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"I've been trying to find your friend ever since I got here. I just have this sense that... that he needs my help."
―Peter Parker to Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds[src]

Peter Benjamin Parker is a superhero whose body and DNA were mutated after being bit by a genetically-engineered spider, eventually operating in New York City as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Spider-Man fought multiple villains throughout his career as the web-slinging vigilante, including Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, and Sandman. Eventually, after a tumultuous relationship, Parker and Mary Jane Watson became a stable couple.

Later, after being summoned to a parallel reality due to Doctor Strange's corrupted spell, Parker met that reality's Spider-Man, along with another alternate-reality Spider-Man. After learning that Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, and Sandman had also crossed universes, Parker engineered an anti-serum for Green Goblin for use in a subsequent battle on the Statue of Liberty. The three Spider-Men, and Octavius, fought against Green Goblin, Sandman, Electro, and Lizard to cure their afflictions. When the Spider-Man from Strange's universe attempted to kill Green Goblin for murdering his aunt May Parker, Spider-Man compelled him to stand down. After all of their adversaries had been cured, Spider-Man embraced his alternate selves before being returned to his home universe by Strange.


Early Life

Life as Spider-Man

"My Uncle Ben was killed. It was my fault."
―Peter Parker[src]

Peter Parker was best friends with Harry Osborn and had feelings for his classmate Mary Jane Watson. He was bitten by a genetically engineered spider, which resulted in the alteration of his genetic makeup. One night, after Parker's uncle Ben Parker told him "with great power, comes great responsibility", Parker refused to stop Dennis Carradine from stealing money, which led to Ben getting shot. Parker witnessed the death of his uncle and vindictively hunted down Carradine, the man he thought had killed Ben, and he ended up dying as well. This prompted Parker to realize vengeance did not make him feel any better, and he embraced Ben's philosophy about responsibility as motivation to become the superhero Spider-Man.

During his early days as Spider-Man, Parker faced Green Goblin, the father of Harry Osborn and the alter of Norman Osborn, who met his demise by being impaled by his own glider. Later, Parker met Otto Octavius, who became Doctor Octopus after his tentacles took control over him. During this time, Parker temporarily lost his ability to generate webs due to an existential crisis, which he later overcame. In his final battle with Doctor Octopus, Spider-Man was held by the throat when he encouraged Octavius to regain control over himself, leading to Octavius sacrificing himself to save the city from the machine he built by letting himself drown with it.

Harry Osborn went after Parker for the death of his father, around which time Parker encountered his uncle Ben's actual killer, Sandman. A symbiote then bonded with Parker, but he later separated himself from it, causing it to bond with someone else and he became Venom. Spider-Man reconciled with Harry Osborn, who ended up dying in his arms. Spider-Man managed to kill the Venom Symbiote.

Later on, Parker and Watson successfully managed to work out their tumultuous relationship, despite the inconveniences of Parker's dual identity. Overtime, Parker had been thinking about the possibility that he could've made an Anti-Goblin Serum for Norman Osborn. Spider-Man sometimes went to the top of the Chrysler Building, since that was a place that had meaning to him and where he could find comfort to get away from his troubles. Spider-Man also visited the Empire State Building, seeing that the view from there was sweet for him.[1]

Spider-Man Multiversal Crisis

Brought to Another Universe

Parker meets Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds

"So you're Spider-Man, too. Why didn't you just say that?"
"I generally don't go around advertising it. Kinda defeats the whole anonymous superhero thing."
Ned Leeds and Peter Parker[src]

One day, Parker found himself transported into another universe's New York City. During his time there, Parker discovered that this universe's Spider-Man's identity had been outed and he was in trouble fighting some of the enemies Parker fought in the past. He also learned about this universe's Spider-Man's friends Ned Leeds and Michelle Jones through the media. Since then, Parker had been trying to find his alternate self, sensing that this universe's Spider-Man needed his help. At night, he was walking around when an Inter-Dimensional Portal appeared before him. Parker stepped through the portal and found himself in the Leeds Residence, where Leeds and Jones were present.

Parker introduces himself to Michelle Jones

Leeds assumed he was a random person at first until he clarified his identity while greeting them and Ned Leeds' grandmother. Parker then spotted another Spider-Man and they both eyed each other, both sensing something, like two gunslingers sizing the other up. He realized that was not the Spider-Man native to Leeds' and Jones' universe before they quickly used their respective webs to shoot at the other. Both dodged their webs, and Parker shot his web at the other's web-shooter, before realizing the other person was another universe's Peter Parker and not the one he was looking for.

