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"I don't need your sorrow or pity for anything I did of my own free will."
―G'iah to Talos[src]

G'iah is the daughter of Talos and Soren, as well as one of the Skrull refugees who were rescued from the Kree Empire by Captain Marvel and Nick Fury. Losing her faith in Fury and her father, G'iah joined Gravik and the Skrull Resistance to take over Earth. However, upon learning of her mother's demise, G'iah's loyalty started wavering and she started secretly working with Talos. She was eventually caught by Gravik who tried executing her, but she survived by infusing herself with the Extremis. Turning against Gravik completely, she impersonated Fury and confronted him at the New Skrullos, as both of them turned into the Super-Skrulls using the Harvest, resulting in G'iah killing Gravik and liberating all his abducted humans. She was then recruited by Sonya Falsworth in a mutually beneficial agreement to protect Skrulls in return for their services to Falsworth.


Kree-Skrull War[]

Hiding inside Mar-Vell's Laboratory[]

"Mar-Vell warned us not to send a signal for any reason or the Kree would find us."
Soren to Talos[src]

G'iah's father Talos was a Skrull commander in the war against the Kree Empire. After their home planet of Skrullos was destroyed, she, her mother, and an unknown number of other Skrulls escaped and wandered the universe in search of refuge from the Kree. By the year 1989, the refugees had found an ally in the rogue Kree scientist Mar-Vell. While Talos and his crew continued to search the universe for a new home planet, his wife, daughter, and a group of other refugees moved in to Mar-Vell's Laboratory over Earth.

Unfortunately, the location was not made known to the other Skrulls before Mar-Vell was assassinated, causing her to lose contact with her father. For the next six years, the refugees lived as quietly as they could in Mar-Vell's lab, as she was raised by Soren. Talos himself spent the next six years trying to find out what exactly happened to Mar-Vell with the hopes of reuniting with his family.[4]

Battle at Mar-Vell's Laboratory[]

Talso and daughter

G'iah with her father Talos

"Cover her eyes."
Talos to Soren[src]

With help from the humans Carol Danvers, Maria Rambeau, and Nick Fury, G'iah was finally reunited with her father in 1995. Unfortunately, the Kree Starforce had also figured out their location, and a battle broke out as the Skrulls and their human allies tried to escape the Kree. The battle came to a close when Danvers successfully destroyed the Kree armada.[4]

Finding a New Home[]

Maria, Goose and Talos' Daughter

G'iah bonding with Monica Rambeau

"They can stay here with us, can't they, mom?"
"They won't be safe here, baby. Auntie Carol is right. They need their own home."
Monica Rambeau and Maria Rambeau[src]

Once the Kree were defeated, the Skrull refugees traveled to the Rambeau Residence for a meal with their rescuers. There, G'iah developed friendship with Monica Rambeau, who she played Uno with. Rambeau also told G'iah to never change her Skrull's eyes. The Skrulls soon began discussing what to do now. Carol Danvers offered to serve as their protector as they traveled the universe in search of a new home planet. The Skrulls agreed to this proposition, and departed Earth with Danvers into space.[4]

Living on Earth[]

Returning to Earth[]

G'iah (1997)

G'iah looking towards Gravik

"You have a courageous mother, G'iah."
Nick Fury to G'iah[src]

After two years of fruitless search of a new home in space, Talos and the Skrulls returned to Earth to stay hidden on the planet, believing Earth to be a safe planet to temporarily reside on, while Nick Fury and Carol Danvers continued their search. She attended the meeting where Fury made the promise to find a new planet in exchange for the Skrulls keeping the planet safe and watched as Soren was the first to volunteer. Fury told G'iah how brave her mother was for volunteering to help. G'iah turned to another young Skrull, Gravik, who quickly turned away from her gaze.[5] G'iah played beneath the mural in the room where they met, and Talos told her what it symbolized.[6]

Joining Gravik[]

