blood members, and Rosetti asked him to tell her next time he had a plan like that, although Helstrom said she would not have gone along with it. Helstrom commented on Rosetti's eagerness to tell people they were sleeping together while lying during the open house, and laughed about the terminology they both used. Helstrom commented on Rosetti being a nun who was cursing and drinking with a demon, although Rosetti said that he was not a demon and she was not yet a nun. Helstrom received a call from his sister, telling him that his mother was free of Kthara's control.

He told her the good news and she was happy for him, although Helstrom expressed guilt for having given up on his mother. Rosetti explained to him that by reuniting his sister and his mother, he indirectly saved her as well, hugging him. The two kissed passionately, and Rosetti said that she had not yet taken her vows when Helstrom tried to stop. He stopped again, realizing how bad he must have smelled, so he went into the shower. Noticing her reflection in the glass window, Rosetti took out her hair clip and pulled her hair down, when she heard a crash. She investigated, and found something had been dropped through the mail slot. She investigated, unsure of what it was, when suddenly she felt a headache and realized the had been marked for possession when Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health was attacked. Kthara possessed Rosetti and had the Basar possess Helstrom, and the two then had sex, impregnating Rosetti.[6]

Kidnapped by Kthara

Rosetti woke up and found Kthara sitting next her, in an unfamiliar place. She looked around and told "Helstrom" to wake up, and Rosetti noticed that the room they were in did not have a door. Food was slid under the fireplace and Rosetti started banging against the door, as "Helstrom" began trying to figure out what happened, Rosetti wondered whether the Blood were responsible, when she suddenly remembered getting possessed. She asked what "Helstrom" remembered, and they realized what happened. She experienced morning sickness and threw up, when Raum said over a speaker that things would soon become clear, telling her to eat. He revealed to Rosetti that she was pregnant. While Rosetti broke down about carrying the child of two demons, "Helstrom" declared his love for her, causing her to realize she was talking to Kthara. Kthara changed her form to Victoria Helstrom while Raum and Magoth tied Rosetti to the bed.

Time was sped up for Rosetti, who believed that several months had passed while Magoth and Raum replaced the flowers next to her bed and fed her pills and sedatives and other pills. Rosetti struggled against her restraints while Kthara watched and taunted her for joining the church, who would not let her have a child. Rosetti called Kthara evil, so Kthara told her about an attack which happened against her son, calling the perpetrators evil. Kthara then told Rosetti to continue getting rest. She continued struggling as Kthara scolded her for humanity's willful ignorance, and Kthara continually yelled at her to stop struggling. Rosetti then realized that Kthara could not make her stop since she was no longer possessed.

Rosetti tricked Raum into getting close to her by asking the priest he was possessing for a confession, before injecting him with a sedative and running. She ran out, despite another empty threat from Kthara, and found herself near a highway, where she asked the drivers as well. She went back to Daimon's house, where she was received by Louise Hastings, and a now-freed Victoria Helstrom. She panicked when she saw Helstrom, believing her to be Kthara, although she then passed out, so Helstrom and Hastings put her down on the couch. She asked them to find Daimon as she fell asleep. She woke up and found that Magoth and Raum had come for her, and were preparing to enter the house. She got a knife, telling Victoria Helstrom and Hastings what had happened. Helstrom and Hastings told her to hide in the basement, where she prepared to stab herself to abort her child. However, Raum interrupted her[9] and walked toward her. Hastings and Helstrom saved Rosetti and gave her the keys, telling her to run.

Rosetti she went to Archbishop Terrazi's church and prayed, requesting a meeting with the Blood from him after he realized she was pregnant, as she needed to ask them if the evil growing in her could be stopped, and if she could possibly survive it. Smith arrived and expressed disbelief with her pregnancy, and Terrazi blamed himself. Smith and Terrazi tried to turn Rosetti against Daimon Helstrom, but instead asked if there was a way to stop Kthara from being born and for her to survive, and Smith said that there was not. Rosetti told Smith what happened, and Smith suggested using Rosetti as bait to fight the demons off and contain the child in a coma. This upset Rosetti, and Smith explained that they could not simply kill evil. Rosetti decided to go along with the plan.