Parker talks to Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds

After Leeds' grandmother politely asked the two web-slingers to clean the webs they shot, she went to bed and Parker approached Jones and Leeds. Parker told them that he had been trying to find their Spider-Man and sensed that he needed Parker's help. After Leeds and Jones explained that they did not know their Spider-Man's current location, Parker asked if there was a place that had meaning to him, and when he was about to continue speaking, the other Spider-Man said if there was place where he would get away from everything.

Parker talks to an alternate Spider-Man

There was a glance of acknowledgement between Parker and the other Spider-Man, with Parker saying that for him it was the top of the Chrysler Building and the other Spider-Man replying that for him it was the Empire State Building, believing that it had a better view, which Parker complimented that the view was sweet. This prompted Jones to realize that her Spider-Man was at Midtown School of Science and Technology.

Parker apologizes to Michelle Jones' Spider-Man

The two Parkers then learned that Jones' Spider-Man's aunt May Parker was killed by Green Goblin and that the Macchina di Kadavus, which was in Jones' possession, could send the Multiversal travelers home, so they all went to the top of Midtown High, where Jones' Spider-Man was grieving. Parker and the other Spider-Man stood upon the school's tower and stared at Jones' Spider-Man from above, later swinging down towards him. They showed facial expressions that revealed to Jones' Spider-Man that they were alternate versions of him, and the two apologized to Jones' Spider-Man about May. When Jones' Spider-Man tried to use Macchina to send them back home, saying that they should go home to deal with their enemies and apologized for bringing them to this universe, Jones gently pulled the Macchina back, allowing the two Parkers to talk to him.

Parker tells his experience with loss

Parker told Jones' Spider-Man that his uncle Ben Parker was killed because of him, and after the other Spider-Man explained his experience losing his girlfriend Gwen Stacy, Parker continued. He said that he hunted down Dennis Carradine because he thought he killed Ben, but when Carradine died, it didn't make Parker feel better, and it took him a long time to get through his painful emotions. Jones' Spider-Man expressed that he wanted to kill Green Goblin and started quoting May's statement "With great power-", and Parker finished it with "Comes great responsibility." When Jones' Spider-Man asked how he knew that, the two Parkers answered that their respective versions of Ben Parker told them that. The three Peter Parkers stared at each other, overwhelmed by this uncanny connection. Parker ensured that May didn't die for nothing.[1]

Working on a Cure

Parker works with his alternate selves

"Gotta cure all of 'em, right?"
"That's what we do."
―Peter Parker and Spider-Man[src]

Parker, Michelle Jones' Spider-Man, and the other Peter Parker agreed to work together to cure the villains, so they went to a chemistry lab inside Midtown School of Science and Technology. While the other Parker started remaking the Lizard Antidote for Lizard and Jones' Spider-Man started repairing Electro's Cure and Sandman's Cure, Parker admitted he could make an Anti-Goblin Serum for Norman Osborn, since he had been thinking about it for a long time. He noticed Jones' Spider-Man's conflicted expression, so Parker reminded him that they got to cure all of them because that's what they did.

Parker talks to Ned Leeds

While Parker was working on Osborn's cure, Ned Leeds approached Parker and asked if he had a best friend, and Parker explained that his best friend tragically died in Parker's arms after trying to kill him, unintentionally making Leeds concerned about himself. Later, Parker noticed the other Parker watching Jones and her Spider-Man embrace each other, and asked the other Parker if he had someone. The other Parker replied that he didn't and asked Parker if he had someone, to which Parker answered that it was complicated. The other Parker suggested that maybe people like them couldn't get girlfriends, but Parker explained that he wouldn't give up, since he and Mary Jane Watson managed to work out their tumultuous relationship, referring to her as MJ, which confused the other Parker. Parker clarified that it was his version of MJ, saying that this situation could get confusing.

Parker and his alternate selves respond to Ned Leeds

When Leeds called out for his Peter Parker, all three of them answered and got confused about who he was referring to. Leeds struggled for a while in calling out his Spider-Man, and the group started making their plan. The other Parker recounted that they had to lure the villains some place, try to cure them while they would attack and send them back to their home universes. The three of them looked at each other, physically expressing that this was crazy but they were doing it.

