"Do let me know if there's anything you feel there's anything the Home Office isn't providing, I have a direct line to command. Consider me your personal concierge."
―Fred Wells to Michael Carter[src]

Fred Wells was Peggy Carter's fiancé until she left him to fight in World War II after her brother's alleged death.



"Can you imagine? Risking life and limb behind enemy lines, doing god knows what, that, that's not our Peg. One thing I've learned from the war, a boring life is a privilege."
―Fred Wells to Michael Carter[src]

During World War II, Fred Wells worked for the Home Office, avoiding combat as he felt he was more at home living a boring life at fighting on the front lines. In 1940, he became engaged to Peggy Carter, a code-breaker at Bletchley Park. When Carter was offered the chance to work for the Special Operations Executive, Wells convinced her to turn it down as he felt she should not go onto the front lines.

At the couple's engagement party, Wells was introduced to his fiancée's older brother Michael Carter, who was a Captain in the British Armed Forces. It soon became apparent that Wells and Michael had very different views on the war effort, as despite Well's attempts to be polite and offer help through his work with the Home Office, Michael appeared offended by the notion of his sister marring a man who was so against adventure. When they discussed Peggy's S.O.E offer, Wells made it clear that he viewed it as foolish before getting another drink.

When Michael was supposedly killed in combat a few weeks before the wedding, Peggy became heartbroken but changed her outlook on her own life. The wedding was called off so Peggy could pursue S.O.E training, joining the war effort and later becoming an agent with the Strategic Scientific Reserve.[1]




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