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"GSG 9's got the borders covered. Recon's flying 24/7."
Tony Stark to Thaddeus Ross[src]

Grenzschutzgruppe 9 der Bundespolizei, also known as GSG 9 der Bundespolizei and GSG 9, is the elite tactical unit of the federal police force of Germany.


Capture of Winter Soldier

"Heads up, Cap. German Special Forces, approaching from the south."
Falcon to Captain America[src]

GSG 9 in the Winter Soldier's apartment

After the Bombing of the Vienna International Centre, the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre began a search for Bucky Barnes, who was believed to be the perpetrator. Discovering Barnes was residing in Bucharest, the JCTC tasked GSG 9 with apprehending him and shooting him on sight.

However, right after they broke into his apartment, Barnes and Captain America fought against the police officers and tried to escape. Suddenly, Black Panther showed up and tried to kill Barnes. Falcon helped Rogers to take down a GSG 9 helicopter and the pursuit continued in the city's tunnels.

GSG 9 arrests Captain America and the Winter Soldier

Barnes was avoiding GSG 9 operatives while T'Challa ran after at full speed. Rogers took one of the GSG 9 cars and tried to keep up with them. As T'Challa stopped Barnes, War Machine arrived and helped GSG 9 apprehend Rogers, Barnes, Wilson and T'Challa.

After Barnes successfully escaped from the JCTC facility, GSG 9 began aerial reconnaissance over Germany's borders in an attempt to locate Barnes, Wilson and Rogers.[1]