"Carol Danvers disappeared. And so did G'iah."
"Hold it. Your daughter? Disappeared too... Where?"
"She was young. Angry that our people still don't have a home."
Talos and Nick Fury[src]

Over the years, G’iah lived on Earth, awaiting Nick Fury to deliver his promise and find the Skrulls a new home. However, G'iah, along with a number of other Skrulls, including Gravik, gradually became frustrated that Fury and Carol Danvers failed to deliver on their promise and were dissatisfied with Talos' plans to peacefully coexist with humans. Gravik established a haven for the Skrulls in New Skrullos, with G'iah relocating there after having joining the Skrull Resistance.[1]

Secret Invasion[]

Greeting Beto[]

G'iah in Russia

G'iah welcomes Beto to New Skrullos

"We only grow Skrull produce here. Drink Skrull wine, wear Skrull skins. Whatever dangers you risked getting here, know they're worth it."
―G'iah to Beto[src]

G'iah learned of Beto arriving at New Skrullos, so she went to the border to greet him. She had the Skrull take his true form before welcoming him to their land and drove him to their base. In the car, G'iah gave Beto food, since he did not remember the last time he ate. G'iah gave him food from Skrullos, explaining that they only had Skrull foods at New Skrullos. Beto ate the food and thanked G'iah, who smiled.


G'iah watches Martin Wallace get replaced

G'iah brought Beto to the main part of the base, where she told him about Gravik providing refuge for Skrulls. She reached the room with the Fracking Pods, so she told Beto to wait and promised that Gravik would reward him for loyalty. Beto asked what was in the room, but G'iah simply said it was victory. As G'iah entered the room, she watched Martin Wallace get replaced by Brogan.[1]


"Her last words, 'Find G'iah.'"
"She's dead."
Talos and G'iah[src]

G'iah later talked to Beto in the cafeteria, but was pulled away from the conversation by Pagon, who tasked her with retrieving bombs from Vasily Poprishchin. She staked out the MI6 agents guarding the area before entering Poprishchin's gallery. She retrieved the bombs and left the building. G'iah left the building discretely, ensuring she was not followed.

Chase of G'iah

G'iah being asked by Talos about their bombs

However, she was found by Maria Hill, who followed her into an underground area. G'iah realized that she had been followed and attacked Hill, disarming her. She threw Hill onto the ground and ran away. She was held at gunpoint by Talos, who revealed to G'iah that her mother had been killed by Gravik. Upset, G'iah pushed him away and left. She then found a quiet spot and broke down, overwhelmed by the news of her mother's death.[1]

Meeting with Her Father[]

"Your mum would be very proud of you, you know, for coming to see me."
"Tomorrow, there are three couriers, including me. All the points near Vossoyedineniye Square. I'll mark each bag with infrared spray."
Talos and G'iah[src]

G'iah brought the bombs back to New Skrullos, where Pagon complimented her efforts. G'iah told him that someone was waiting, suggesting they postpone the strike. However, Pagon said that they should not, since she brought them the bait.

Talos and G'iah

G'iah tells Talos about the bombs

G'iah agreed to meet with Talos, disguising herself as an older woman and getting into a cab driven by a disguised Talos. Once they got to a secret location, G'iah stepped out and Talos thanked her for meeting. G'iah confronted him about Soren's death, but Talos reiterated that Gravik was the one who killed her. G'iah told Talos about the plan to attack Vossoyedineniye Square the following day, and her to spray paint the bombs with infrared spray.[1]

Unity Day Bombing[]

The following day, G'iah brought the spray painted bags to Vossoyedineniye Square and handed them off. However, the bags were decoys while Gravik set off the real bombs.[1] As the bombs went off, G'iah looked around in horror at the chaos that had erupted in the ensuing danger. G'iah left the square with Gravik, glaring at him secretly before the two got into the car to leave the square together.[5]

Skrull Council Meeting[]

