"You gotta be honest with yourself about who you are right now. Not the you that everybody wants you to be. And you're gonna have to dig deep. You're gonna have to go inside the basement of your psyche, and dust things off and think about what's real. Otherwise, it'll eat away at you. And then who knows who you'll become?"
―Gabe Krasner to Misty Knight[src]

Gabe Krasner is a psychiatrist tasked with ensuring Misty Knight was ready to go back into the field following her encounter with Diamondback. He later gave her advice after she nearly planted evidence to frame Cockroach Hamilton in a bid to prevent him from suing Luke Cage and beating his girlfriend.



Meeting Misty Knight

"You work for the department? You a shrink?"
"I was on the job for 15 years. I left to become a psychologist. I'm with the peer assistance program. I'm a volunteer."
Misty Knight and Gabe Krasner[src]

For 15 years, Gabe Krasner worked at New York City Police Department as a mental consultant before he left to became a freelance psychologist. After Misty Knight's emotional outburst at Claire Temple, Krasner was called in to evaluate Knight's mental state. Her near-death encounter with Diamondback had clouded her judgement and Krasner succeeded in breaking down the barriers of Knight's insecurities; why she is determined to seek justice and uncovered tales from her past including her cousin Cassandra Knight who ended up getting murdered.

Krasner was calm throughout the process and was not overly critical of Knight's past decisions, although he did give her motivational talks and tried to calm her from her heightened state.[1]

Reunion with Misty

"You know, I should tell you, I don't consult for the department anymore, so whatever you say to me tonight or moving forward is completely confidential."
―Gabe Krasner to Misty Knight[src]

Later, Knight and Krasner met again and had a dinner in BLVD Bistro. He informed her that he didn't consult for the NYPD anymore, so whatever she says to him is completely confidential. Knight confessed that she wanted to plant evidence to Cockroach Hamilton but instead found his corpse and now she close to dismissal. Krasner answered that she can't change her past but she needs to figure out how to fix her mistakes. Also, he said that Knight needs to be honest with herself, dig deep inside the basement of her psyche, and otherwise, doubts will eat away at her.[2]


"You know, you don't sugarcoat shit, and I appreciate that about you."
Misty Knight[src]

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