Parker reveals his organic webs

Parker was asked by the other Parker if he had his own Spider-Man Suit, so he lowered his t-shirt collar to reveal he was wearing his suit underneath. Leeds handed over web cartridges to them for their own Web-Shooters, which confused Parker and prompted him to shoot webs out of his bare wrists, shocking the others. Parker asked Jones' Spider-Man that he couldn't do that while the other Spider-Man was fascinated. Jones' Spider-Man showed a picture of the Statue of Liberty, which was being renovated and was an isolated area to lure the villains to using the Macchina di Kadavus, since that was the item that they all wanted. Leeds revealed to his Spider-Man that he could use magic from the Sling Ring to open an Inter-Dimensional Portal to go there, which Parker supported and proved. When Jones stated that they were going to "kick some ass", Parker corrected that they were going to "cure some ass", and Leeds added "cure that ass".[1]

Conversing with His Alternate Selves

Spider-Man stretches his back

"‘Cause you’re... you’re amazing. Just to take it in for a minute."
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can take it in. No, I can take it in."
"You... you are amazing."
―Spider-Man and Spider-Man[src]

At the Statue of Liberty, Michelle Jones' Spider-Man managed to do a live broadcast through The Daily Bugle to lure the villains to Liberty Island for the Macchina di Kadavus. Spider-Man managed to web the cures around the scaffolding, keeping them safe and hidden. He and the other Spider-Man started hanging out around the scaffolding, with the other Spider-Man explaining that Electro used to be nice before he fell into a pool of electric eels and gained his powers. Spider-Man's back was tensing up and started stretching, saying to Electro's Spider-Man that his back was getting stiff from all the swinging, which Electro's Spider-Man replied that he had a middle back situation too.

Spider-Man gets his back cracked

Spider-Man allowed his alternate self to crack his back for him, complimenting that he back now felt better. Electro's Spider-Man was taking in the moment and admitted that he always wanted brothers, referring to Spider-Man and Jones' Spider-Man. Curious, Electro's Spider-Man questioned how Spider-Man could make organic web fluid, Spider-Man said he'd rather not talk about this and asked if he was teasing him. From the crown, Jones' Spider-Man chimed in, assuring Spider-Man that Electro's Spider-Man wasn't teasing him and admitted that he too was curious about how his web situation worked.

Spider-Man talks about his webs

This led to Spider-Man saying that he couldn't explain it, saying that it was like breathing, meaning that his organic webs are just natural for him. After answering to Jones' Spider-Man that his webs only came out of his wrists, Electro's Spider-Man stated how it was a hassle having to constantly make his own webs, which Spider-Man agreed. He also admitted that he had a web block once due to an existential crisis, which Electro's Spider-Man related to in a way.

Parker calls the other Spider-Man amazing

Jones' Spider-Man asked them what were some of the craziest villains they had fought, and Spider-Man noted that Jones' Spider-Man had already met some of them. He answered that he had fought an alien once, and Jones' Spider-Man revealed that he had fought aliens too, one on Earth and one in space. The fact that Jones' Spider-Man had fought an alien in space surprised Spider-Man, and when Electro's Spider-Man called himself lame for not fighting an alien, Spider-Man assured him that he wasn't. He called Electro's Spider-Man amazing, and Spider-Man kept repeating it until his alternate self thanked him.[1]

Battle at Liberty Island

Spider-Man gets grabbed by Lizard

"Alright, Spider-Mans! Sandman's first!"
"I'm gonna lead him inside the statue."
"I'll meet you at the top."
―Spider-Man to Spider-Man and Spider-Man[src]

Immediately after their conversation, the three Spider-Men's spider senses were going off, so they stood their ground. Electro appeared in the sky above Michelle Jones' Spider-Man and started chasing him through the scaffolding of the Statue of Liberty for the Macchina di Kadavus. Spider-Man and Electro's Spider-Man pulled their masks on and began swinging into action. While Spider-Man was swinging, he heard from Electro's Spider-Man over comms that he got Electro's attention and suddenly, Lizard grabbed onto Spider-Man's leg, hanging onto him. He reported that Lizard had arrived and kicked him loose, sending Lizard landing onto the arm of a nearby crane.