G'iah driving

G'iah questions Gravik about Nick Fury

"You, wait."
"Uh, yeah, that's not happening. Gravik."
"If I'm not out in an hour, shoot him in the head."
―Skrull Guard, G'iah and Gravik[src]

As G'iah drove Gravik to a meeting with the Skrull Council, she asked how he knew Nick Fury would be at Vossoyedineniye Square, but Gravik said he simply hoped, wanting to see how much of him was left. Gravik explained that Fury had gotten old and told her to get him to the Council meeting, wanting to see their reactions to the attack's immediate aftermath. As they reached the meeting, G'iah was asked to wait outside. Despite G'iah's expectation that Gravik would stand up for her, Gravik gave her a gun and told her to shoot the guard if he did not return within an hour.

G'iah waited in a chair outside and watched as the Skrull impersonating Shirley Sagar left the meeting. She looked inside and found the entire rest of the Council submitting to Gravik. G'iah then watched as Gravik left the meeting and returned his gun. The two then left the meeting together.[5]

Spying on Pagon[]

G'iah in Russia

G'iah follows Pagon

As G'iah and Gravik returned to New Skrullos, G'iah watched as the crowd of Skrulls applauded Gravik for his efforts in the bombing. G'iah watched as Gravik talked to Pagon and decided to follow Pagon to see what they were talking about. She followed him into a room with large machine, where Pagon told the Skrulls impersonating Rosa and Victor Dalton that he had not yet found the Harvest and would continue searching. G'iah watched as Pagon left and the "Daltons" tested the machine.

G'iah made her way into another room and used the computer to search for information on the "Dalton's" research, finding that they were researching DNA from Groot, a Frost Beast, Cull Obsidian, and an Extremis. Gravik arrived and asked what G'iah was doing, so G'iah quickly changed the screen's display and claimed she was checking on Beto's progress. G'iah commented on Beto's loyalty, prompting Gravik to describe his initial reaction to G'iah's defection and belief that Talos had sent him. He revealed that Brogan had been located and asked for help rescuing him.[5]

Rescue of Brogan[]

"Listen, I'm just gonna go and check around back."
"Cool. I'll come with."
"No, no, no. You stay here. They might come out with Brogan."
―G'iah and Beto[src]

At the FSB site where Brogan was, G'iah was told to wait in the car with Beto while Gravik and Pagon went inside to rescue Brogan. While they were waiting, G'iah told Beto that she was going to check the back, so Beto offered to join. However, G'iah insisted that he stay in case the others return with Brogan. G'iah then left the car and informed the authorities of the Skrulls' safe house to which they were planning to retreat.

G'iah with Gravik

G'iah reacts to Brogan getting killed

As they drove to the safe house, the Skrulls saw the authorities there, so they kept driving. Gravik suspected Brogan of having shared the information, so G'iah drove their car into the woods and stopped in a secluded area. She sat and listened as Pagon brought Brogan into the woods and killed him, as they believed Brogan to have revealed the location of the safe house. Once Pagon returned, G'iah drove the car away.[5]

Betraying Gravik[]

Gravik speaks to G'iah

Gravik questioning G'iah about Brogan

"I'd imagine when they asked him where they could find you, he was forced to make an educated guess."
"Is that what you'd do?"
"I'd lie. I'm a good liar."
―G'iah and Gravik[src]

G'iah was awoken from her sleep by Gravik, asking how Brogan could have revealed the location of the Skrulls' safehouse without knowing where it was. G'iah suggested that Brogan guessed, suggesting that Brogan was weaker than Gravik believed. Gravik then told G'iah that they would be leaving together early in the morning. As Gravik left, G'iah took a moment to collect herself.

The pair went to England, where G'iah drove Gravik to the National Portrait Gallery. On the way, Gravik revealed that Talos had called for a parley so that they could discuss her. Gravik then took a phone call, revealing that the Skrulls were planning an attack on a United Nations plane that night. G'iah parked across the street from the gallery and watch Gravik walk away, noting the details Gravik had revealed on a burner phone. As Talos left the meeting, G'iah disguised herself as an older man and bumped into Talos, handing him the phone. She returned to the car and reverted to her default form before Gravik arrived, and the two got in the car together.

