"My most heartfelt congratulations. You have all been selected to join Leviathan. This is indeed a great honor for you. Soon, you will know the glory of devoting your life to a greater good. Before we continue, if there are any among you who wish to decline this opportunity, the time to speak is now."

Fyodor is a Colonel of the Soviet Armed Forces and an operative of Leviathan who recruited new members into Leviathan using fear tactics, including Johann Fennhoff.


Leviathan Candidates

"Are there any others who wish to reunite with their loved ones?"

Four men, including Johann Fennhoff, sat in a room with bags over their heads and their arms tied. As a woman removed the bags, Fyodor greeted them and congratulated them for being chosen to join Leviathan. He gave the men the option of leaving the organization. Pasha citing that he had a wife and four children decided to voice his opinion; he wanted to be with his family. Fyodor ordered the woman to free the man; she stabbed him in the jugular vein, then kicked his chair over. Fyodor told the others that the captive will be with his family when they are killed also. Focusing his attention on Ivchenko, Fyodor wondered if anyone else wanted to decline from joining Leviathan.[1]






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