Spider-Man fights Lizard on a crane

Spider-Man dropped down above him, quickly backpedaling as Lizard advanced. He was frantically crawling away from an approaching Lizard and asked Jones' Spider-Man for the Lizard Antidote. A fight between Spider-Man and Lizard occurred, and in the middle of it, Electro's Spider-Man accidentally shot webs at Spider-Man face, but Spider-Man ripped the webbing off, calling it gross. When Electro accidentally struck the crane, sending it crashing down, Spider-Man and Lizard were still fighting onboard until Spider-Man webbed off.

Spider-Man asks about the Avengers

As Sandman created a massive sandstorm that covered the statue, the unmasked Spider-Men met up on the scaffolding above the storm. A panicked Electro's Spider-Man bickered with Spider-Man that he kept yelling at Spider-Man, calling him Peter-Two but Spider-Man thought Electro's Spider-Man was Peter-Two. After Jones' Spider-Man yelled at them to stop arguing, Electro's Spider-Man and Spider-Man admitted that they didn't know how to work as a team. Fortunately, Jones' Spider-Man explained that he had experience working as team since he was part of the Avengers. Spider-Man complimented that that was great and questioned what was the Avengers, making Jones' Spider-Man realize that Spider-Man nor Electro's Spider-Man had their own versions of the Avengers.

Spider-Man plans with his alternate selves

When Jones' Spider-Man tried to explain what the Avengers were, a bolt of electricity struck amid the sandstorm, causing Spider-Man to yell at how this was helping their current situation. Jones' Spider-Man disregarded the explanation and advised the two Spider-Men to focus, trust their spider sense and coordinate their attacks, agreeing to pick one villain to cure at a time. They also established clear codenames for themselves, with Jones' Spider-Man as Peter-One, Spider-Man as Peter-Two and Electro's Spider-Man as Peter-Three.

Spider-Man and his alternate selves arrive on the crown

At the moment Spider-Man and Peter-One were about to swing off, Peter-Three halted them and told them that he loved them. Spider-Man and Peter-One felt awkward at first, but they took that in and thanked him. The three of them share a determined look. They pulled on their masks and leaped off the scaffolding, swinging around the statue, cheerful at the prospect of themselves being together as a team. One by one, they landed on the statue's crown, with Spider-Man first, Peter-Three second and Peter-One third. Sandman, Electro and Lizard rose directly across from them, and both teams leaped towards each other.

Spider-Man gets chased by Sandman

Spider-Man was being chased by a gigantic Sandman through another part of the scaffolding and Peter-One commanded that Sandman was first to be cured. Hearing this through comms, Spider-Man decided to lead Sandman inside the statue, where he would meet Peter-Three at the top so that Spider-Man could be handed Sandman's Cure. Spider-Man scrambled to evade Sandman, who was closing in, and Spider-Man crawled inside the statue, climbing and webbing his way to the top. He tried to tell his old enemy that they were trying to help him, but Sandman didn't give up the chase. Spider-Man sighed and webbed to the top of the statue.

Spider-Man reunites with Flint Marko

He was inside the crown and there was nowhere else to go as sand quickly flooded in all around him. Spider-Man called out to his alternate selves that he needed the cure before arms of sand grabbed at Spider-Man, pulling him under. Spider-Man was completely engulfed in sand, saved for his grasping hand, which received the cure and clicked the device on. After a blast of golden light, the sand quickly retreated. Spider-Man pulled off his mask, gasping for air as he watched as the sand continuing to fall away, to reveal Flint Marko, a man once again. He assured Marko that it was okay and that they were going to get him home, instructing him to stay inside.

Spider-Man fights Electro

Spider-Man then joined his other selves at the top of the crown as they fought Electro. Peter-One explained that they needed to get the Arc Reactor off Electro, who fired a huge bolt of Arc electricity at them. The Spider-Men jumped aside, landing on the nearby scaffolding. Peter-One commanded Spider-Man to go right, then all three Spider-Men simultaneously fired webs, attempting to secure Electro. Spider-Man jumped in, but Electro effortlessly jolted him, sending him tumbling off the scaffolding. Later, Spider-Man took Electro's Cure from the scaffolding below and readied for attack. Suddenly, Doctor Octopus' Tentacles grabbed both Spider-Man and Peter-Three, causing the former to drop the cure. Otto Octavius, seemingly as Doctor Octopus, rose up into view behind Electro. After Spider-Man pleaded Octavius to not hurt them, Octavius, who was tricking the three of them into thinking he was Doctor Octopus, suddenly used a tentacle to grab the Arc Reactor on Electro. Octavius settled the two Spider-Men on a platform and retrieved the cure device to successfully cure Electro, restoring him to Max Dillon.