G'iah looks at Bob Fairbanks' memories

G'iah looks for Bob Fairbanks' password

That night, Talos called G'iah and asked her to access Bob Fairbanks' launch termination password to prevent the attack. G'iah rushed into the room where Fairbanks was being held and attacked the guards waiting outside the door. She found Fairbanks and searched through his memories, eventually finding the password to be "Zachary." G'iah told Talos, who then told her to run.[2] G'iah saw Rosa Dalton sitting in her pod and took her memories,[7] before leaving the room.[2] G'iah then ran to the Skrull Power Replicator and gave herself superpowers, turning herself into a Super Skrull.[7]

Shot by Gravik[]

G'iah falls off motorbike

G'iah being confronted by Gravik

"You will look at me. And you'll ask yourself, are you a leader of Skrulls or our worst enemy?"
―G'iah to Gravik[src]

G'iah rushed outside of the New Skrullos costume and got on a motorcycle, attempting to flee. As she left the compound, she was confronted by Gravik in his car, causing her to fall over. G'iah claimed to be rushing to help the people who were involved in attacking the plane, but Gravik revealed that he knew G'iah to be the traitor within the Skrull Resistance.

G'iah revived

G'iah being revived from getting shot

Gravik pointed a gun at G'iah and asked her to turn around, but G'iah refused, wanting Gravik to look at her and wonder if he was the Skrulls' enemy. Gravik then shot her and drove away, leaving G'iah for dead.[2] However, the Extremis abilities given to her by the Skrull Power Replicator allowed G'iah to heal from the fatal wound and be revived.[7]

Bitter Family Discussion[]

Talos and G'iah

G'iah talks to Talos about her death

"The reason I'm with you now is because with you, Dad... It's the only answer to the question of where I belong. The only thing that I need from you is a plan. Once and for all, Dad, what is your plan for finding our people a home?"
―G'iah to Talos[src]

G'iah met with Talos and told him about the events of the previous night. Talos apologized, but G'iah cut him off, saying that she was with him because it was where she belonged. However, she asked for a plan to find a home for the Skrulls, saying that Gravik's plan would work.

Talos supports Model Minority myth

G'iah listens to Talos' plan

Talos informed her that once they defeated the Skrull Resistance, they would ask the President for amnesty, prompting G'iah to get frustrated, since the plan would require them to remain disguised. Talos reminded them that they depended on goodwill from their hosts, and claimed that if they kept contributing, humans would see them. G'iah was upset by this, so she called Talos delusional, claiming that it was not who they were or who she had become. She stormed off, and Talos tried calling out for her, but she ignored him.[7]

Meeting with Fury[]

G'iah in Brixton Hideout

G'iah learns the history of their hideout

"He died. On a foreign planet. On a foreign road. Nothing will come of it. I ran away from my father because I knew he would lose."
"Talos chose the path of struggle, he did not lose. You cannot let grief paralyze you, G'iah. This is your time. Now!"
―G'iah and Nick Fury[src]

Having heard about Talos' death, G'iah met with Nick Fury at the same place where Fury had promised to find the Skrulls a home years prior. G'iah reminisced about playing there, but admitted to having forgotten what the mural symbolized. Fury explained that the area they were in was a haven for people from the West Indies after World War II. G'iah asked if it was why he chose the meeting place, so Fury explained that the place gave him strength, like her father.

