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"I'm really surprised you and I have never met before; I would have remembered you."
― Gabriel Soto to Melinda May[src]

Gabriel Soto was the arranger of a fundraiser to reconstruct the Santa Maria de las Flores church in Miami.


"He's your husband?"
― Gabriel Soto to Melinda May[src]

Gabriel Soto held a fundraiser to reconstruct Santa Maria de las Flores after it was destroyed in a fire. The main attraction of the fundraiser was that a miracle had taken place: a 500-year-old Virgin and Child painting had survived the fire unscathed. The desire of some of the party attendees was to see the miracle painting.

Melinda May and Phil Coulson, as wife and husband Heidi and Charles Martin, crashed the party after Lance Hunter stole a ticket which Skye duplicated from Bridget, Soto's assistant. They wanted the painting because the Words of Creation were inscribed on its back. May approached Soto and had a friendly chat with him, pretending that she was interested in him, even speaking in Spanish to tease his interest. She then called her "husband" over, much to Soto's surprise, to take a picture of her and Soto together, explaining that she was in a "very liberal marriage." Coulson, in reality, was recording Soto's pupil design so he and May could get inside the vault downstairs that they believed had the painting.[1]