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"He kept the truth from you, so that you would never feel different. You are our son, Loki. And we your family."
―Frigga to Loki[src]

Frigga was the Queen of Asgard and wife of Odin, mother of Thor, and adoptive mother of Loki. She attempted to keep the peace between the family even when Loki discovered he was the true son of Laufey and became vengeful towards her and her husband.

When Thor brought Jane Foster to Asgard to protect her from the powers of the Aether, Frigga took care of her and defended her against the attacking Dark Elves, even sacrificing her life at the hands of Malekith to ensure her safety. Frigga's death allowed Loki, whom she had always cared for, to reconsider his life choices and join with his brother to avenge her death, although her death was not enough to change Loki's desire to rule.


Early Life[]

Raised by Witches[]

"I was raised by witches, boy."
Frigga to Thor[src]

During her youth, Frigga was raised by witches, who taught her magic.[3] When she was older, Frigga met Odin, the king of Asgard. The two fell in love and married, whereupon Frigga became the Queen of Asgard. She later gave birth to her and Odin's son, Thor, who would eventually become the God of Thunder.[4]

Queen of Asgard[]

Raising Thor and Loki[]

"Do you ever regret sharing your magic with him?"
"No. You and your father cast large shadows. I had hoped that by sharing my gifts with Loki that he could find some sun for himself."
"I admire your optimism."
Thor and Frigga[src]

Frigga carrying baby Thor into battle

Frigga was compassionate and nurturing to her son, Thor, and Loki, the son of Laufey whom Odin had brought with him from Jotunheim after the war with the Frost Giants and whom the couple had adopted. She raised both boys with love and warmth, appearing to be a good and wise queen.[4] Aware that Loki felt overshadowed by his father and brother's physical prowess, Frigga trained him in magic, believing that this would give her adoptive son his own ground to stand on next to his brother.[5] She would show him tricks such as turning a flower into a frog or casting fireworks over the water, telling Loki that he could do these things too one day because he could do anything.[6]

Frigga would tell Thor and Loki the story of the Dark Elves when they were children.[1] Frigga also joined her family in traveling to Norway on Earth. The Norse, revering them as deities, named days of the week after Thor and Frigga, which became known as Thursday and Friday.[4]

Thor's Coronation[]


Frigga attending Thor's royal coronation

"Just remember that you have something even the great Allfather never had."
"And what's that?"
"Me for a mother. Now don't keep your father waiting."
―Frigga and Thor[src]

Prior to Thor's coronation to become the new King of Asgard in the wake of Odin's reign, Frigga talked with her son, assuring Thor that it was understandable for him to be nervous.[7] Frigga then participated in the ceremony, standing by Loki as Thor walked through the crowds while showing off Mjølnir and delighting in the crowd's reaction to him as the Warriors Three and Sif enjoyed the display, with Thor even winking at his mother as she tried to get him to calm down.

Frigga and Odin Deleted Scene still

Frigga confronts Odin over Thor's banishment

Frigga watched as Thor stood before all the Asgardians and swore to defend the Nine Realms as the new King of Asgard. However, before Thor could be crowned King, the Frost Giants invaded to steal the Casket of Ancient Winters and return it to Jotunheim, although they failed and were all soon destroyed by the Destroyer; however, the sudden incident forced Odin to delay Thor's coronation, much to their son's frustration as he desired the throne immediately.[4]

Thor's Banishment[]

2011 thor 029

Frigga at Odin's bedside during his Odinsleep

"Banishment? You would lose him forever? He's your son!"
"And what would you have done?"
"I would not have exiled him to a world of mortals, stripped of his powers, to suffer alone. I would not have had the heart for such cruelty!"
―Frigga and Odin[src]

Seeking to punish Thor for disturbing the peace of the Nine Realms by attempting to gain revenge against the Frost Giants and attacking their land, Odin stripped Thor of his powers and banished him to Earth. Frigga confronted Odin, angered by his decision, pleading with him to reverse his decision.[7] When Odin collapsed and was brought to his bedchamber, Frigga stayed at his side and refused to leave, afraid that he had put off the Odinsleep for too long and would never awaken.