G'iah talks to Fury

G'iah talks to Nick Fury about Talos' death

Fury started to attempt to comfort G'iah, but she cut him off, noting that he died on a foreign planet. Fury advised G'iah not to allow grief to consume her, revealing that he knew that she was a Super Skrull. G'iah defended herself, but Fury simply asked what DNA Gravik had stolen, so G'iah told him. She added that he only took those samples because he could not find what he was truly looking for, the Harvest. Law enforcement arrived, so Fury had to leave. He asked if G'iah would be alright, so G'iah told him not to worry before he left.[6]

Talos' Funeral[]

Travel well to your beyond, Father

G'iah gives Talos a proper farewell

"Travel well to your beyond, Father."

G'iah brought Talos' body to Varra's house and knocked on the door. Finding the door to be locked, G'iah broke in and called for Varra, holding her gun. Varra aimed her gun at G'iah, asking if Gravik had sent her to kill Varra. However, G'iah introduced herself and asked for help burying her father. The pair prepared a pyre for Talos to be cremated while G'iah expressed sadness that he was only being mourned by two people since he was a General. Varra comforted G'iah, stating that Talos was not big on pageantry. Varra asked if she had an offering, so G'iah put Soren's ring on Talos' body. G'iah solemnly stated that she did not know the proper prayer, so Varra said it while G'iah set Talos' body on fire, cremating him. G'iah wished Talos well in his travels in the afterlife.[6]

Attacked by Skrulls[]

G'iah & Varra

Varra tells G'iah about her love for her home

"He ever get lost watching you in your own skin?"
"That's none of your business."
"Well, I... I didn't mean to offend."
―G'iah and Varra[src]

G'iah and Varra then went inside, and G'iah expressed regret at calling Talos a failure. Varra comforted G'iah, who asked why Gravik wanted to kill her. Varra guessed that it was because of her insubordination, prompting G'iah to ask why she was waiting for her execution. Varra explained her love for the house and reminisced about watching Nick Fury read by the window. G'iah asked if Fury had the same appreciation for Varra in her true form, upsetting Varra. G'iah claimed lack of intention to offend, but Varra claimed that G'iah did intend due to her lack of knowledge of what it meant to build a life with someone. Varra collected herself and said that she would rather face her executioners in the place that brought her happiness.

G'iah & Varra

G'iah and Varra defend themselves

Suddenly, the Skrulls attacked, and G'iah and Varra rushed to defend themselves. They put on Bulletproof Vests and armed themselves, allowing them to fight back and shoot Skrulls as they came. They shot several Skrulls and circled each other, waiting for more to attack. A Skrull came down from the ceiling, pushing Varra down and approaching her. G'iah intercepted the Skrull and struggled against him, using the strap on his gun against him and shooting in the chest. G'iah hit the Skrulls' head against a desk, allowing Varra to shoot him in the head, killing him.

G'iah looking at Varra

G'iah and Varra wish each other farewell

Varra then drove G'iah away from the house and upon arriving at their destination, held her hand and warned G'iah to be careful. G'iah then left the car and the two parted ways.[6]

Impersonating Nick Fury[]

Entering New Skrullos

G'iah returns to New Skrullos as Nick Fury

"Take your powers, go to some other planet, wipe out some other species, I don't give a damn. Just leave Earth the hell alone. And leave it now. Call off the strike and save your people."
―G'iah to Gravik[src]

Nick Fury called[6] G'iah,[3] telling her that it was time to end their fight.[6] Fury gave G'iah the Harvest, and G'iah then went to New Skrullos while disguised as Fury. She sent her car toward the gate to get shot by the guards before shooting and killing them herself. She entered New Skrullos and found that a bunch of Skrulls had been killed. She acted as though Fury were getting radiation poisoning and checked a geiger counter. She found Gravik by the Skrull Power Replicator and asked where the rest of the Skrulls were. Gravik said they were hiding while Fury made a show of dropped her iodide pills into the grate. Gravik gave G'iah a drink and toasted to Fury's last stand.

