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Gabriella Rosetti is a woman balancing logic and faith. She arrives from Vatican City to help Daimon Helstrom and Louise Hastings uncover cases of demonic possession. She wants to save everyone she can, including Daimon.


Early Life

Gabriella grew up in Italy. Her mother was from Mexico and her father was from Sicily, Italy. Both sides of her family had a number of clergymen in their ranks.

When Gabriella was young, she had seizures that were misidentified as symptoms of possession. The exorcist sent to deal with her told her parents she was actually epileptic, and she was put on the proper treatment regimen afterwards. Initially she resented her parents, but eventually she understood their choices and forgave them.[2]

As with most people, Gabriella dabbled in normal pastimes like partying, but didn't found these fulfilling. She found more satisfaction in exploring her faith.[3]

Gabriella studied at the Regina Apostolorum in Rome, Italy. Simultaneously, she worked with the Talitha Kum, at times participating in the field where she had to disguise herself to get trafficked women and children out of captivity.[4]

Working with Daimon

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When Daimon's sister Ana Helstrom arrives at Portland, she becomes enamored with Gabriella and lets her know with few subtleties. For her part, Gabriella is unfazed and humors Ana's "advances" with grace.[4][3]

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After spending enough time with Daimon and his subsequent sparing of Blood members who were trying to kill him, Gabriella acts on the simmering tensions between her and Daimon by kissing him. Unfortunately, during Basar's rampage not long before[5], Gabriella was marked by the demon on her head, resulting in Kthara possessing her.

Kthara, in Gabriella's body, restrains Daimon while he's in the shower and sticks him with Basar's demonic essence. With Daimon rendered helpless, Kthara uses his body to impregnate Gabriella's body to birth herself a new vessel to take over.[6]

Gabriella is taken to an abandoned carnival where her pregnancy is accelerated such that she becomes ready to give birth in just over a day. Held captive by the demons Raum and Magoth and with Kthara unable to exert much influence on her due to focusing on the fetus, Gabriella manages to escape and go back to Daimon's house, where she's received by Louise Hastings and a now-freed Victoria Helstrom.[7] The two demons come there later, however, forcing Gabriella to flee while the two women attempt to delay the intruders.

Gabriella contacts Archbishop Terrazi and requests a meeting with the Blood, as she needs to ask them if the evil growing in her can be stopped and if she can survive it. Raum, Magoth, and a possessed Daimon soon track her to the church she's hiding in, and in order to prevent more bloodshed between the Blood and the demons, Gabriella agrees to go with them.

Back at the abandoned carnival, Gabriella pleads with Daimon to fight off his possession, to little effect. As she's about to give birth, Gabriella steels herself by praying The Lord's Prayer, unwilling to unleash Kthara back into the world. Eventually she delivers a healthy girl in a bathtub, but the prospect of giving birth to a demon horrifies and mentally breaks her such that when she's finally rescued by Ana and a now-freed Daimon she could only utter The Lord's Prayer ad infinitum.[8]


Recovering at a hospital, Gabriella talks to Daimon and reveals the whole ordeal allowed her to reassess her way of thinking. She refuses to think of her baby as a daughter, but rather a monster that will grow up to slaughter people. Daimon wasn't there when she needed him: wittingly or unwittingly, he convinced her that the supernatural happenings in the world was normal, but she has realized it's wrong, and Daimon is either ignorant or evil. She now harbors a profound mistrust of all demons and half-breeds, including Daimon, and regrets ever coming to the Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health.

Gabriella severs all contact with the Helstroms and Dr. Hastings afterward. She has cast her lot in with Esther Smith and the rest of the Blood. [8]


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Powers and Abilities


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Other Equipment

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  • In the comics, Gabriel the Devil Hunter was a teacher at Columbia University, who was possessed by a demon named Catherine, following the death of his pregnant wife Andrea.
  • Gabriella Rosetti is one of the many gender-swapped characters from their counterpart in the comics.

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