Thor-disneyscreencaps com-5767

Frigga tells Loki the truth about his birth

She expressed this fear to Loki, who joined her to both comfort her and ask about the truth of his parentage, having learned the truth that he was, in fact, the son of Laufey. In response to Loki's question, Frigga tried to reassure him that he was loved and an integral part of the family. She then emphasized that everything Odin did was for a purpose.[4] As Loki went to leave, the Einherjar entered the room and handed him Gungnir, proclaiming him as King of Asgard.[7]

War of Two Sons[]


Frigga attempts to fight off the Frost Giants

"Loki, you saved him."
"I swear to you, mother, that they will pay for what they have done."
―Frigga and Loki[src]

When Laufey and two other Frost Giants invaded Asgard and then attempted to assassinate Odin by charging into his room to kill him, Frigga desperately attempted to defend her husband by drawing a sword. As the Frost Giants froze the door and destroyed it, Frigga charged forward and cut down one of the Frost Giants, killing him before being thrown aside by Laufey, who then moved to Odin to end their long conflict.


Frigga and Odin are saved by Loki's arrival

However, just as Laufey attempted to kill Odin by stabbing him with a frozen knife while he was still in the Odinsleep, he was then knocked backwards as Loki had appeared and then shot Laufey directly in the back with Gungnir. Loki proceeded to destroy Laufey with another shot before he then embraced his mother, who delighted in the fact that Loki had saved Odin, while Loki had vowed that all of the Frost Giants of Jotunheim would soon pay for what they had done.


Frigga learns of all of Loki's many deceptions

Immediately after this, however, Thor returned, having regained all his power and Mjølnir, with Frigga running to him, embracing him while Loki was horrified. Thor revealed to Frigga that Loki had deceived her and had just sent the Destroyer to kill him as well as Lady Sif and the Warriors Three. Frigga then witnessed her two sons battle as Loki tried to destroy Jotunheim, resulting in the destruction of the Bifrost Bridge and Loki seemingly dying by falling into a black hole.

Sif and Frigga

Frigga with Lady Sif at Asgard's celebration

During a banquet to welcome Thor back to Asgard, she talked with Lady Sif about how Thor was feeling; Lady Sif revealed that Thor mourned for his brother and that he missed the woman he encountered while he was banished on Earth.[4] Unable to accept the death of her son, Frigga used magic to find him. She found him making his deal with Thanos and attempted to talk to him, but he told her it was not a good time.[8] When Thor reached Earth in order to collect Loki, he begged him to come back onto Asgard, since Frigga was in grief. Loki claimed that he did not consider Frigga his mother.[9]

Loki's Return[]

Seeking Redemption[]

Thor the dark world 0140

Frigga watches Loki's punishment

"Then am I not your mother?"
"...You're not."
"Always so perceptive about everyone but yourself."
―Frigga and Loki[src]

When Thor managed to return Loki to Asgard, Frigga was relieved to see him, although his crimes during the Battle of New York were too great to go unpunished. Frigga watched as Loki was brought in chains before Odin and sentenced to life imprisonment. Although Loki was seemingly touched when Odin revealed that he had spared him for Frigga's sake, he was warned that he would never see her again. Despite this, Frigga continued looking after her adoptive son in secret, personally arranging for books and food to be delivered to Loki's cell.

Frigga (Earth-199999) 003

Frigga speaks to Loki from inside his cell

Later, Frigga visited Loki in the Asgardian Dungeons, telling him she had done everything in her power to make him comfortable during his time there, as Loki looked over as more Marauders arrived and were locked in their cells. Loki was bitter towards her, showing little gratitude for the books that she was providing him with, and in turn she reminded him of his crimes on Earth during the Chitauri Invasion, which had resulted in his current imprisonment in the cell.