Fury and Gravik

G'iah confronting Gravik as Nick Fury

Gravik mocked "Fury" about the radiation poisoning and asked if "he" had a backup plan involving the Avengers. G'iah commented on Gravik using humans as a costume, prompting Gravik to remind "Fury" that he was impersonating the first human that he had killed. Gravik said that Talos was weak, blaming him for the Skrulls' thirty years of exile. Gravik expressed his anger and said that he would kill "Fury," followed by the rest of humanity, blaming "Fury" for Gravik's actions. G'iah agreed that Fury should have kept his promise, telling Gravik that he hoped they would build a home on Earth. Gravik asked why "he" did not build the home, so G'iah explained that it was easier to save lives than to change people's minds. G'iah said that Fury's last feeling before dying in the Snap was relief, adding that he was not brave and only returned to Earth because he felt responsible for not teaching Gravik well enough. G'iah revealed the Harvest, offering in exchange for Gravik going to another planet and invading.

G'iah (Nick Fury)

G'iah defends herself with her new abilities

Gravik took the Harvest and checked it while G'iah feigned a coughing fit. Once Gravik was satisfied that the Harvest was pure, he commented on Fury's desire to die and activated the Power Replicator with G'iah and himself inside. G'iah righted herself, but Gravik hit her to the ground. Gravik pinned G'iah to the wall and went to punch her, but G'iah stopped the punch and hit Gravik out of the building with her newfound strength, revealing her true identity to Gravik.[3]

Duel at New Skrullos[]

G'iah (SI)

G'iah prepares to battle against Gravik

"You killed my mother. My father. You're flailing. You're weak."
―G'iah to Gravik[src]

G'iah coldly spoke to Gravik about his part in the killing of her parents and called him weak before charging at Gravik, who threw a car at G'iah. G'iah avoided the car using Ghost's abilities and summoned a sword of ice to attack Gravik with. G'iah stabbed Gravik into a dumpster, but Gravik telekinetically push her to the side before crashing her into a crane and kicking her through a wall.

G'iah vs Gravik

G'iah ultimately defeats Gravik in battle

G'iah and Gravik rushed at each other and both summoned Captain Marvel's abilities, flying up in the sky and struggling against each other. Gravik started to choke G'iah, who summoned Mantis' abilities and commanded Gravik to sleep, causing him to fall to the ground. G'iah watched as Gravik crashed onto the ground and recovered, firing several blasts at G'iah, who avoided them and landed. G'iah charged Gravik and punched him several times before choking him. Gravik insisted that G'iah was like her father and the humans, and G'iah blasted a hole in Gravik's chest, killing him.

G'iah helps Rhodey

G'iah releases James Rhodes from captivity

G'iah looked over Gravik's body and went back into the facility, where she deactivated the Fracking Pods and freed the humans being held, starting with Rosa Dalton and Vasily Poprishchin. She freed Pamela Lawton and then went to James Rhodes. Once she freed the rest of the hostages, she saw Rhodes try to get out of his pod, so she rushed to help him walk. She explained that he had been held hostage for a long time and helped him walk as the rest of the hostages were freed.[3]

A New War[]

Recruited by Sonya Falsworth[]

G'iah (Secret Invasion)

G'iah returns to England

"You'll need resources to fight this war that Ritson has launched on your people and I can get them to you."
"And let me guess, you're doing this out of the kindness of your heart?"
"Oh, God, no, don't be silly."
"My father entered into a deal like that. It didn't end so well."
Sonya Falsworth and G'iah[src]

G'iah returned to London and was intercepted by Sonya Falsworth, who she threatened, assuming that Falsworth was there to fight. Falsworth explained that she had not come to fight, revealing that she knew that G'iah had gained enhanced abilities. G'iah asked who Falsworth was, and she simply explained that the Skrulls would need a leader, offering the resources to fight the human hit squads.