Raum, Magoth, Basar soon tracked her down to the church while she was praying, and Rosetti tried to talk to Basar as though he were Helstrom, refusing to believe he was dead. She tried to reach out to Helstrom, when Magoth and Raum joined. Terrazi tried to pray to help fight the demons, and Basar ordered the demons to take Rosetti while he killed the Blood. Rosetti stopped the fight by agreeing to go with the demons, refusing to allow anyone to die.

Rosetti was brought to the abandoned carnival and refused to give birth to Kthara, although Basar told her not to insult his mother. Magoth told her that they would raise her so they could restart the war against humans, asking whether Kthara was violated the way she was. She pleaded with Helstrom to fight off his possession, to little effect. Basar explained that their oppressors were humans, and that the strongest of their kind would end the war because of her. Rosetti assured Basar that Helstrom would succeed in exorcising the baby, but Basar insisted that she would fail. She was brought into the same room she had been kept in previously and placed in a bath tub. She again tried to reach out to Helstrom, but again failed as Basar told her that no one would save her and that she was alone. Rosetti asked what would happen, referring to the demons as minions and telling him that he did not no life or love. Basar threatened Rosetti once again, as she started to experience contractions, resisting the birth as much as possible. Basar suddenly left, and Rosetti again called out for Helstrom.

She continued struggling to prevent the birth, and Magoth leaned down in front of her and told her to breathe. As she was about to give birth, Rosetti steeled herself by praying The Lord's Prayer, unwilling to unleash Kthara back into the world. Eventually, she delivered a healthy girl, but the prospect of giving birth to a demon horrified and mentally broke her, such that when she was finally rescued by Ana Helstrom, and a now-freed Daimon, she could only utter The Lord's Prayer ad infinitum.[10]

Joining the Blood

Recovering at a hospital, Rosetti talked to Daimon Helstrom and revealed the whole ordeal allowed her to reassess her way of thinking. Rosetti refused to think of her baby as a daughter, but rather a monster that will grow up to slaughter people. Helstrom was not there when she needed him: wittingly or unwittingly, he convinced her that the supernatural happenings in the world were normal, but she had realized it was wrong, and Helstrom was either ignorant or evil. Rosetti now harboured a profound mistrust of all demons and related entities, including Helstrom, and regretted ever coming to the Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health in the first place.

Rosetti severed all contact with the Helstroms and Louise Hastings afterwards. She had cast her lot in with Esther Smith and the rest of the Blood, as she joined Smith and Finn Miller for a drink.[10]


For most of her life, Rosetti displayed a very kind and compassionate personality, which was further reinforced and influenced by her religious beliefs, as she believed in the power of forgiveness. Coming into contact with many people who experienced suffering at different levels, she interacted with them in an altruistic and soothing way, showing empathy to the likes of Bryce who had been possessed by demons. Her compassion even extended to those who could harm her, as she feared for the life of the members of the Blood who were threatened by Daimon Helstrom. Although sent to report on the actions of Daimon due to his origins, she did her best to understand him, and eventually fell in love with him. Despite her kindness, however, Rosetti knew how to defend herself and to not let others diminishing her: she was able to stand up to the intimidating Ana Helstrom, and even found the strength to fight the demon Kthara after she had been impregnated with her new body.

However, Rosetti drastically changed after she was captured by Kthara's minions who had her inseminated through Daimon so that she would give birth to Kthara's new body. This traumatic experience caused her to question her beliefs, as she was willing to make sure that the baby would not come to life, and even after she was saved, this dramatic event understandably left her profoundly scarred and embiterred. She grew to harshly criticize Daimon, stating that the presence of demons in the world, which he seemed to consider normal, was actually wrong and that this evil had to be eliminated. Therefore, she considered that she could no longer trust him due to his origins, despite her past feelings for him, and eventually joined the Blood, an order actively seeking the destruction of known demons.

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  • Kthara/Lilly - Biological Daughter and Former Enthraller




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  • In the comics, Gabriel the Devil Hunter was a teacher at Columbia University, who was possessed by a demon named Catherine, following the death of his pregnant wife Andrea.
  • Gabriella Rosetti is one of the many gender-swapped characters from their counterpart in the comics.

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