Frigga's illusion vanishes before Loki's eyes

When Frigga called Odin his father during their conversation, Loki turned around in anger and snapped at Frigga that Odin was not his true father. Hearing this, Frigga questioned if he viewed her as his mother, which Loki claimed he did not, something Frigga knew he was actually lying about. A sullen Loki responded by trying to touch her outstretched hand, causing the holographic projection Frigga had used to visit him to dissolve, leaving Loki alone in his cell to continue considering his actions.[1]


Frigga and Thor discuss her love for Loki

Just as Frigga had ended her talk with Loki in his cell, she was then visited by Thor, who had returned from the Battle of Vanaheim and had seen her talking with Loki. Thor questioned why she still had compassion for Loki, telling her that Loki was not the boy she once knew. Frigga reminded him that he was not either, and that she had loved him no less when Odin banished him to Earth. Thor asked her if she wished she had not shared her magic with his adopted brother, but Frigga told him she was still glad she did as she had only done it to help him be different from his own brother and father. Frigga then noted that by Thor's presence in Asgard that the Nine Realms must be at peace, and Thor told her that they were and asked her where he could find Odin. Frigga told him that he would find him inside the Asgardian training grounds where he was most at ease.[5]

Sacking of Asgard[]


Frigga greets both Thor and Jane Foster

"Despite all I have survived, my Queen still worries over me."
"It's only because I worry over you that you have survived."
Odin and Frigga[src]

Frigga later reunited again with Thor as he was still showing the newly-arrived Jane Foster all around the streets of Asgard and they joked about Odin. Just as Thor was introducing Foster to his mother, however, he overheard the alarms as a riot was breaking out in the Asgardian Dungeons, so Frigga told Thor to investigate while she would protect Foster, as he summoned Mjølnir and charged into battle.


Frigga speaks with Odin about the skirmish

As they entered the Royal Palace of Valaskjalf, Frigga encountered King Odin leading his Einherjar armies into a battle against the invading forces of the Dark Elves, which were led by Malekith, although he insisted that this was nothing more than a minor skirmish and nothing to be concerned over. Frigga accused Odin to lying about the risks, but he promised to come for them as soon as it was safe, advising Frigga to take Foster into her own chambers for their protection.


Frigga gives Jane Foster some key advice

Frigga and Odin then teased each other over the fact that Frigga still worried for her husband's safety despite everything Odin had survived, while Lady Sif walked past and made eye contact with Foster. As Odin went into the battle armed with Gungnir, Frigga took Foster with her, taking one of the Einherjar's swords and then advising Foster to do exactly as she told her, believing that Malekith would be coming for the Aether, which was currently trapped inside of Foster's body as Foster quickly agreed to obey her orders.[1]

Showdown with Malekith[]

Friga DW

Frigga protects Jane Foster from Malekith

"Stand down, creature. And you may still survive this."
"I have survived worse, woman."
―Frigga and Malekith[src]

When the Dark Elves assaulted Asgard, Frigga took Jane Foster to her chambers and shut her away. She then created an illusion of Foster. Malekith invaded the palace and stumbled upon Frigga, who had her sword ready to fight. Frigga gave him a chance to surrender, but Malekith refused, stating he had come to claim his prize, the Aether, which was stored within Foster's body.


Frigga is captured by Malekith and Kurse

Frigga responded by viciously attacking Malekith with a sword, soon overwhelming him with her surprising skills with the blade. Disarming the Dark Elf, Frigga held her own sword to Malekith's throat, but before she could force him and his entire army to surrender, she was restrained by Kurse. Malekith then rounded on the illusion of Foster and attempted to reclaim the Aether from her, discovering it was an illusion when he attempted to reach out of her.


Odin holding his beloved wife's lifeless body

Malekith angrily demanded Frigga to tell him where Foster was, but Frigga refused, despite Kurse gripping her by the neck. Malekith recognized that she would not answer and ordered Kurse to kill her. Kurse impaled her from behind with her own sword, only moments before Thor stormed into the room and used Mjølnir to burn half of Malekith's face off. He was too late to save Frigga, however, as the Dark Elves escaped and Odin held his wife's body in his arms.


