"I start ratting out clients, I stop getting clients."
"Want to protect your clients, that's commendable. But in my experience, even loyalty has a price."
―Frankie and Jeri Hogarth[src]

Frankie runs Frankie's Famous 24-Hour Pawnshop.


"I'll take the bag, the espresso machine, those earrings, and anything else that they sold you. And all the information that you have on Shane."
"He was in here yesterday bragging about conning some fancy lawyer. You're not the first, if it's any consolation."
Jeri Hogarth and Frankie[src]

Frankie bought a large number of items off of Shane Ryback and Inez Green, who had stolen them from Jeri Hogarth. Hogarth tracked her belongings to Frankie's store with the intention of buying back her possessions, and well as information on Shane and Inez's whereabouts.[1]




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