Parker warmly reunites with Otto Octavius

After most of the villains were cured, Spider-Man watched Octavius looking at the Arc Reactor in his hand, saying "The power of the sun...", and Spider-Man dropped down to finish the statement with "In the palm of your hand." Spider-Man pulled off his mask and warmly reunited with Octavius. They both admit that it felt great to see each other again, with Octavius telling Spider-Man that he had grown up since they last met. When Octavius asked how he was, Spider-Man responded that he was trying to do better, echoing a conversation they had so many years before.

Spider-Man meets Doctor Strange

An Inter-Dimensional Portal appeared near the two, and Doctor Strange exited through it. Peter-One argued with Strange as Spider-Man and Peter-Three went next to Peter-One, surprising Strange. Having overheard their argument, a confused Spider-Man asked about Strange going to the Grand Canyon. Peter-One introduced Spider-Man and Peter-Three to Strange as well as introduced Strange to both Spider-Men as the wizard he told them about.

Spider-Man hears Green Goblin's voice

When Strange was about to use the Macchina di Kadavus, Spider-Man's eyes widened as he heard Green Goblin's voice from afar, asking if Peter-One could come out to play. Green Goblin rode in on his Goblin Glider and shot Razor Bats at them, but Octavius jumped in and used his tentacles to destroy the razors while all Spider-Men dodged them. Green Goblin snatched the Macchina, but Strange took it back. All Spider-Men sensed something was off about the Macchina, and it turned out there was a Pumpkin Bomb inside it, causing a massive explosion.

Spider-Man saves Curt Connors

The corrupted spell being unleashed caused the scaffolding to collapse on itself, while Peter-One's friends were saved, Spider-Man webbed the recently cured Curt Connors, while Octavius carried Dillon with his tentacles, as they goes somewhere safe. As the sun rose, Spider-Man and Peter-Three arrived at the base of the statue to see Peter-One brutally beating down Green Goblin. Both Spider-Men gave a quick look at each other, knowing they had to do something.

Parker stops Spider-Man from killing Green Goblin

When Peter-One attempted to impale Green Goblin with his glider, Spider-Man jumped between them and held against the glider, saving Goblin. Peter-One didn't relent, but a pleading look on Spider-Man's face expressing "Don't do this" gave a wordless understanding between the two. The glider was settled down, but Goblin stabbed Spider-Man in the back, causing him to collapse to the ground. After watching Peter-Three toss the Anti-Goblin Serum to Peter-One, who used it to cure Osborn from the Goblin, Spider-Man smiled in relief.[1]

Returning to His Universe

Parker is aided by Max Dillon's Spider-Man

"I want you to know that I'm—"
"You know. It's what we do."
Spider-Man and Spider-Man[src]

Michelle Jones' Spider-Man and Max Dillon's Spider-Man rushed to Spider-Man's aid, and Spider-Man realized it was Peter-Three who tossed the Anti-Goblin Serum. He assured Peter-Three that he was good since he had been stabbed before. The three Spider-Men shared a moment and then noticed chaotic rumblings from above. Spider-Man asked if that was happening or was he dying, and Peter-Three confirmed that was real. Spider-Man also noticed that there were people in the sky. Peter-One webbed off to see Doctor Strange as Peter-Three took care of Spider-Man.

Spider-Man embraces his alternate selves

Spider-Man was held up on his feet by Peter-Three when Peter-One, after convincing Strange to cast the Runes of Kof-Kol to make everyone in this universe forget who Peter-One was, arrived. Peter-One told them that they were about to return home and emotionally thanked them. When he was struggling to find the words to say goodbye with, Spider-Man smiled and told Peter-One that he knew and that's what they did. All three Spider-Men embraced each other, with Peter-One thanking them before saying that he guessed he'll see them, and Spider-Man agreed. They shared a final smile between each other, since they were now more than just counterparts.