Frigga's spirit ascends to Valhalla

Frigga was given a ceremonial funeral with the rest of the fallen warriors by Odin, and all of Asgard paid their respects to her. Her death had a major impact on Loki, particularly given the knowledge that Loki had unwittingly contributed to her death by giving Kurse directions to escape the dungeon during the Sacking of Asgard. This would prove to be a turning point for Loki, making him hungry for revenge as he joined Thor in hunting down Malekith.[1]


Loki's Redemption[]

"You think you alone were loved of Mother? You had her tricks, but I had her trust."
"Trust. Was that her last expression, trust? When you let her die!"
Thor and Loki[src]

Frigga's death was a contributing factor to both Odin's strong desire for revenge at the cost of sacrificing countless Asgardian soldiers so as to destroy Malekith, as well as Thor's decision to liberate both Loki and Jane Foster from incarceration. With the help of the Warriors Three, the three successfully evaded the Einherjar and managed to escape to Svartalfheim, where they encountered Malekith, Kurse, and his Dark Elves once more. While Malekith, who, having extracted the Aether from Foster's body, departed to Earth along with a majority of Dark Elves so he could finally unleash the Aether upon the Nine Realms, Loki finally killed Kurse, despite being supposedly fatally wounded by the Dark Elf. Therefore, Frigga's death was avenged, with Loki even noting that his actions were not for Thor or Odin's sake, but to avenge his deceased mother.[1]

An alternate Loki discovered Frigga's death on the Time Variance Authority's holoprojector, upsetting him and causing him to want to fight alongside the TVA to keep the universe in balance.[10]

Odin's Farewell[]

"Your mother, she calls me. Do you hear it?"
―Odin to Thor and Loki[src]

In 2017, a dying Odin told Thor and Loki that he could hear Frigga calling out to him from Valhalla.[11]


"I asked him to be honest with you from the beginning. There should be no secrets in a family."
―Frigga to Loki[src]

Frigga is a benevolent, kind-hearted, fair and wise person. Frigga was beloved by all her family and all people of Asgard. Frigga loved equally both her biological son Thor and her adoptive son Loki. Even though she is a very wise ruler, her kind heart can occasionally get in the way of certain punishments given to her sons. The prime example of this was when she attempted to convince Odin to end Thor's banishment from Asgard, despite knowing the gravity of Thor's crimes and the war that would ensue because of it. When Odin asked Frigga what she would've done, she states she wouldn't have had the heart to banish Thor. Odin calls her out on this, saying that while he grieves as well, he knew was the necessary action and he is king because he can make these difficult decisions. Frigga similarly continued to show Loki great care and sympathy even after his numerous crimes on Earth and would visit him in his dungeon cell through Magic and give him gifts of books and food to keep him comfortable. Frigga was possibly the person closest to Loki as he genuinely loved and cared about his adoptive mother. Frigga was first to notice the large shadows Loki's adopted father and adopted brother casted on him, so she decided to share her skills of Magic with him as a hope that she would grant him something unique and special for himself. Frigga trained Loki in magic and encouraged him by telling him that he could do anything, showing just how kind-hearted and considerate she was for her adopted son.

Frigga had a great sense of compassion for all of those around her and was very empathetic and considerate to her sons. Unlike her husband, Frigga was ready to forgive Loki, even after his deeds, and had hope for Thor despite his actions as well. She also was willing to accept Thor's relationships with Jane Foster. Frigga was highly polite, friendly and sympathetic. She was shown to be good friends with Jane, even though she was only human, and a majority of the other Asgardians disapproved of the relationship. Frigga also showed a great care for her husband, Odin, as she watched over him during his Odinsleep and refused to leave his side. When the Frost Giants came to Asgard and attempted to kill her husband, she herself defended him by striking an incoming Frost Giant down that was approaching his chambers. Frigga even told Odin to take care of himself during the Sacking of Asgard and Odin teased her by noting how she still expressed care and worry over him in battle despite how much he had survived. Frigga's relationship with her biological son Thor was close as well, as upon meeting a future version of her son she accepted him immediately and wasn't at all fooled by Thor's feeble lies. Frigga comforted Thor over his depression and shared one last tender moment with him, but she refused to hear any warnings about her fate, showing her acceptance and bravery in regard to dealing with her grim future.