G'iah meets Sonya

G'iah is recruited by Sonya Falsworth

G'iah expressed doubt that Falsworth was being kind, followed by hesitance due to Talos' deal with Nick Fury ending poorly. Falsworth insisted that friendship would not be involved, and that the two would simply use each other's resources and abilities to make Earth safe for both peoples. G'iah agreed and went to the car with Falsworth. They then traveled to another location, which contained a room full of Fracking Pods. G'iah then stared in horror at the number of them.[3]


"We just have to keep showing them who we are. We just keep contributing, show them our hearts. They will see us."
"You are delusional. That's not who we are. And that is not who I've become."
Talos and G'iah[src]

A young and optimistic Skrull, G'iah is torn between her familial obligations and her own ideals. Along with Gravik and many other radical Skrulls, G'iah hopes that Skrulls can live on Earth freely, with their natural appearance and with no need to hide anymore, hence, she joined the Skrull Resistance, fighting for this cause. On the other hand, G'iah disagrees with her father Talos’ plans to co-exist with the human race, feeling that his ideals for the Skrulls to contribute to the human race and earn the humans’ trust as delusional and naive. G'iah sees her father as cowardly and weak, unable to make the right decision for the betterment of the Skrulls on Earth. Believing that her father is doomed to lose, she lost faith and left her family in pursuit of her own ideals.

Despite of her ideological conflicts with her father and the strained father-daughter relationship, G'iah still deeply loves her father and is willing to help him. Once she learns of her mother’s demise at the hands of her leader Gravik, G'iah began to question Gravik's leadership and secretly aided Talos by supplying him with intel on the Skrull Resistance's plans, such as the plans on bombing Vossoyedineniye Square and spraying the bags carrying the dirty bombs, and relayed the information related to the attack on UN-1. This familial obligation and love towards her father led to Gravik's distrust and suspicion, and G'iah later defected from the Resistance after being shot by Gravik. Her defection from the Skrull Resistance was solely due to her father; however, as even after her defection, she still did not believe in her father’s plans, reflected from their conversation before Talos' untimely demise.

After her father’s death, G'iah was paralysed in grief, saddened that her father died for nothing on a foreign planet. She was in deep remorse due to the fact that she abandoned her family, and repeatedly berated and reprimanded her father during their last moments together, feeling that she failed as a daughter. However, after being reminded by Nick Fury that Talos’ sacrifice to rescue Ritson was not in vain, G'iah realized that her father laid his life to prove that Skrulls could indeed contribute to humans and show their worth in exchange for peaceful coexistence. Therefore, G'iah decided to continue her father’s legacy and sided with Fury to defeat Gravik once and for all. After the Skrull Resistance was defeated, G'iah would join forces with Sonya Falsworth and lead the Skrulls remaining on Earth.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Skrull Physiology: G'iah is a Skrull, which allowed her to possess many inherent superhuman abilities, the most notable being the ability to shapeshift.
    • Superhuman Strength: G'iah naturally possesses superhuman strength.
    • Longevity: To be added
    • Shapeshifting:
      G'iah (SI)

      G'iah shapeshifting into her preferred human form

      Like the rest of her species, G'iah is able to shapeshift into sentient beings, though she has to visually perceive the person she seeks to imitate. Most notably, she shapeshifted into a old man to hand Talos the intel relating to the UN-1 missile strike, and later posed as Nick Fury to go to New Skrullos and trick Gravik into enhancing the both of them during their last duel.
      • Vocal Replication: G'iah is able to accurately replicate the voice of whoever she is shapeshifting into.
      • Memory Replication: G'iah is able to mimic the exact memories of anyone she replicates.
    • Radiation Immunity: As a Skrull, G'iah is immune to radiation. Thus, she can stay in New Skrullos for a prolonged period of time without being harmed by radioactive effects.
"Oh, I haven't come for fight, G'iah. With your special abilities, it would be a lopsided affair."
Sonya Falsworth to G'iah[src]
  • Artificially Enhanced Physiology:
    G'iah becomes super