Spider-Man is returned to his universe

As Peter-One ran off, Spider-Man winced. Peter-Three asked if he was in so much pain, which Spider-Man confirmed. Arms around each other, both Spider-Men watched as the magic took hold. The new spell resulted in the rest of the Multiversal travelers to be sent back to their home universes. Spider-Man and Peter-Three waved goodbye to each other as they disappear in golden lights, returning home.[1]


"The night Ben died, I hunted down the man who I thought did it. I wanted him dead. I got what I wanted. It didn't make it better. It took me a long time to learn to get through that darkness."
―Peter Parker[src]

Parker possesses a strong sense of responsibility, as shown by how he still held guilt over indirectly causing his Uncle's death. Also, Parker harbors deep regret in not helping Norman Osborn get rid of his Green Goblin persona because he felt that could have save him and his best friend, Harry Osborn, from their fates. This Parker is the most experienced out of all his counterparts due to all the years he spent as being Spider-Man. Parker had fought Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, the New Goblin, and Venom during those years, with each enemy testing his morals. Due to this, he is also the most mature of the three Spider-Men. Slightly quieter and more reserved but still nonetheless willing to joke and be lighthearted.

As a result of the events he has faced in his life, Parker developed a strict sense of justice and a code against killing people, including his own villains, as he stopped his counterpart from killing Norman Osborn out of revenge for him killing one of his loved ones as Green Goblin, because he knew deep down, there was still goodness within Osborn and knows that his actions wasn't his fault but Green Goblin's. The empathy he shows to his enemies is even sometimes reciprocated, as shown with Otto Octavius, who he is on very good terms with, as he helps him and his counterparts during their battle against the other villains. After stopping his younger counterpart from killing Norman and seeing his old friend was cured of his Green Goblin persona for good, Parker holds out hope that the latter's altered fate could also change his best friend's fate as well and he might be alive again when he returns to his universe.

Parker easily bonded with his alternate selves as he becomes the big brother figure of the group. Also, Parker knew his younger counterpart needed his help and has been searching for him ever since he arrived in his reality. In addition, Parker offers advice and encouragement to his counterparts, as shown when he encouraged his more experienced self to not give up on his Peter Parker life and finding love, and that he's an amazing Spider-Man when he kept bringing himself down because he hasn't fought alien villains like him and their younger counterpart. Parker even didn't argue with his younger counterpart when he named himself leader of group because he understands that he has experiences of working with a team, the Avengers, even being amazed by the fact despite having no idea who they were due to them possibly being non-existent in his universe. Also, when he saw his younger counterpart being scolded by Doctor Strange for trapping him at the Grand Canyon in the Mirror Dimension for twelve hours, Parker wasted no time in coming to his defenses.

On another note, he shares many of his counterpart's traits such as their excitement; being pleased that multiverses exist and that there are other versions of himself, impressed that both of his counterparts have created cures to help the villains, and amazed that his younger counterpart went to space. He also shares the same intelligence levels as both of his counterparts and the same wisdom with his other experienced counterpart by sharing the loss of his loved one to their younger counterpart. In addition, Parker was surprised that his younger counterpart had his own MJ and that the initials could stand for a different name: Michelle Jones.

Powers and Abilities


"So, you make your own web fluid in your body."
Spider-Man to Spider-Man[src]
  • Spider Physiology: This Spider-Man was bitten by a genetically engineered spider, causing the arachnid's genetic makeup to fuse with his DNA. As a result, he possesses abilities of a spider up-to-scale with the physiology of a Human.
    • Superhuman Strength: As a result of getting bit by a genetically enhanced spider, Spider-Man gained the strength proportionate akin to a spider, allowing him to lift weights heavier than his body. He was able to easily contend against the Lizard without putting too much effort. He was even able to stop a vengeful Peter Parker from using the Goblin Glider to kill his former enemy Green Goblin in a fit of rage, holding it from a kneeling position long enough for Parker to calm himself down.
    • Superhuman Durability:

      Spider-Man withstands Electro's electricity

      As a result of getting bit by a genetically enhanced spider, Spider-Man has enhanced durability levels that helped him survive in the war to fight his past enemies. He was able to survive being stabbed by Green Goblin's blade saying that he had been stabbed multiple times before.
    • Superhuman Speed: As a result of getting bit by a genetically enhanced spider, Spider-Man has enhanced speeds which allow him to easily dodge attacks from many of his formidable opponents, when combined with his precognitive Spider-Sense.
    • Superhuman Agility:

