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"Gabi's not coming back."
Mazur and Punisher[src]

Gabi was a member of Mazur's gang and was killed by the Punisher after Mazur ordered him to dispose of a hostage named Joe.


Working for Mazur

Attack on Mazur's Garage

While working as a henchman for Mazur, Gabi was present as Mazur questioned and tortured Joe and Wilcox. Once Mazur had killed Joe and then threatened to do the same to Wilcox, Mazur ordered his men to get rid of Joe's dead body. The men put Joe on a wheel barrel and Gabi walked away with the wheel barrel. Before Mazur could get any information out of Wilcox, he heard Gabi's grunts and called for him, however the Punisher had appeared and told them that Gabi was not coming back implying that the man had killed Gabi.[1]