    G'iah becomes a Super-Skrull

    Unbeknownst to Gravik, G'iah enhanced herself with additional superhuman powers using the Skrull Power Replicator, and in the process she became a member of a Skrull subspecies, Super-Skrulls. G'iah posed as Fury and by using the Skrull Power Replicator again, she was enhanced by the Harvest, a collection of the Avengers' DNA and their enemies.
    • Transformation: To be added
      • Regenerative Healing Factor: G'iah's first enhancement originate from Extremis, a formula originally intended to enhance humans which now allow her to heal quickly. G'iah was able to heal from a gunshot wound directed at her chest by Gravik at point-blank range quickly, fully recovering within a matter of minutes.
      • Physical Augmentation: G'iah's strength and durability was greatly amplified from a DNA sample of several superpowered individuals, such as Drax the Destroyer, Thanos, Hulk, Cull Obsidian, Korg, Abomination, Thor, Captain America and Captain Marvel. As a result, she can endure many of Gravik's superpowered attacks without sustaining any serious injuries.
      • Quantum Mutation: As a result of a sample of Ghost's DNA, G'iah gained the ability to manipulate the quantum energy inside her, allowing her to alter her molecular structure. This can be used in the form of intangibility and invisibility.
        • Intangibility: G'iah was granted the power of intangibility when she underwent her transformation into a Super-Skrull. She used this ability to phase through a car thrown at her by Gravik during their Duel at New Skrullos.
        • Invisibility: To be added
      • Ice Manipulation: G'iah can manipulate and shape ice to form weapons and attack her enemies after she was enhanced by a sample of a Frost Beast. This was shown when she formed a blade out of ice and furiously attacked Gravik, even stabbing him in the chest.
      • Cosmic Energy Manipulation: Enhanced by a sample of Carol Danvers' DNA in the Harvest, G'iah gained the power to manipulate cosmic energy, which allowed her to fly and direct strong energy beams towards her enemies.
        • Energy Blast: To be added
        • Flight: G'iah gained the power to fly thanks to Carol Danvers' DNA. G'iah flew into the air to attack Gravik multiple times and induced sleep in him at a high altitude, causing him to plummet to the ground.
      • Sleep Manipulation: G'iah gained the powers of the Celestial-hybrid Mantis after being enhanced by a sample of the latter’s DNA stored in the Harvest, which allowed G'iah to induce sleep. While G'iah and Gravik were in the air during the two Super-Skrulls’ last duel, G'iah temporarily used Mantis’ powers to force Gravik to sleep when she was strangled by him, causing Gravik to lose consciousness temporarily and allow his body to fall from a great height.


  • Expert Combatant: To be added
  • Expert Marksman: To be added
  • Expert Scientist: To be added
  • Multilingualism: G'iah is fluent in Skrulls' native language, English and Russian.



To be added

Other Equipment[]


  • Motorcycle: To be added


  • Mar-Vell's Laboratory: Along with the group of Skrull refugees, G'iah moved to their ally Mar-Vell's laboratory in the 80s where she lived for over six years hiding from the Kree. She fled the lab with the others when her father came to retrieve them.
  • Rambeau Residence: After escaping from Mar-Vell's Laboratory and the Starforce, G'iah and her parents were briefly hosted by Maria Rambeau. Knowing that they were in need of a safe, permanent place to live, the Skrull refugees were then taken to a new home by Carol Danvers.
  • New Skrullos: G'iah worked with Gravik at New Skrullos to establish a new home for Skrulls. She used the facility as their base of operations and greeted Beto as he joined the community. She fled the base to escape punishment for her betrayal of Gravik, only to be shot outside of its borders. She healed from the wound and continued fleeing, and later returned to give Gravik the Harvest and defeat him, killing him and freeing the humans that were held hostage at New Skrullos.






In chronological order:


  • In the comics, G'iah is a Skrull agent who lived on Earth with her fellow agent Kirr and their children under the guise of an average American family, to pave the way for a future Skrull invasion. However, during their mission, G'iah and her family were targeted by Project Blossom, a secret organization who went after undercover Skrull agents.

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