      Spider-Man leaping towards Electro

      As a result of getting bit by a genetically enhanced spider, Spider-Man has enhanced agility which allows him to easily dodge attacks from many of his formidable opponents, when combined with his precognitive Spider-Sense.
    • Superhuman Stamina: As a result of getting bit by a genetically enhanced spider, Spider-Man has enhanced levels of stamina which allow him to fight longer durations against his often-formidable opponents such as Green Goblin, Sandman, and Doctor Octopus.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: As a result of getting bit by a genetically enhanced spider, Spider-Man has enhanced reflexes which allow him to make maneuvers that normal humans can never make.
    • Enhanced Senses: After getting bitten by a genetically enhanced spider, Spider-Man's senses have been enhanced to superhuman levels.
      • Spider-Sense:

        Spider-Man sensing danger

        Spider-Man possesses a precognitive Spider-Sense which provides an early warning detection system that alerts him to impending danger, enabling him to evade most injuries unless he cognitively overrides his automatic high-speed reflexes. His sense was powerful enough that as soon as he was brought into a different universe, he knew that somewhere in New York the alternate Spider-Man needed his help, so he sought out to find him.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: After the spider bite, he has developed a strong regenerative healing factor that allows him to heal from wounds faster than most humans. Thanks to this, he was able to survive several deadly attacks in his past and being stabbed by Green Goblin with relative ease.
    • Wallcrawling:

      Spider-Man crawling up the statue

      Unlike his two Peter Parker counterparts, this Spider-Man has sharp, "barbed" like material on his hands, allowing him to stick to any surface, no matter how rough or slippery. The barbs on his hands combined with his superhuman spider strength enabled Peter to climb walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. This ability allows him to stick to any surface when willing so, as physical contact with surfaces is necessary to support his body, even when he is inverted above the ground.
    • Organic Web Generation:

      Spider-Man generating his organic web

      Unlike his two counterparts, Spider-Man can generate and project his webbing from glands inside his forearms, His "spinnerets" to be exact. The silk is released through a spinneret near each wrist containing a central web spigot orifice used for web-slinging and draglines, supplemented by several radial minor spigots for other types of webs connected to specialized glands. He can utilize his organic webbing in any way he can, such as grabbing onto objects or rounding up individuals. The process is effortless for him, as he states it is like breathing. However, he can momentarily lose this ability if he becomes overly stressed.


"I think I can make an antiserum for Doctor Osborn. Been thinking about it a long time. Gotta cure all of them."
―Peter Parker[src]
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Parker is very smart, specifically in chemistry, physics, and engineering. Together with Peter Parker One and other Peter Parker Three the trio were able to cure all of their villains and save them.
  • Master Scientist:

    Parker creating the Anti-Goblin Serum

    Parker is a brilliant scientist who is highly skilled in various fields of science, even impressed the likes of Norman Osborn and Otto Octavius. Through the use of his scientific knowledge, Parker was able to create an anti-serum for Norman Osborn, which successfully cured him and restoring his sanity.
  • Master Combatant:

    Spider-Man fighting against Lizard

    By utilizing his enhanced physical parameters like his superhuman strength and agility, Parker has become a highly skilled combatant over the course of his superhero career. Parker's vast experience in fighting numerous supervillains for many years allows him to surpass his two counterparts in hand-to-hand combat, being able to best Peter Parker Three with considerable ease when they first met thanks to his superior techniques.
  • Master Marksman: As a result of being the most experienced Spider-Man, this Parker has become a master marksman who can aim his webbing to any target he wants to with considerable ease, owing to his enhanced vision. He webbed up an alternate Spider-Man's Web-Shooters to prevent him from attacking, before he realized they had similar goals.
  • Master Acrobat:

    Spider-Man swinging with his counterparts

    Owing to his enhanced reflexes and agility, along with his years of experience as Spider-Man over the years, Parker has become a master acrobat who can incorporate acrobatics into his movements to defend himself effectively.


"So wait, are you going to go into battle dressed like a cool youth pastor or do you have a suit?"
Spider-Man to Spider-Man[src]
  • Spider-Man Suit: Parker wore the webbed suit to conceal his identity while operating as the superhero Spider-Man.






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