In contrast to her kind-hearted nature, Frigga was quite brave, strong-willed and noble, since she was brave enough to stand against Malekith, the leader of Dark Elves, by herself. She was even ready to sacrifice herself to help her family and friends. Her sacrifice was very important, as it made Loki to stop temporarily his rivalry with Thor and help him and impacted him severely. Loki was filled with a vengeance over her death, as seen by the state of his prison room after learning of her death, and he sought great vengeance for her with the help of uniting with his brother, Thor. Frigga's care for her kingdom and people as well as her compassion for her family led her to noble sacrifice which encouraged and inspired her sons within their care and love for her to put aside their differences in successfully avenging her death.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Asgardian Physiology: As an Asgardian, Frigga possessed all of the various superhuman attributes common among her people, including superhuman strength, durability, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes, healing, and was extremely long-lived. However, as the queen of Asgard, her superhuman attributes were considerably higher than most Asgardians.
    • Superhuman Strength: Frigga possessed great superhuman strength, similar to all Asgardians; however, her strength exceeds almost all of the population. She was able to overpower Malekith, the leader of the Dark Elves, with fairly ease.
    • Superhuman Durability: Frigga's body was more resistant to physical and energy damage. She easily survived a punch by the Frost Giant King, Laufey. However, the sword of Kurse was no match for her.
    • Superhuman Speed: Like all Asgardians, Frigga could run and move at great superhuman speed.
    • Superhuman Agility: Frigga naturally possessed great agility, flexibility, and body coordination. She was able to use various spin moves to give Malekith a challenging opponent.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Frigga's advanced musculature allowed her to perform at maximum energy for long periods of time. Her endurance allowed her to exercise her maximum capacity without tiring at all.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Frigga could react and dodge objects traveling at high speeds allowing her to rarely be stricken.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite her body's resistance, Frigga could still be injured like any other Asgardian. However, her metabolism enabled her to rapidly regenerate damaged bodily tissue with great speed. However, she was still able to be killed by Algrim.
    • Longevity: Frigga was not truly immortal. More accurately, Asgardians were extremely long-lived beings, Frigga aged very slowly, being able to live for thousands of years. Even though she was thousands of years old, Frigga still looked like a middle-aged woman by Earth standards.
Malekith to Frigga[src]
  • Magic: Frigga learned how to wield Asgardian magic while growing up in Asgard being raised by witches. She eventually became a highly skilled and formidable sorcerer, with it being her main asset in battle. Frigga taught Loki how to cast illusions, resulting in his exceptional skill in the field of sorcery.
    • Transmutation: According to Loki, Frigga was capable of turning a flower into a frog. She taught Loki this trick which he used to turn Thor into a frog.
    • Illusion Manipulation:

      Frigga communicates with Loki

      Frigga was able to cast extremely convincing illusions of other beings, especially herself. She was able to send a projection of herself to the Asgardian Dungeons, used the ability to speak to Loki in his cell, and tricked Malekith with a fake projection of Jane Foster. According to Loki, she had showed him how to create a firework illusion.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Frigga was a very intelligent Asgardian, especially in the ways of Magic. She had proudly taught Loki everything he knew about magic and illusions. This knowledge helped Loki become the God of Mischief.
  • Expert Combatant:

    Frigga fighting against Malekith

    Frigga was a highly skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant. She killed a Frost Giant with ease; although more of her skill was prevalent during the attack on Asgard. Most notably, when confronted by Malekith, Frigga single-handedly defeated him wielding a short sword in reverse grip, and could have killed him had Kurse not intervened. Ironically, shortly before this, Malekith stated to her that he had survived much worse, which proved to be a testament to Frigga's skill.
  • Sword Mastery: Frigga was highly skilled at using a sword in combat, being able to use it to protect her husband Odin from Laufey and the Frost Giants, as well as when Malekith and the Dark Elves attacked Asgard. During her fight against Malekith, she was able to use it to easily disarm his sword and gain the upper hand, even almost kill him had Kurse not intervened. However, Kurse managed to grab the sword from Frigga and used it to kill her by stabbing her in the back.
  • Bilingualism: Frigga was fluent in her native Asgardian, as well as English.



  • Sword: Frigga wielded this sword as her primary weapon. She used it to protect her husband Odin from Laufey and the Frost Giants, as well as when Malekith and the Dark Elves attacked Asgard. However, Algrim managed to grab the sword from Frigga and used it to kill her by stabbing her in the back.

Other Equipment[]







Appearances for Frigga


  • In the comics, Frigga, also called Freyja, is a Vanir and is the adoptive mother of Thor and the biological mother of Odin's other sons, Tyr and Balder.
  • The name Friday originated from Frey's Day, a day of the week named after Freyja/Frigga.

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