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"I promise to do my best."
―Franklin D. Roosevelt[src]

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is the Governor of New York.


Governor of New York

Campaign Party

"The Governor's in from Albany. We can't have him getting pinched for a couple of martinis."
"The Governor of New York. Isn't that Franklin Delano Roosevelt?"
Ernest Koenig and Phil Coulson[src]

Roosevelt meets Phil Coulson and Daisy Johnson

In 1931, Franklin Delano Roosevelt held a campaign party in New York, with alcohol provided by Ernest Koenig. Roosevelt gave a speech while wearing braces that helped him walk despite his polio, and then sat back down to enjoy the dinner. He left the dinner early, planning on retrieving his wheelchair from the service entrance. When he was about to sit in his wheelchair, he was approached by Phil Coulson and Daisy Johnson who tried to warn him, however, he was not under attack.

Johnson told confused Roosevelt that Coulson had had too much to drink, and Roosevelt was understanding. Coulson helped Roosevelt into his wheelchair, and they agreed to keep the events of that night between the two of them, shaking hands, before Roosevelt left.[1]


"He was way ahead of his time."
Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

Roosevelt was considered to be ahead of his time by Alphonso Mackenzie, who respected his policies against discrimination. Phil Coulson was also a fan of him, as pointed out by Daisy Johnson.