"Keep your hands exactly where they are and follow my instructions."
―Fremont to Karen Page[src]

Agent Fremont is a member of the FBI who was tasked to apprehend Karen Page.


"Don't move. FBI."
"I have a weapon in my purse. And a concealed carry permit."
―Fremont and Karen Page[src]

Fremont was tasked by the FBI to apprehend Karen Page in order to extract information about Matt Murdock. Agents spotted Page on the street of New York City before Fremont's car intercepted her. Fremont then introduced himself to Page and she informed him about her weapon and a concealed carry permit.

Fremont ordered Page to stay still while he had removed the weapon and then escorted her to Matt Murdock's Apartment to be questioned by Ray Nadeem. He then joined Johnson and other fellow agents and helped them to examine apartment while Nadeem asking her about Murdock.[1]





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